Philipsborns, Spring/Summer 1924

Fashion from the mail order catalog of Philipsborn's company from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. for spring and summer 1924.

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Front page or cover of the mail order catalog, vol. 60, no. 1, of Philipsborn's company from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., for spring and summer 1924. PHILIPSBORN'S, CHICAGO, ILL. Style — Service — Satisfaction — All Guaranteed. Spring 1924. Summer 1924. Title illustration/title drawing: unknown/unsigned. [Page 1]

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From First Page to Last — You'll Find Unequaled STYLES and PRICES. 2 Piece Silk Crepe and All Wool Canton Crepe. 8W500—Smart two-color costume for women. Skirt of all wool Canton crepe; overblouse of silk drop stitch crepe. Knit collar, slashed sleeves and patch pockets finished with silk poplin. Skirt shows groups of fine knife plaits at intervals all around. Attached to sleeveless sateen lining. COLORS: Sheik and brown (pictured); gray and Copenhagen blue or entire costume navy blue. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust. Skirt length, 32 to 38 inches. PRICE, $8.98. Postage 12¢ extra. 8W501—For misses and small women. SIZES: 32 to 38 bust; skirt length, 30 to 35 inches. PRICE, $8.98. Postage 12¢ extra. All Silk Taffeta. 8W502—Women of slender figure will find this a very becoming model. Soft finished all silk taffeta. Picot-edged ruchings of self-material arranged in interesting pattern of large squares. Youthful long-waisted style; full gathered skirt. Round neck and short sleeves finished with colored embroidery collar and cuffs. Fancy double-faced silk ribbon bows. Soft crush girdle with jaunty bow on left hip. Closes on shoulder and under left arm with snap fasteners. COLORS: Navy blue, black or brown. SIZES: 34 to 40 bust; skirt length 32 to 38 inches. PRICE, $14.98. Postage 14¢ extra. 8W503—For misses and small women. SIZES: 32 to 38 bust; skirt length, 30 to 35 inches. PRICE, $14.98. Pstge. 14¢ extra. All Silk Plaid Taffeta. Plain Taffeta or All Silk Charmeuse. 8W504—All-silk plaid taffeta model entirely cut on the bias. Three deep flounces, bound with self-material on a seco silk foundation form the skirt. Curved lower edge of basque waist finished with cord. Very short sleeves with puffed cuff. Square neck has deep collar of heavy lace trimmed with tiny plaid silk buttons. Dress closes on shoulder and left side with snap fasteners. COLOR: Fancy plaid. SIZES: 32 to 40 bust. Skirt lengths, 30 to 38 inches. PRICE, $15.98. Postage 14¢ extra. 8W505—Same style and sizes as above in plain color taffeta. COLORS: Black, navy blue or brown. PRICE, $12.98. Postage 14¢ extra. 8W506—Same style and sizes as 8W504 in plain color all silk charmeuse. COLORS: Black, navy blue or brown. PRICE, $13.98. Postage 14¢ extra. Copyright, 1924, by PHILIPSBORN'S, Chicago. "PHILIPSBORN'S" Style and Shopping Guide, Vol. 60, No. 1, January, 1924. [Page 2]

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PHILIPSBORN'S— Always First in Values, NOW Supreme in Service. For many years I was associated with one of Philipsborn's closest competitors. Today, by an unexpected turn of events, I find myself at the head of Philipsborn's—and I am very proud to have been thus honored. Throughout the mail order world, Philipsborn's have long been recognized for their ability to offer values which it was difficult, if not impossible, to match. Six months as President of this fine old institution have shown me the reason. I find that Philipsborn's have a wonderful Buying Organization—keen, capable, far-sighted