Oct 24, 2021

Modenschau – October 1931

In the October 1931 issue of Modenschau No. 226, the first transitional models for the winter of 1931/32 were presented. Evening coats and elegant dresses for society in slim, graceful lines alternated with children's fashions, visiting, afternoon and wedding dresses. Articles were devoted to "language as a mirror of the times," the "nervous child," or the "lady's stocking."

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Sep 25, 2021

Hamilton Garment Co. 1921-22

The New York department store Hamilton Garment Co. presented the collection for the cold season in the fall/winter catalog 1921-22. The deep waistline began to prevail. Costumes and dresses were enhanced with intricate embroidery. Four exclusive fur coats were of silk seal plush and mole cloth with fur collars and cuffs of Kolinsky coney (rabbit), beaver or Australian opossum. Fur scarfs and chokers made of Siberian wolf, Macedonian goat, red fox, southern sable, squirrel or marmot were every elegant lady's dream.

Sep 11, 2021

La Coquette – September 1924

The French version of the German Modenschau La Coquette No. 140 for September 1924 showed on 20 pages the latest transitional models for the approaching fall season. For fall 1924 the basic line of fashion presented itself smooth and barely fitted. Fashion showed particular attention to practical coat dresses as well as calf-length, tight sheath skirts. Long smock blouses or models with tunics were much in vogue.

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Aug 22, 2021

Chicago Mail Order Co. 1931

To mark the end of summer, 118 new pages from the Chicago Mail Order Co. catalog for spring/summer 1931 are published todaypreviously only 38 pages were online. In vogue were forehead-revealing hats for women and dresses with calf to ankle-length skirts. Low prices were referred to everywhere in the catalogthe decline in demand led to deflation in 1931, which was clearly reflected in the catalog prices.

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Jul 19, 2021

La Coquette – July 1926

The French edition of the German fashion magazine Modenschau ran under the title La Coquette from 1923 to around 1941. The first issue to appear on today is La Coquette No. 162 from July 1926.

It features 28 pages of summer, afternoon and sports dresses, cape ensembles, bridal wear, children's wear, and swimwear about 100 models. The issue includes two pages in color and four with fashion photography.

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