Chicago Mail Order Co., Frühjahr/Sommer 1922

Mode aus dem Versandhauskatalog Nr. 70 der Firma Chicago Mail Order Company aus Chicago, Illinois, USA für Frühjahr und Sommer 1922.

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Titelblatt bzw. Cover des Versandhauskatalogs Nr. 70 der Chicago Mail Order Company aus Chicago, Illinois, USA für Frühjahr und Sommer 1922. FRÜHLING und SOMMER 1922. Pariser Mode — Niedrigste Preise. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER COMPANY, CHICAGO. Titelzeichnung/Titelillustration: „V. S. Buxton“ (unbekannter Künstler). [Seite 1]

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STYLE SUPREME! NEW LOW PRICE MARK. Your Choice $2.98 EACH. Postage Prepaid. Each Beautiful Hat A STAR BARGAIN! 70 A 1250—Becoming to almost any face is this slightly drooping pencil roll sailor. Made of good quality Taffeta Silk, with crown embroidered in Silk. Two large wheels of pleated Grosgrain Ribbon are posed at the front. COLORS—Navy Blue and White; Black and White; Brown and Sand (Lt. Tan). State color. Price, DELIVERED FREE… $2.98. 70 A 1251—Fashion continues to favor the off-the-face hat. This model is of Milan Hemp. Genuine Ostrich encircles the hat, all around, and a streamer of Silk Warp Ribbon adds a chic touch. COLORS—Brown and Jade Green; Black and White; Navy and Gray, or All Black. State color. Price, DELIVERED FREE… $2.98. 70 A 1252—An extremely becoming flare front model, a hat equally suitable for early Spring or Summer wear, and excellent value. The crown is of Silk Visca Straw Braid, with brim of pasted feather's, finished at edge with Genuine Ostrich. COLORS—Cherry Red, Peacock Blue, Pheasant (Lt. Brown), Black. State color desired. Price, DELIVERED FREE… $2.98. 70 A 1253—The graduated brim, and the sweep of the feathers as they curl over the right shoulder in paradise effect, lend a dashing air to this turban. Made of Imported Spanish Coque Feathers in natural shade (black with greenish bronze cast) interspersed with delicate Ostrich Flues. COLORS—Natural Coque with Henna (Reddish Brown) Ostrich. Price, DELIVERED FREE… $2.98. 70 A 1254—Fashion dictates the renewed popularity of the large hat. This one, in mushroom effect, has a crown of Lustrous China Piping Straw Braid. The brim is of chip, the upper brim overlaid with Gros de Londres Silk. Silk mixed flower wreath. COMBINATIONS—Black and Peacock Blue; Navy Blue and Gray; Brown and Sand (Tan). State color. Price, DELIVERED FREE… $2.98. 70 A 1255—Ideal for dress or sports year. Fancy Woven Straw Body with flange of hemp braid stitched with wool. A hand-made rosette and band of wool, and wool embroidery, complete the design. COLORS—Orchid (Lavender), Jade (Lt. Green), Peacock Blue, Tangerine (Burnt Orange), all with white. State color. Price, DELIVERED FREE… $2.98. COPYRIGHT 1921 C.M.O. CO. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER COMPANY. All Goods Delivered Free. Page 2