and aggressive—as fine a body of merchandise men and style experts as I have ever known. The Buying Organization is operating with such remarkable efficiency that I have been able to concentrate my attention upon Service—which has always been my special hobby. My ideal of mail order service is for PHILIPSBORN'S to extend to each customer the same courtesies, the same promptness and care in filling orders and making adjustments which I would wish shown to my wife or my mother in their dealings with a mail order house. Every member of the organization, in every department, is doing everything possible to make our service still better—to eliminate faults—to give quicker attention to correspondence—to get merchandise to you more quickly, in short, to make PHILIPSBORN'S the most complete and efficient mail order house in America. In this issue of the Style Book, Philipsborn's are once more proving their leadership in styles and values. The remarkable showing of ultra-smart New York and Paris modes is the result of many months of planning and shopping. But just bear this one thing in mind: Pictures and prices do not tell the whole story. At Philipsborn's you will always find merchandise of sterling character; merchandise that will stand the test of wear; QUALITY is maintained, no matter what the price. I want you to feel free to write me at any time. I pledge my word to see that PHILIPSBORN'S guarantee of satisfaction or money back is carried out to the letter. I am here to serve PHILIPSBORN'S customers. My time, energy and service are devoted to this one task. Yours sincerely, [Hand-written signature of] Porter M. Farrell. [Photographic image of] PORTER M. FARRELL — PRESIDENT — Introducing Our New President. Porter M. Farrell, Philipsborn's new President, is known by name to millions of mail order shoppers throughout the United States, through his previous connection with other large institutions selling wearing apparel by mail. His many years of service to the mail order buying public have won for him a nation-wide reputation not only as a great executive, but a man who succeeds because he applies the golden rule in business. Mr. Farrell possesses to a marked degree those qualities of mind and heart which create confidence on the part of customers and inspire the utmost limit of loyalty among all who serve as his co-workers. He regards every customer as a personal friend and every order as a sacred trust. We feel that both ourselves and our customers are to be congratulated upon having Mr. Farrell as the new head of this time-honored institution. His fine record of service, his great ability as a merchandiser, insure greater values and better service to old customers and many thousands of new friends for Philipsborn's. [Page] D 3

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INDEX. Women's Comfort and Misses'. Aprons, Household… 250. Aprons… 190 to 193, 196, 197. Aprons, Sanitary… 250. Bags, Hand… 102, 103. Bags, Hand and Shopping… 103. Bandana Scarfs… 108. Bandeaux, Corselettes… 189, 205, 206, 207, 212. Bandeaux… 189, 232, 233. Bead Necklaces… 104, 105. Beauty Boxes… 45, 102, 103. Belts, Leather… 102, 103. Belts, Sanitary… 189, 250. Bloomers… 198, 199, 231. Bloomers, Knit… 241, 242. Bloomers, Sanitary… 250. Blouses… 128 to 139. Boudoir Caps… 224, 225. Brassieres… 189, 232, 233. Bust Supporters and Reducers… 232, 233. Canvas Shoes, White… 171. Caps, Boudoir… 224, 225. Chemises… 213, 214, 223, 227. Chokers, Furs… 62. Coats… 72 to 81, 85 to 95. Coats, Stouts… 82, 83. Collar and Cuff Sets… 108. Collars and Neckwear… 108. Combinations, Muslin… 213, 214, 223, 226, 227. Combs, Spanish… 248. Comfort