Hamilton Garment Co., Frühjahr/Sommer 1922

Mode aus dem Katalog des Waren- und Versandhauses Hamilton Garment Company aus New York City, New York, USA für Frühjahr und Sommer 1922.

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Titelblatt bzw. Cover des Frühjahr- und Sommer Katalogs des Kaufhauses und Versandhauses Hamilton Garment Company, damals mit Sitz an der 307 Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York, USA von 1922. Frühjahr- und Sommer Mode 1922. HAMILTON GARMENT CO., 307 Fifth Avenue, New York. Das Titelbild zeigt die amerikanische Stummfilmschauspielerin Gloria Swanson (1899-1983), Star des Filmstudios Paramount Pictures. Foto: unbekannt/unsigniert, höchstwahrscheinlich Paramount Pictures.

THREE VERY GOOD REASONS FOR ORDERING FROM HAMILTON'S! WE GUARANTEE OUR STYLES TO BE LATER! We occupy an entire building on Fifth Avenue in the very style center of the world, where we sell the same garments illustrated in this catalog to the best dressed women in New York. In addition to our own original styles, we take the best of Fashion's newest models, always making sure of their practicability before adaptation. It takes from two to three months to prepare and print a large catalog, while to print our catalog, devoted to women's wear exclusively, it takes but three weeks—which enables us to wait at least six to eight weeks later for Fashion's newest creations. You are correctly dressed when you buy at Hamilton's. WE GUARANTEE OUR QUALITY TO BE BETTER! We are constantly improving Hamilton quality—evidenced by our thousands of letters of approval from well pleased customers. Be believe we put more into a garment—better materials, better linings, better trimmings and what is equally important—better workmanship. Every piece of goods is tested as to dye and quality and shrunk, assuring you that Hamilton clothes will keep their lines for long wear. We realize that only by maintaining our reputation for high quality can we make and keep customers. WE GUARANTEE THE PRICE TO BE LOWER! Lower prices than any other house in America! If, before June 15th, you can buy the same garment for less, we will refund the difference. Have you ever heard of such a liberal, all embracing statement? Never before in the history of trade has such an astounding guarantee been made! Because we are the only manufacturers selling direct to the consumer at practically wholesale prices, we alone are able to make this remarkable Guarantee! You Get a Later Style—a Better Quality—and a Lower Price! You're the Judge—The customer is always right! We Prepay the Postage, Too! HAMILTON GARMENT CO., 307 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY. [Page 0]

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THESE PRICES ARE AT LEAST 25% LOWER THAN PRICES OF LAST SEASON! SWEATERS For General and Sports Wear Are Very Popular This Season. 4600. For general utility and style this fine quality worsted Tuxedo coat sweater in novelty stitch is the hit of the season. Finished with hand-pleated belt and tassels. Very attractive and a wonderful value. Colors: Buff, Navy or Black. Price… $3.45. 4601. One of the very newest and prettiest styles is this fine quality all wool Tuxedo model, with short sleeves and short skirt. Finished with novelty buckle, patent leather belt. Suitable for Ladies and Misses' wear. Colors: Peacock or Buff. Price… $2.45. 4602. Brushed wool scarf of fine quality wool, finished with fringed ends. Fine for sport's wear and chilly Spring days. Colors: Buff or Peacock. Price… $2.95. 4603. The season's newest novelty in this splendid all wool sweater, with dainty collar attached, closing with an attractive worsted tie. Collar and Cuffs are in contrasting colors. Colors: Jockey Red, Navy or Brown with White collar and cuffs. Price… $2.45. 4604. The bargain of the season is this light weight, all wool slip-on sweater, with short sleeves for only $1.95. Finished with shell stitched neck and dainty girdle with tassel ends. Colors: Peacock, Henna or Black. Price… $1.95. All sweaters on this page come in sizes 34 to 44. THE HAMILTON GARMENT CO. Full directions for ordering on inside back cover. Page 1