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Trade Where You Save. You Save Most When You Buy From Us, Because Our Profit is 3 per Cent. THE average net profit on all goods sold by us during the past five years has been 3 per cent and, starting with the year of 1922, we announce this as a permanent policy. Our prices will be fixed to yield a net profit not exceeding 3 per cent. The prices in this style book are fixed on that basis. Consider what that means—a profit of only 3¢ on each dollar. You know exactly what we make on your dealings with us. And you know that these prices are rock bottom. They can not be shaded one penny if we are to remain in business. If we sold you this merchandise without any net profit it would cost you only 3¢ less on the dollar. The Chicago Mail Order Company is thirty-one years old. Our business is nation wide. Our customers are numbered by hundreds of thousands. We have an enormous buying power. We have shrewd buyers in every market watching for opportunities. We have large cash resources to take advantage of every sacrifice, every discount offered, and manufacturers, knowing that we have an outlet for millions of dollars' worth of merchandise yearly, give us price concessions impossible to grant to other houses. You know that our success depends upon underbuying and underselling, so you may be sure that we do not permit any concern in the country to buy lower or sell lower than we do. And when we sell you merchandise at 3 per cent net profit, you know that you are buying at the rock bottom price because we guarantee our prices to be lowest. It is easy to say "lowest prices in America." "Greatest bargains ever offered." We guarantee it. We give you below a written legal guarantee that our price on anything you buy from us is lower than what the same goods can be bought for elsewhere and we will accept the return of merchandise and refund all the money paid, or refund to you the difference in actual cash, if you find you have paid us a higher price in any instance. We offer you the absolute certainty that we save you the very last penny on all goods you buy from us. Our Lowest Prices and Money-Back Guarantee. We guarantee every article in this catalogue to be exactly as illustrated, described and represented. If upon receipt you find the merchandise you ordered, even though exactly as represented in our catalogue, is not entirely satisfactory, please return it at once and your money will be refunded, including return charge expense. We positively guarantee our merchandise to be as low or lower in price than the same goods—quality for quality—can be obtained from any other mercantile establishment in the world. If you find you have paid us a higher price in any instance, write us, giving full information, and we will instantly refund to you the actual difference in cash. We allow no house, no matter where it is located, to undersell us. We Deliver Everything Free! Do you know that the Chicago Mail Order Company is practically the only mail order house in the world today that delivers goods Free to the very door of your home? This free delivery service costs us over a half million dollars a year—which means over a half million dollars a year actually saved by the customers of the Chicago Mail Order Company. We do not charge one single penny for postage or express charges. You pay only the low printed price—nothing extra for delivery charges. This is a saving of from 5 cents to 50 cents on every order that you send us—a saving that soon grows into many dollars on the purchases you make throughout the year. Everything Prepaid! Indiana Avenue and 26th Street, Chicago. All Goods Delivered Free. Page [2]A

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PARIS' Newest Spring Ideas [Inspired our "STYLE QUEEN" Fashions.] Imported Parisian Turban—the inspiration for several of our most beautiful hats. (See style 70 A 1914 page 10.) [Photographic picture of the Parisian] Rue de La Paix. A Parisian importation, exhibiting the latest style tendencies. The Batteau neckline, the flowing sleeve, and the low waistline, have all been adopted by us. A reproduction of this model will be found on page 20. Swinging along in the fashion parade on the Champs de Elysee one sees innumerable capes. Madame Merrick chose this one as typical of the mode. Capes which owe their charm directly to this imported mode, appear in this book. An exquisite style seen on smartly dressed women on the boulevards of Paris. An exact reproduction of this pump will be found on page 164. Other models showing Paris influence will be seen throughout out shoe section. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER COMPANY. All Goods Delivered Free. Page [2]B

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PARIS' Newest Spring Ideas [Inspired our "STYLE QUEEN" Fashions.] A bewitching imported model, revealing the fact that Paris sponsors large hats for dress wear. [Photographic picture of the Parisian] Place de L'Opera. With true Parisian dash, the original of this sports costume was worn at the fashionable races just outside of Paris. Lanvin executed it for us from a sketch by our style critic. It forms the background for many of our nobbiest sports clothes. Almost lacy in effect are the latest French shoe creations, bits of leather fastened together by straps and buckles. A splendid copy of this model is offered on Page 166 at about one-tenth import cost. In the rendezvous of fashionable Parisians, the draped skirt, uneven hemline. Batteau neckline, and flowing sleeves are seen. So that our frocks might correctly portray all these fashion hints, Madame Merrick sent us this dress. Indiana Avenue and 26th Street, Chicago. All Goods Delivered Free. Page [2]C