Shoes… 166 to 168. Compacts, Powder and Rouge… 104, 105. Corselettes, Bandeaux… 189, 205 to 207, 212. Corsets… 205 to 212. Corset Covers… 233. Corsets, Maternity… 209. Corsets, Stouts… 208 to 211. Dress, Buckles, Metal… 104. Dress Shoes… 76, 149 to 158, 160, 161, 163, 164, 189. Dresses, Silk… 2, 11 to 25, 28, 39 to 44. Dresses, Silk, Stout… 26, 27. Furs, Chokers… 62. Furs, Scarfs… 62. Garters… 214. Girdles… 250. Girdles, Hickory… 250. Gloves… 59, 60, 61, 189. Gowns, Night… 223 to 226. Hair Goods… 248, 249. Handkerchiefs… 106. Hats… 85, 109 to 117, 121, 122, 126, 127, 189. Hosiery… 189, 213 to 220, 240. House Dresses… 190 to 197. House Dresses, Stouts… 194. Jewelry… 59, 104, 105. Kimonos… 195, 196. Knickerbockers… 141, 147. Knit Blouses… 23, 131. Knit Scarfs… 101. Knit Underwear… 236 to 240, 243. Knit Underwear, Extra Sizes… 239 to 241. Knit Vests… 189, 241, 242. Laces, Neckwear… 108, 189. Manicure Sets… 102. Marabous, Capes… 62. Marabous, Scarfs… 62. Middies… 53, 132, 133. Middy Ties… 108. Muslin Underwear… 213, 214, 223 to 235. Nainsook Underwear… 236. Napkins, Sanitary… 250. Necklaces… 104, 105. Neckwear… 108, 189. Nightgowns… 223 to 226. Petticoats… 198, 199, 223, 228, 229. Pocketbooks… 45, 102, 103. Princess Slips… 198, 199, 223, 229, 230. Raincoats… 84. Rubbers… 188. Rubber Gloves… 250. Shapes, Hats… 118 to 120. Shoes, Comfort… 166 to 168. Shoes, Dress… 76, 149 to 158, 160 to 164. Shoes, Work… 172. Shoes, White Canvas… 170, 171. Silk Dresses… 2, 11 to 25, 28. Silk Dresses, Stouts… 26, 27. Silk Underwear… 236, 240, 241. Silk Waists… 135 to 139. Silk Waists, Stouts… 129. Skirts… 140, 142 to 145, 147, 148. Skirts, Wash… 146. Sports' Hats… 116, 117, 189. Sports' Shoes… 159, 165. Step-ins, Muslin… 231. Suits 63 to 67, 70, 71. Suits, Stouts… 68, 69. Sweaters… 98 to 101, 189. Tennis Shoes… 169. Trimmings (Hats) … 125. Underwear, Muslin… 213, 214, 223 to 235. Vanity Cases… 45, 102 to 105. Vestees… 108. Waists, Knit… 131. Waists, Silk… 129, 135 to 139. Waists, Wash… 128, 130, 134, 189. Wash Dresses… 29 to 38, 45 to 48. Wash Skirts… 146. Juniors', Girls' and Children's. Bloomers… 57, 235. Blouses… 57. Capes… 86, 101. Coats… 74, 94 to 97. Combinations… 235. Corselettes, Bandeaux… 189, 206, 207, 212. Dolls… 189. Drawers… 235. Dresses… 44, 49, 50, 52 to 58. Dresses, Middy… 53. Furs… 62. Garters… 250. Handkerchiefs… 106. Hats 123, 124. Hickory Waists… 250. Hosiery… 213 to 215, 221. Jewelry… 59, 104, 105. Knickerbockers… 53. Knit Underwear… 242, 243. Knitted Capes… 86, 101. Muslin Underwear… 204, 234, 235. Princess Slips… 234, 235. Raincoats… 84. Rompers… 202, 203. Rubbers… 188. Shoes… 162, 173 to 175. Skirts… 148. Smocks… 57. Sweaters… 101. Tennis Shoes… 169. Trimmings, Hats… 125. Waists… 128 to 139. Waists, Skeleton… 250. Men's and Young Men's. Arm Bands… 303. Belts… 303. Caps… 302. Collars… 303. Drawers, Knitted… 247. Dress Shirts… 305 to 307. Dress Shoes… 179 to 183. Dress Trousers… 296, 297. Furnishings… 290 to 308. Garters… 303. Gloves… 61. Handkerchiefs… 106. Hats… 302. Hosiery… 214, 222. Knit Underwear… 245, 246, 247. Leather Gloves… 61. Nainsook Underwear… 189, 245 to 247. Neckties… 303, 307. Night Shirts… 247. Overalls… 300. Pajamas… 247. Pants… 296 to 299. Raincoats… 295. Riding Breeches… 298, 299. Rubbers… 188. Rubber Gloves… 250. Shirts 189, 304 to 307. Shirts, Knitted… 247. Shoes… 176 to 179, 183 to 185. Suits… 282, 283, 290 to 294, 308. Suspenders… 303. Sweaters… 295, 299. Tennis Shoes… 169. Trousers… 296 to 299. Underwear, Knit and Athletic… 245 to 247. Work Gloves… 61. Work Shirts… 304. Work Shoes… 176 to 178, 184, 185. Work Suits… 300. Work Trousers… 298, 299. The Baby. Absorbent Cotton… 250. Bands… 