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The Prices For HAMILTON Sweaters Have Never Been AS LOW AS NOW! 4605. Novel style slip-over sweater of all wool in fancy stitch, with belled short sleeves; finished with braided girdle and fringed ends. You will like its distinctive style and quality. Colors: Honey Dew, Peacock or Jockey Red. Price… $2.45. 4606. Sport slip-on model, made of fine quality worsted in novelty stitch; finished with flat girdle. May be worn with waist collar showing as in illustration. A dainty and serviceable house garment or slip-on for cool evenings. Colors: Jade, Buff or Navy. Price… $2.25. 4607. This novelty coat sweater, suitable for the young Miss or Mature Woman is made of pure worsted in fancy stitch and ties at the neck. It can be worn open or closed. Finished with belt. Colors: Buff or Navy. Price… $3.45. 4608. Comfortable scarf of all pure worsted, with border in harmonizing color; finished with attractive fringed ends. Adaptable for sport wear or warmth. Colors: Buff, Peacock or Black. Price… $3.45. 4609. Very stylish Tuxedo sweater of fine quality worsted, with revers and cuffs of fancy wool, knitted to simulate chinchilla cloth. Attractive and serviceable model, suitable for all year round wear. Colors: Navy with White or Buff with White. Price… $4.50. 4610. High grade worsted coat style sweater in the popular flat stitch, finished with broad, flat girdle and pockets. This real high grade garment will give long and satisfactory wear and is one of the most popular styles of the season. Colors: Buff, Jade or Black. Price… $3.75. All sweaters on this page come in sizes 34 to 44. THE HAMILTON GARMENT CO. Quality first but at economy prices! Page 2

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You can afford a Variety of Styles and Colors at These Low Prices! 4611. Collarless slip-over sweater of pure Fibre silk combined with fine quality mercerized yarn. One of the newest models so much in vogue for Spring and Summer wear, finished with turned back cuffs and girdle of self material. A touch of dainty refinement is added by exposing your waist collar. Colors: Jockey Red or Buff. Price… $3.45. 4612. Stylish and serviceable Tuxedo coat made of pure Fibre silk combined with fine mercerized yarn. Finished with girdle and turn back cuffs. A stylish and convenient garment for any kind of wear. Colors: Buff or Navy. Price… $4.95. 4613. Stylish Tuxedo model of Fibre silk, a highly lustrous material of excellent wearing qualities, finished with girdle, pockets and sash belt. Colors: Buff or Black. Price… $7.50. 4614. Popular slip-over model of pure Fibre silk, in fancy stitch, combining style and comfort at a very moderate price. It is finished with an attractive girdle. Colors: Henna, Jade or Black. Price… $4.95. 4615. This pure Fibre silk stole, finished with fringed ends, gives dash and verve to any costume. It is suitable for scarf or girdle and highly desirable for both sports and general wear. Colors: Buff, Peacock or Red with border in contrasting colors—72 inches long. Price… $3.75. 4616. Newest style slip-over model with turn-over collar, cuffs and stripes in contrasting colors, made of fine quality worsted. The collar opens at the neck. Suitable tasseled belt. This garment is a necessity for every athletic girl. Colors: Black with White, or Buff with Peacock. Price… $3.45. All sweaters on this page come in sizes 34 to 44. 307 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. If you have two catalogs kindly give one to a friend! Page 3

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We GUARANTEE HAMILTON PRICES to be lower than any other house in America. COMPARE! These Waists are Priced 25% to 50% Below Their Actual Value! 9600. There is a hint of Summer in this dainty White Washable Voile, blouse with its lace-edged turned-back cuffs. The broad collar, turning back from the square neck, has a unique touch in the triangular lace in-sets. Price… 89¢. 9601. The severity of the tucked front in this White Washable Voile blouse contrasts pleasingly with the original eyelet design of the deeply-pointed collar. A trim small cuff turns back from the long sleeve. Price… 89¢. 9602. Strictly tailored is this simple waist in Cotton Pongee in Tan only. Its chic cut is suited to a new fabric that combines the advantages of pongee and linen. Price… 89¢. 9603. It cannot fail to attract you, this Washable Cotton blouse, with colored double stripe edged with heavy white stripe. Collar, vest and cuffs of finest cross-bar with dainty filet edging complete its attractiveness. White with Blue or Salmon Pink Stripes. Price… $1.00. 9605. Tee well-fitting lines of the blouse itself are executed in soft White Voile, while the rounded cross-bar collar, tied with tiny black bow, gives a touch of distinguished "difference" from all our other voiles. Price… 95¢. 9604. The wide-spreading collar of this cool White Voile suggests the airiness of a Summer breeze. Tucking, hemstitching and embroidery unite to make the crisp white front artistically ornate. Price… 89¢. 9606. The long revers of the collar edged with lace and the lace-edged embroidered vestee makes a charming square frame for the neck of this pretty White Voile waist. The exquisitely embroidered vestee adds a softly feminine tone to the whole design. Price… 89¢. All waists on this page come in sizes 34 to 46 inches. THE HAMILTON GARMENT CO. These photographs are taken from life! Page 4

