Fashion from 1916 to 1933

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  • Philipsborn's 1922-23

    Nov 27, 2022 — 

    "Brown! Brown! Brown! All the Rage!!!" proclaimed the Phlilipsborn's catalog for fall and winter 1922-23. Whether Havana, reindeer or beaver brown, in light or dark shades, brown dominated fall fashions in 1922. Bell-shaped kimono and slit butterfly sleeves were fashionable for blouses and dresses, while low waists held sway. 160 pages from the catalog are now online (until now only 45).

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  • Chicago Mail Order Co. 1930-31

    Oct 30, 2022 — 

    Luxurious shawl collars of coney (rabbit), lamb, vicuna or wolf were found on nearly every women's coat offered in the Chicago Mail Order Co. catalog for fall and winter 1930-31. Another 128 pages from the catalog are now public. The new pages include dresses, hats, underwear, shoes, men's fashions, toys, and imported children's clothing from Austria (p. 172) and France (p. 173).

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  • Hamilton Garment Co. 1924-25

    Oct 2, 2022 — 

    The Hamilton Garment catalog for fall and winter 1924-25 presents the then modern straight fashion line in coats and sheath dresses. Opossum, wolf or rabbit fur served as trim for elegant coats. Fur chokers and scarfs were furthermore made of German fitch, Siberian squirrel or Korean mink. Chinese mahjong characters were found on blouses and cloche hats.

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  • National Cloak & Suit Co. 1917-18

    Sep 11, 2022 — 

    "Styles March On — but this year they march to the tune of fife and drum!" The women's coats in the National Cloak & and Suit Co. mail-order catalog for fall and winter 1917-18, in particular, show a distinct military influence. Another 112 pages with the full English item descriptions are now online 22 of those 112 pages are color prints.

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