200, 250. Bath Towels… 266. Bibs, Rubber… 200, 250. Bonnets… 202. Bootees… 200, 202. Caps… 202, 203. Cloth, Diaper… 250. Coats… 74, 79, 202. Creepers… 202, 203. Diapers… 200, 250. Diaper Cloth… 250. Diaper Pants… 200, 250. Dolls… 189. Drawers, Babies'… 202, 203. Dresses… 202, 203. Flannels… 204, 256. Goods, Baby… 200 to 204. Hot Water Bottle… 250. Infants' Department… 162, 173 to 175, 200 to 204, 220, 242, 243. Jiffy Pants… 250. Knit Shirts… 243. Knit Underwear… 242. Layettes… 201. Outfits… 201. Pants, Baby… 200, 250. Pants, Diaper… 250. Rompers… 202, 203. Shoes… 162, 173 to 175. Soap, Castile… 200. Stockings and Socks… 220. Sweaters… 200. Youths' and Boys'. Belts… 289. Blouses… 189, 286, 287. Caps… 289. Clothing… 277 to 289. Collars… 289. Gloves… 61. Handkerchiefs… 106. Hats… 289. Hickory Waists… 250. Hosiery… 213 to 215, 221. Knicker Pants… 189, 288. Knit Underwear… 244 to 247. Overalls… 284. Pants, Knicker… 189, 288. Play Suits… 285. Raincoats… 279. Rubbers… 188. Shirts… 189, 286, 287. Shoes… 186, 187. Stockings… 213 to 215, 221. Suits… 277 to 283, 285. Suspenders… 289. Sweaters… 286. Tennis Shoes… 169. Ties… 289. Trousers… 189, 288. Underwear… 244 to 247. Wash Suits… 189, 279, 281. Dry Goods and Household Necessities. Aluminum & Kitchen Ware… 107. Bath Towels… 266. Beads… 104. Bed Linens… 260, 261. Bed Sets… 264. Bed Spreads… 264. Boston Bags… 103. Cases, Pillow… 261. Chinaware… 51. Cotton, Absorbent… 250. Cotton Piece Goods… 189, 251 to 267. Curtain Materials and Curtains… 262, 263. Damask, Table… 265. Diaper Cloth… 250. Domestics… 251, 267. Dress Goods, Cotton… 251, 267. Dress Goods, Silk… 268 to 275. Dress Goods, Wool… 276. Dry Goods… 251 to 276. Flannel Piece Goods… 256. Fountain Syringe… 250. Goods, Piece… 251 to 276. Hot Water Bags… 250. Iron Board Covers… 260. Lace… 108. Leather Goods… 45, 102, 103. Linen Handkerchiefs… 106. Linens, Dress and Art… 255. Linens, Table… 265. Linings… 251. Luncheon Sets, Stamped… 265. Manicure Sets… 102. Napkins, Table… 265. Piece Goods, Silks… 268 to 276. Piece Goods, Woolens… 276. Pillow Cases… 261. Remnants… 189, 252, 253. Rubber Gloves… 250. Sheetings… 258, 260. Sheets, Bed… 261. Silk Dress Goods… 268 to 275. Spreads, Bed… 264. Syringes… 250. Table Cloths… 265. Table Napkins… 265. Toilet Goods… 248. Towels and Toweling… 266. Wash Cloths… 266. Wash Goods… 251, 267. White Goods… 189, 258 to 260. Wool Dress Goods… 189, 268, 275, 276. Toilet Goods, Novelties, Accessories and Miscellaneous. Absorbent Cotton… 250. Aprons, Sanitary… 250. Auto Tires… 301. Auto Tubes… 301. Bar Pins… 104, 105. Beauty Boxes… 45, 102, 103. Belts, Sanitary… 189, 250. Bloomers, Sanitary… 250. Bracelets… 104, 105. Buckles, Dress, Metal… 104. Buster Brown Ties… 108. Cases, Vanity… 45, 103, 104, 105. Combs, Spanish… 248. Douches, Vaginal… 250. Dress Shields… 250. Dye, Hair… 248. Ear Puffs… 249. Earrings… 104, 105. Envelope, Purses… 103. Eyebrow Pencil… 104. Fountain Syringe, Etc. … 250. Garments, Shields… 250. Gloves, Rubber… 250. Girdles, Metal… 104. Goods, Sanitary… 250. Goods, Toilet… 248, 250. Hair Barrettes… 248. Hair Dye… 248. Hair Goods… 248, 249. Hair Nets… 249. Hair Pins, Ornaments… 248, 249. Hair Rolls and Switches… 249. Head Dress… 16, 108. Hot Water Bags… 250. Hot Water Combinations… 250. Jewelry… 59, 104, 105. Leather Goods… 45, 102, 103. Leather Bags… 102, 103. Lipsticks… 104, 105. Mah Jongg Games… 105, 128. Mah Jongg Jewelry… 105. Necklaces, Beads… 104, 105. Nets, Hair… 249. Ornaments, Metal… 104. Ornaments, Shoes… 150, 151, 154, 160, 164. Pearls… 104. Pocket Books… 45, 102, 103. Refills for Compacts… 105. Rouge… 104, 105. Rubber Gloves… 250. Rubber Goods… 250. Sanitary Goods… 250. Sautoir, Novelties… 105. Spanish Combs… 248. Syringes, Fountain… 250. Toilet Goods… 248, 250. Vaginal Douches… 250. Vanity Cases… 45, 102 to 105. Vestees… 108. Windsor Ties… 108. Everything Guaranteed — Shop at Our Risk. [Page] 4