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Madame Merrick [a photographic picture of her is shown above]. The world's greatest style authority now residing in Paris and selecting styles exclusively for the Chicago Mail Order Company, thus guaranteeing to our customers the most authentic styles in the world. [Printed business letter:] Richard Magnus. RESIDENT PARIS BUYER. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER CO. 28, Rue d'Hauteville, Paris. Téléphone: Gutenberg 31-20; Louvre 22-06. Adresses Telegraphiques à Paris. RICMAGNUS – PARIS. Codes used: Lieber's; A.B.C. 5th Edition. Paris, November 18th, 1921. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER COMPANY, Chicago, Illinois. Gentlemen: I take pleasure in advising you that Madame Merrick and I have just completed, for your company, the purchase of gowns and millinery from the foremost Paris model houses and are sending you the selection by fast boat this week. They are dresses from Worth, Madeleine & Madeleine, Jenny and Paquin, hats from Maria-Guy, Caroline Reboux, Evelyn Varon, Lewis and Suzanne Talbot. The fact that we purchased from the above named style houses their most exclusive models is a sufficient guarantee that you will show the patrons of the Chicago Mail Order Company, style selections far in advance of any of your competitors. Madame Merrick possessing exquisite taste and living permanently in Paris, the style center of the world, has been able to gather a collection that will, no doubt, be the envy of all who see these styles. We have selected such styles as will copy well for your patrons and will reproduce to the best advantage. I am quite confident that Madame Merrick's selection will meet with your approval and with that of your esteemed patrons. Assuring you of my pleasure in serving you, I remain, Very respectfully, [hand-written signature of] R. Magnus. We Bring PARIS STYLES to you at AMERICA'S LOWEST PRICES and we are the first and only mail order house in America to bring to its customers these priceless pearls of style. Madame Merrick, whose taste and judgment in matters of style are incomparable, personally canvassed the leading dressmaking establishments and the finest style shops of Paris almost inch by inch. Thousands of the exclusive models of the Masters of the Mode, she saw—hundreds of the best she bought for the exclusive use of the Chicago Mail Order Company. Worth, Jenny, Paquin, Madeleine & Madeleine, Maria Guy, Reboux, Varon, M. Talbot, the world famed master artists of style, made each his contribution to us, in style dreams so beautiful, so bewitching, so ravishing in their charms that Madame Merrick when seeing them on the boat for New York seemed loath to let them go. Using for inspiration our own Exclusive designed Paris models, many of which cost us as much as $300 and $400 landed in this country, our own expert designers, always under the direction of Madame Merrick, reproduced for our customers, with modifications to suit American women, the wonderful garments, millinery, and shoes offered throughout this book, so it may truly be said that the dress, or coat, or hat you purchase from us this season is — Paris inspired! And, most important of all, these Paris inspired styles, purchased from us, cost you only a mere fraction of the cost of the original models. We offer for example, wash dresses as low as $2.98 and silk dresses as low as $7.98; other prices in the same proportion. A few of the original imported Paris models are illustrated on pages B and C to show you some of the most important style features that will be dominant this season. Sleeves and collars have been accorded unusually novel treatment by the designers, and skirt lines likewise strike an interesting note. Adaptations of these ideas, as well as many others, will be found in the many beautiful models shown throughout this wonderful book. We Will Not Sell to Dealers or Designers. Only with the greatest effort and expense has it been possible for us to procure these genuine imported Paris models for our customers and we cannot, and will not sell any of the garments offered in this book to dealers or designers, for copying purposes. We owe everything to our customers and we feel that it is only fair that to them alone shall go the benefit of our style and value leadership. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER COMPANY. All Goods Delivered Free. Page [2]D