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If before June 15 you can buy the same garments for less we will refund the difference! QUALITY! Full Sized Waists Moderately Priced In a Better Quality of Materials! 9607. The collar of filmy White Voile in this waist has a distinctive line. Close fitting at back of neck, it slopes outward in front showing to advantage the handsome Venice lace edging and the two sets of fine tucking in the vest. Price… $1.65. 9608. Fresh as a Summer morning is this blouse of exquisitely fine Washable White Voile with delicate tucked front, and Linon collar and cuffs. The beautiful madeira eyelet work on collar is done in charming pattern with unique eyelet edge. Price… $1.95. 9609. Altogether charming and girlish in effect is this fine Checked Batiste waist. The Brown or Copenhagen checks give the effect of well-tailored cross-bar. Collar, cuffs and front lap of finest matching ratine, are daintily finished with tiny white pleating. Colors: Brown or Copenhagen checks. Price… $1.95. 9610. This White Voile succeeds in being youthful, jaunty and summery. The elaborately tucked front and Linon collar and cuffs are done in handsome madeira eyelet embroidery. Price… $1.95. 9612. The good lines of this distinctively fashioned White Voile waist will show off any figure well. The hemstitching and tucks running to the shoulder show well through the sheer organdie collar which fastens low with black ribbon. Price… $1.25. 9611. In this White Voile blouse a very softening effect is rendered by the rounded collar with its double edging of fine Val lace. The front artistically combines lace insertion, tucking and four square insets of eyelet embroidery. Price… $1.75. 9613. There is exclusiveness of style in the demure tucked front of this White Voile blouse. The filet lace-edged organdie collar, fine as cobweb, makes a charming V-shaped frame for the neck. Price… $1.15. All waists on this page come in sizes 34 to 46 inches. 307 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. The careful needlework means long wear! Page 5

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SEASON'S BEST STYLES. The very last word in styles featuring Tailored Models and the Popular Mignonettes! 9614. This strictly HAND MADE blouse of sheerest Batiste achieves distinction in the artistic use of drawn work. The filet-edged collar and front are daintily ornate with long graceful hemstitching pattern. Price… $2.95. 9615. Very smart in mode is this strictly HANDMADE White Batiste blouse with its drawn work in front. The dainty tucking from shoulder seam shows to advantage a slenderizing effect. Price… $2.95. 9616. The material itself will attract you,—durable, drop stitch, silk Mignonette; so too will the charming simplicity of design. Matching fringe mixed with grey, gives a captivating dash of style to this slip-on blouse which ties in the back. Colors: Black, Navy or Brown. Price… $2.50. 9617. This tailored blouse is developed in Mignonette, a sheer, strong silky knitted fabric destined for popularity because of its durability and beautiful texture. The tucked front is softly clinging. Colors: White, French Blue or Henna (Brick). Price… $3.50. 9619. Silk Pongee of beautiful quality in Natural Tan emphasizes the youthful simplicity of this blouse. Cat-stitch finishes hem of rounded collar and front. Fine tucking enhances the texture of the fabric. Price… $2.95. 9618. In Silk Mignonette, a rich de luxe fabric, comes this long model over-blouse finished with narrow sash. Handsome braided trimming of contrasting color gives a smart effect to this unusual model. Colors: Black, Navy or Henna (Brick). Price… $3.95. 9620. This Silk Pongee waist in Natural Tan gives a Jaunty effect with its broad sailor collar and natty sailor knot. The whole design carries with it the feeling and style of an attractive sports blouse. Price… $2.95. All waists on this page come in sizes 34 to 46 inches. THE HAMILTON GARMENT CO. Be sure to state color wanted. Page 6