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PHILIPSBORN'S, Chicago, Illinois. America's Best Styles—America's Lowest Prices. THIS ORDER IS SENT WITH THE DISTINCT UNDERSTANDING THAT, IF GOODS SHOULD NOT PROVE SATISFACTORY FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, I SHALL HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO RETURN THEM. YOU WILL EITHER MAKE AN EXCHANGE OR REFUND WHICHEVER I MAY DESIRE. Mrs., Miss or Mr. | FIRST NAME | Middle Initial | LAST NAME. (If a married woman, write "Mrs." and husband's first name and middle initial) All members of one family should order under one name. STREET and No._____. POST OFFICE (Town)_____. R. F. D. No.___ Box No.___ STATE_____. To Avoid Delay Please Read the Following Terms Before Making Out Your Order. Remit either by Post Office, Express Office Money Order, Bank Draft, or Personal Check. In case you cannot obtain any of these, send currency wrapped securely by Registered Letter. Stamps are not acceptable for over 50 cents. Please send 5 and 10-cent stamps only. C. O. D. To those who so desire we will ship goods C. O. D., but such shipments are sent subject to the collection of the balance due on order plus the transportation charges. Orders amounting to less than $5.00 cannot be shipped C. O. D. Orders amounting to $5.00 and over must be accompanied by a cash remittance of 25% of the amount of the order. Be Sure to List Remittance Here. Enclosed Please Find | Dollars | Cts. Draft or Check |__|__| P. O. Money Order |__|__| Exp. Money Order |__|__| Credit Check |__|__| Currency |__|__| Postage Stamps |__|__| Total Amount |__|__| CHANGE OF ADDRESS should be brought to our notice so that we may serve you to best advantage. If you have changed your address since sending your last order please give your previous address. Previous Address. POST OFFICE (Town)_____. Box No.___ STREET and No._____. R. F. D. No.___ STATE_____. Do not write in this space. —Do not forget to give COLORS and SIZES. For BUST Measurement | For WAIST BAND Number of Inches Around | For HIP Measurement | For FRONT Length of Skirt | See Diagram on Reverse Side of this Blank | For Girls', Boys' and Children's Garments | For SIZE of Corsets, Drawers, Shoes, Hose, Hats, Caps, Gloves, Etc. | PRICE EACH | TOTAL PRICE. No. of Article in Catalogue | Quantity | ARTICLE | COLOR || AGE Ht. | Dollars | Cts. | Dollars | Cts. Be Sure to include in your Money Order, Check, etc., all Postage Charges. For Order |__|__| For Postage |__|__| Total |__|__| For MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHING. Please Refer to and Fill Out Carefully the "How to Measure" Diagram on the REVERSE SIDE OF THIS BLANK. Preserve This Catalog — It Will Save You Money. Copyright 1923, PHILIPSBORN'S, Inc., Chicago. [Page] 5

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Keep Your Style Book Busy! Lend it to Your Friends and Neighbors! Your "Philipsborn's Style Book" is a wonderful money saver—a vital help to the many perplexing problems of clothes economy. Let it fully serve your needs and afterwards those of your friends and neighbors. The demand for the "Philipsborn's Style Book" is always so great that we have never been able to print sufficient books to go around. Your neighbors and friends will not only greatly appreciate the favor, but will thank you for helping them to save money on their family needs. We advise you to loan it freely, but to be sure that