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Chicago Mail Order Co. World's Lowest Prices. This Bargain Book Offers You America's Best Styles at World's Lowest Prices! WE mean every word we say, and back it up with values that none can approach! 2,000,000 satisfied customers, a world-beating business, and the fastest growing house in the United States, mean unqualified supremacy and success. Success is built on truth-telling and value-giving — that has been our principle and policy for more than 31 years! If you beat our prices anywhere, we pay you the difference in Cash! We permit no house to undersell us — never have — never will. This guarantee has protected our customers for 31 years and will continue to protect them as long as we are in business. The prices in this catalog are far and away under the prices asked by others! Our competitors are not in it! We prove it! No "ifs" and "ands" about it — the evidence is right in your own hands! Don't be misled! — don't believe unproved claims — don't buy without knowing! But compare for yourself and then back your best judgment to the limit. Trade where you Save! See proof on the back of this sheet. Compare our styles, our qualities and our cut prices throughout this book with the styles, qualities and prices in any other catalog you can lay your hands on. The more you compare, the more you investigate, the more you will find that our prices are lowest, our values are biggest, our styles are best; and the more you'll feel like buying everything for your entire family from the Chicago Mail Order Company. And again — we make it plain as A, B, C, that we always and without exception, offer our customers, America's Best Styles at World's Lowest Prices! Do Your Neighbor a Favor — Let Her Share These BARGAINS! Show Your Neighbor This Book. Help Her Save Money Too! SEE OTHER SIDE — SEE OTHER SIDE. OVER. [Page 2E]

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3500 World's Biggest Bargains. 12 Shining — Examples. Example No. 1. Page 2. 6 of the most wonderful hats you ever saw! Marvelous Style! Choice, delivered FREE, $2.98. Example No. 2. Page 117. 70A1326. Beautiful hat worth fully $1.50. We sell it for 95¢. Price, delivered FREE, 95¢. Example No. 3. Page 58. 70B9248. Misses' Gingham Dress. Wonderful Style! Wonderful Value! Price, delivered FREE, $1.49. Example No. 4. Page 38. 70B9101. Linene Jumper—the Biggest Bargain Sensation of 1922! Price, delivered FREE, 77¢. Example No. 5. Page 34. 70B9082. Woman's Voile Dress. A Style Dream! Dazzling Value! Price, delivered FREE, $1.97. Example No. 6. Page 151. 70J11, Black; 70J10 Brown. Women's Genuine Kid Oxfords. BEAUTIES! Price, delivered FREE, $2.78. Example No. 7. Back Cover. 70J296. Beautiful Patent Leather Sally Slipper. Newest Style! Price, delivered FREE, $2.68. Example No. 8. Page 158. 70J348. Woman's "Snow-white" Canvas Oxford—A Challenge Value! Price, delivered FREE, $1.67. Example No. 9. Page 270. 70K2124. Boys' Knickers. Dandy Knickers for less than a $1 bill. Price, delivered FREE, 97¢. Example No. 10. Page 249. 70K1626. Man's Blue Serge Suit—Good all through! Best Style! Price, delivered FREE, $12.89. Example No. 11. Page 240. 70M4002. Women's Knit Union Suit. Knocks out all Competition! Price, delivered FREE, 31¢. Example No. 12. Page 192. 70R6019. 36-inch Bleached Muslin. 10 yards for less than $1! Price, 10 yards, Prepaid… 97¢. MONDAY ORDER RECEIVED. 24 Hours Service. TUESDAY GOODS SHIPPED. Chicago Mail Order Co. [Page 2F]