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NEW SILK WAISTS! Carefully selected models in better qualities of Crepe de Chine and Georgette! 9621. The beautiful design of this model combines Georgettes most artistically in contrasting colors. The novel effect embroidery adds a touch of color to the center, while silver beading outlines the pretty curve of the neck. Colors: Tan with Brown center; Grey or Henna with Navy center. Price… $4.95. 9622. Color artistry fashions the combinations of Henna-Navy, Tan-Brown or Flame (Red)-Navy, in these handsomely designed Georgette blouses. Perfect workmanship shows in embroidery, fine beading and exquisite finish. Price… $5.95. 9623. This fine quality Crepe de Chine blouse has a lustrous glow in any of its colors. The dainty rows of hemstitching and line of tiny buttons give an exquisite "air" to a simple yet attractive model. Colors: Grey, Flesh or Bisque (Tan). Price… $3.95. 9624. No photograph can show the stunning effect of the color contrasts of this charming blouse of fine quality Silk Crepe de Chine—given by the vestee, edged with vari-colored silk braid as are the cuffs. Colors: Navy or Henna (Brick) with Tan Vestee; Bisque with Copen Vestee. Price… $3.95. 9626. Crepe de Chine of good quality fashions this simple yet very attractive tailored blouse,—with the surplice collar and cuffs edged in fine pleating. Colors: Black, Navy or Flesh. Price… $4.50. 9625. A lovely quality of Georgette goes to make up this model in Bisque, Henna or Flesh. The self-color embroidery, varied by designs of contrasting color gives a handsome, dressy tone to the blouse. Price… $2.95. 9627. Girlish simplicity in line and design mark this fine quality Crepe de Chine blouse in White, Flesh or Bisque (Tan). The finest tucking enhances the soft texture of the clinging fabric. Price… $3.95. All waists on this page come in sizes 34 to 46 inches. 307 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. They're different from the styles you usually see! Page 7

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Featuring the New Season's Most Attractive Styles for MISSES AND SMALL WOMEN. Dresses on this page in Misses' sizes only. 6600. Crepe de Chine. Colors: Navy, Henna or French Blue. This modish bouffant frock is designed in accord with the latest style ideas. The material is a fine, heavy-quality silk Crepe de Chine. The basque waist is pointed in front and has a youthful effect. The finely pleated front panel on the extra full skirt is bordered with rows of small buttons. The bouffancy is affected by small hoops caught on lining. The triangular, wedge-shaped embroidery in silk floss of contrasting color adds a touch of elegance. To the waist of Jap silk are attached the elbow sleeves. Back closing. Price… $16.95. 6601. Canton Crepe. High individuality is revealed in this pretty gown of fine quality silk canton crepe by the contrasting dove-gray vestee and front panel of skirt, beaded with delicate tints of turquoise, sapphire, red and gold. The plain softly-falling bodice is curved in front and the skirt hangs in graceful fulness [sic!]. Shirred corded self-trimming sleeves, neck and skirt. The skirt is cut very full and on the bottom, this trimming is swung up in decorative loops. Jap silk lined. Back closing. Colors: Black-Gray, Navy-Gray or French Blue-Gray. Price… $22.95. 6602. Taffeta and Georgette. We have used an artistic combination of fine taffeta and georgette to develop this attractive model. The hand of an up-to-the-minute style has given the taffeta waist an unusual sweep to the side, ending there in a pert butterfly bow with long streamers falling below the skirt line. Skirt and sleeves are georgette foundation with bands of taffeta. These bands as well as streamers and bow are picoted in silver thread. The drop-skirt and the waist is lined with self colored Jap silk. Side front closing. Colors: Black, Navy or Brown. Price… $18.95. 6603. Silk Taffeta. Colors: Navy, Copenhagen or Gray. The effective style of this charming dress of fine silk taffeta is enhanced by the use of novelty embroidery. A gay-colored cluster of flowers and leaves is attached at center to the two pretty basket designs done in silk floss. Novelty ribbon matching the embroidery is on the sleeves and is rosetted at the end of the row of buttons at back waist line, with airy streamers. (See small back-view). The full skirt contrasts pleasingly with the basque bodice, pointed on hips and in front. The elbow puff adds a delightful touch to the otherwise severe bodice. Price… $12.95. Directions for ordering Misses' Dresses on opposite page. THE HAMILTON GARMENT CO. For perfect fit state all measurements when ordering. Page 8