it is returned to you. We also advise you to keep your Style Book in a safe but handy place and use it as frequently as occasion requires. You will be surprised and delighted with the savings you will have made at the end of the season. "Philipsborn's Three-Fold Guarantee." FIRST—Philipsborn's Money-Back Guarantee—It gives all our customers the privilege of returning any merchandise not entirely satisfactory and guarantees refund of the purchase price including all delivery and return charges. SECOND—Philipsborn's Price Insurance—Every purchase carries a guarantee, that the price you have paid for any article purchased from us is the lowest price at which this article can be bought anywhere in AMERICA, or else we will refund to you the difference in cost. THIRD—Philipsborn's enjoys a reputation and prestige among the leading Banks and Bankers, which places it in the very front rank of the leading Mail Order Institutions in AMERICA. This Style Book Belongs to ______. Please Use and Return to Owner. PHILIPSBORN'S. Everything Guaranteed — Shop at Our Risk. [Page] 10

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True New York Styles at Cash Savings! Charming — as the First Breath of Spring. Hand Beaded All Silk Canton Crepe. Combination of All Silk Canton Crepe and Georgette Model Pictured in Chinese Blue, Sheik and Camel Tan. 8W507—An irresistible frock, enchanting to the gay and youthful spirits who ever yearn for things lovely in the Springtime of the year. A high class model developed with painstaking care to keep the price within reach of your purse. It is a long-waisted, slightly bloused style, the full gathered skirt and loose plaited sleeves being particularly new and desirable features. The material is the much favored all silk Canton crepe, an excellent quality with a deep crepe weave. Sleeves are of fine georgette crepe finished with double ruffle with hemstitched edge. Blouse has the becoming bateau neck line, the front of which from shoulder to shoulder is ornamented with hand-beaded conventional design. Streamer rosette of novelty ribbon braid adorns left side of skirt forming a pocket. Silk braid girdle. Invisible side closing. COLORS: Camel (tan), China blue, sheik (new henna), silver gray or black. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt lengths, 32 to 38 inches. PRICE, $12.98. Postage 12¢ extra. 8W508—Same style and colors for misses and small women. SIZES: 32 to 38 bust. Skirt lengths, 30 to 35 inches. PRICE, $12.98. Postage 12¢ extra. CHICAGO, ILL. Everything Guaranteed Shop at Our Risk. [Page] 11

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The BEST DRESSED WOMAN Anywhere will not want for Style – if She Selects One of these Models. Emb'd All Silk Taffeta or All Silk Canton Crepe. Embellished with Embroidery. 8W509—The tube silhouette which Paris demands this season is delightfully set forth in this stunning model of all silk Canton crepe. A frock recommended for its simplicity and good taste; appropriate for any dress occasion. Sleeves and blouse covered with all over embroidery design. Bateau neck with narrow self-material binding. Elbow sleeves. Straight, gathered skirt, slightly full all around, with fullness concentrated to simulate a gathered panel on left side. Narrow self-material girdle finished with large hand-made rosette of Canton crepe. COLORS: Navy blue with gray embroidery (pictured), gray with Copenhagen blue or tan with brown. SIZES: 32 to 44 bust; skirt lengths 30 to 38 inches. PRICE, $11.98. Postage 12¢ extra. 8W510—Same style and sizes in all silk taffeta. COLORS: Navy blue with gray embroidery, black with gray or brown with tan. PRICE, $9.98. Postage 12¢ extra. Hand Beaded All Silk Canton Crepe. Beautifully Beaded. 