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What you want! Where to find it. [Short INDEX] Women's and Children's Wearing Apparel. Coats, Women's… 9, 129 to 149. Children's Wear… 8, 18, 19, 130, 204 to 223, 242, 275. Corsets… 220 to 223. Dresses, Women's… 7, 8, 18 to 59, 196 to 203. Dress Accessories… 127, 193, 194, 195, 244. Furs… 128. Infants' Wear… 210 to 219. Muslin Underwear… 224 to 233. Skirts… 5, 78 to 90. Suits… 91 to 108. Sweaters… 73 to 77. Knit Underwear and Hosiery… 234 to 236 and 239 to 245. Waists… 4, 60 to 75, 81, 82, 88, 89, 90. Millinery. Hats, Women's Trimmed… 2, 10, 11 and 109 to 119. Hats, Untrimmed… 122 to 125. Hats, Children's… 120, 121. Hats, Misses'… 118. Trimmings… 124 to 126. Shoes. Shoes, Men's… 174 to 180. Shoes, Women's… 12, 13, 14, 150 to 171, 298. Shoes, Boys'… 181. Shoes, Children's and Infants'… 172, 173, 298. Rubbers and Outing Shoes… 191. Men's & Boys' Clothing! Suits… 248 to 257 and 267 to 275. Hosiery… 237, 238. Hats, Caps and Furnishings… 265, 266. Pants… 258, 259, 276. Shirts and Blouses… 260 to 262, 277. Underwear… 245 to 247. Overalls, etc. … 263, 264. Dry Goods etc. Bed Coverings and Domestics… 289, 290, 291. Curtains… 294, 295. Novelty Sports Suitings… 297. Silks… 278, 279. Tablecloths, etc. … 296. Towels and Towelings… 292, 293. Wash Goods… 281 to 288 and 297. Woolen Dress Goods… 280. "Style Beauty" Blouses. America's Finest. 70 B 7692—Gotham (Golden Tan). 70 B 7693—Jockey Red. 70 B 7694—Navy Blue. In this blouse you will find every feature that you desire: excellent material, charming style, a pleasing design in popular colors, and of great importance, a wonderfully low price. It is made of a high quality Silk Georgette Crepe in a slip over style. It has a Georgette sash belt. Neatly embroidered front and shoulders. Trimmed at the neck with silk braid trimming and a braid tie. Cuffs are stitched. "Style Beauty" is the name of this blouse and a style beauty it certainly is. If you want to get a blouse that is smart looking and made in accordance with fashion's very latest demands, order this blouse now. We say it is America's finest blouse. Indeed it is. If you traveled through the country from one end to the other you would not be able to obtain as fine a value at our low price. Made in a beautiful Gotham (Golden Tan) shade, an attractive Jockey red (Scarlet), and a pretty Navy Blue. It will satisfy in every way. SIZES—34 to 44 inches bust measure. Price, DELIVERED FREE (Prepaid)… $2.95. Indiana Avenue and 26th Street, Chicago. All Goods Delivered Free. Page 3

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Last Minute Purchases. Last Minute Styles. Organdie-Trimmed Taffeta Dresses. Something Entirely NEW! 70 B 9270—Navy and Red. Paris speaks in every line of this dress—in every rustle of its silken folds—a language of style—a message of Spring fashion. Taffeta Silk is the material used in its construction. A straight line frock that is individualized by the novel treatment accorded the skirt—narrow fluting pleated ruffles of red Organdie forming festoons at either side, embellished at the waistline with hand made buds of the same. Collar and cuffs are of red Organdie. SIZES—Women's, 32 to 44 bust; skirt lengths, 31 to 36 inches. Misses', 14 to 20 years, 32 to 38 bust; skirt lengths, 30 to 34 inches. State size and color. Price, DELIVERED FREE (Prepaid)… $12.97. 70 B 9271—Navy Blue. 70 B 9272—Brown. Designed in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, this charming dress brings to our customers a vogue which is extremely popular in Paris and already gaining a tremendous following in the large cities of this country—that of combining Organdie with Taffeta Silk. One of the new Basque models of Taffeta Silk, with collar and cuffs of Cream Colored Organdie. Vestee and medallions in skirt of Cream Embroidered Organdie. Pleated Silk Ribbon ruffles on waist, skirt, collar, and cuffs. SIZES—Women's, 32 to 44 bust; skirt lengths, 31 to 36 inches. Misses', 14 to 20 years, 32 to 38 bust; skirt lengths, 30 to 34 inches. State size and color. Price, DELIVERED FREE (Prepaid)… $13.97. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER COMPANY. All Goods Delivered Free. Page 6