8W511—The center of interest in this attractive gown of all silk Canton crepe is the wide Bertha collar. This is a new and widely favored neck finish that is youthful and becoming. The material is one of the most popular of all silk dress fabrics. Model displays the approved long waist and full gathered skirt. Self-material girdle, round which is twisted silk tinsel ribbon; graceful bow on left hip. Delightful design, hand beaded, gives much-liked two-tiered effect to skirt and is repeated on Bertha collar. COLORS: Silver gray with blue beads (pictured), brown with white, navy blue with white or camel tan with brown. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt lengths, 32 to 38 inches. PRICE, $12.98. Postage 14¢ extra. 8W512—Same style and colors, for misses and small women. SIZES: 32 to 38 bust; skirt lengths 30 to 35 inches. PRICE, $12.98. Postage 14¢ extra. Misses All Wool Canton Crepe 2 Piece. Smart for Street. 8W513—A swagger costume for the young miss, an unusually satisfying version of the popular suit dress. Developed in all wool Canton crepe of superior quality. The separate coat is a fashionable and becoming unbelted model. Favored straight lines accentuated with colored embroidery down each side of front. Entire length of jacket finished with ball buttons and loops set very close together. Long-close fitting sleeve trimmed with embroidery and buttons. Waist bodice lined with fine sateen. Collar and cuffs of pongee silk; tiny ruffles. Skirt is made with box plait in front, narrow side plaits all around. COLORS: Tan (pictured), gray, navy blue or brown. SIZES: 32 to 38 bust; skirt lengths, 30 to 35 inches. PRICE, $10.98. Postage 12¢ extra. PHILIPSBORN'S. Preserve This Catalog— It Will Save You Money. [Page] 12

P. 13

Irene Castle approves PHILIPSBORN'S STYLES the Highest Compliment from America's Best Dressed Woman. New Tussah Canton Crepe. Hand Beaded. Charming Tussah Canton Hand Beaded. 8W514—A delightful frock of embroidered tussah Canton crepe in a new Fifth Avenue design. The material is a lustrous silk-mixed fabric with the much liked crepe weave. Light and cool for summer and very serviceable. The blouse is made with Jenny neck, three-quarter length bell sleeves with deep point. Effective design in solid hand-beading entirely around neck, with border on either side of front. Same design on sleeves. Sash of self-material ties in back. Deep bands of self-material set on skirt give two tiered effect so popular this season. Tiers slashed at sides and trimmed with buttons. COLORS: Navy blue (pictured), or tan with bright green and gold beads. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt lengths, 32 to 38 inches. PRICE, $6.98. Postage 11¢ extra. 8W515—Same style and colors for misses and small women. SIZES: 32 to 38 bust; skirt length, 30 to 35 inches. PRICE, $6.98. Postage 13¢ extra. All Wool Velour Check. A Leading Style in All Wool Velour. 8W516—The one-piece tailored dress continues much in favor this season. Well-dressed women include at least one good model for all around service. This one is made of soft finished all wool velour in a fashionable two-toned check. Good weight material for "between season" wear without a wrap. Dress closes at left side with snap fasteners. Small flap pocket on waist, larger one on skirt. Bone buttons above and below pockets. Long sleeves with turned back cuff; button trimmed. New tailored collar, cuffs, pockets bound with contrasting color plain velour. String tie of silk ribbon. Narrow leather belt. COLORS: Tan (pictured), or gray. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt length, 32 to 38 inches. PRICE, $8.98. Postage 12¢ extra. 8W517—Same style and colors for misses and small women. SIZES: 32 to 38 bust; skirt lengths, 30 to 35 inches. PRICE, $8.98. Postage 12¢ extra. Printed Tussah and Silkee Shantung. Direct from Paris. The Tunic. 8W518—Looks as though it came from Paris, doesn't it? Well, it is a Paris style if not a real imported garment. It is a youthful, straight-line model; tunic of silk-mixed figured tussah with band of solid color silkee shantung; skirt of silkee shantung. Like many of the newest dresses this model features the long waisted effect, marked with wide crush sash. Large bow at left side, long ends, finished with fringe. Tunic is of very smart length. Slashed at sides to depth of trimming bands; buttons as illustrated. Kimono cut, slip-over style. Round neck finished with two narrow bands of plain color shantung. Drop skirt is just wide enough for approved tube-like appearance. COLORS: Sheik (rust) and brown, tan and brown, or Copenhagen blue and navy blue. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt lengths, 32 to 38 inches. PRICE, $6.98. Postage 13¢ extra. 8W519—Same style and colors for misses and small women. SIZES: 32 to 38 bust; skirt length 30 to 35 inches. PRICE, $6.98. Pstge. 11¢ extra. CHICAGO, ILL. Everything Guaranteed — Shop at Our Risk. [Page] 13

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Here It Is! The STYLE COLOR for SPRING & SUMMER 1924. Descriptions of Styles on Page 14. Newest Silk Tussah Crepe or Pure Silk Crepe de Chine. Plain and Figured Material. 8W520—Effective frock of plain and contrasting figured tussah, a serviceable silk-mixed fabric with beautiful lustre. Slip-over model with low waistline; neck vent finished with string tie. COLORS: Navy blue, brown or camel tan. SIZES: 32 to 44 bust; skirt lengths, 30 to 38 inches. PRICE, $6.98. Postage 11¢ extra. 8W521—Same style and sizes in all silk crepe de chine. COLORS: Navy blue, Chinese blue or camel tan. PRICE, $12.98. Postage 12¢ extra. All Silk Satin Faced Canton Crepe. Canton Crepe-Lace Collar. 8W522—Youthful model in all silk, satin-faced Canton crepe. Novelty lace collar. New gauntlet cuffs. Lace-trimmed pockets. COLORS: Navy blue, black, camel tan or gray. SIZES: 32 to 44 bust; skirt lengths, 30 to 38 inches. PRICE, $13.98. Postage 14¢ extra. All Silk Taffeta. 8W522X—Same style and sizes in all silk taffeta. COLORS: Navy blue, black, or brown. PRICE, $8.98. Postage 12¢ extra. All Silk Taffeta With Silver Metallic Lace. Taffeta with Silver Lace. 8W523—Charming dress for misses and small women, made of all-silk taffeta; trimming of silver metallic lace. Basque waist; flaps on hips of silver metallic lace. Flowers at waistline; ribbon streamers. Slipover model fastening on left. COLORS: Navy blue, black, or brown with silver metallic lace. SIZES: 32 to 38 bust; skirt lengths, 30 to 35 inches. PRICE, $10.98. Postage 12¢ extra. Gold Lace over Metallic Bodice with Silk Charmeuse. Lace Blouse—All Silk Charmeuse Skirt. 8W524—Charmingly combined gold lace and all-silk charmeuse. Kimono cut blouse of gold lace through which is seen gold metallic underbodice. Flowing cuffs of georgette. Plain charmeuse skirt with wide girdle. COLORS: Navy blue, brown or black; all with gold-colored lace. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt lengths, 32 to 38 inches. PRICE, $9.98. Postage 12¢ extra. 8W525—Same style and colors for misses and small women. SIZES: 32 to 38 bust; skirt lengths, 30 to 35 inches. PRICE, $9.98. Postage 12¢ extra. (For Descriptions See Page 15) PHILIPSBORN'S. Preserve This Catalog — It Will Save You Money. [Page] 14