National Bellas Hess Inc., Frühjahr/Sommer 1933

Mode aus dem Versandhauskatalog der Firma National Bellas Hess Inc. aus New York City, New York, USA für Frühjahr und Sommer 1933.

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Umschlag, Titelblatt bzw. Titelseite des Versandhauskatalogs der Firma National Bellas Hess Inc. aus New York City, New York, USA für Frühjahr und Sommer 1933. AMERIKAS GELDSPARENDER MODE-KATALOG. Frühling und Sommer 1933. (A) [Damenkleid] aus bedrucktem, schwerem, glatten Seidenkrepp… 2,98 $ portofrei. (B) [Damenkleid] aus schwerem, reinem Seiden-„Kraus“-Krepp… 3,98 $ portofrei. (C) Umhang und Rock. Reines Woll-Krepp… 5,98 $ portofrei. Diese MODELLE und ENSEMBLES sind auf Seite 3 beschrieben. NATIONAL BELLAS HESS, INC., New York und Kansas City. Die Titelseite weist einige Beschädigungen, leichte Schmutzflecken und Knicke auf. Zeichnung/Illustration: unsigniert/unbekannt. [Seite 1]

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America's New Symbol of Super-Saving. (Thrift Specials) $1.00 * "NATIONAL'S" THRIFT SPECIALS are the most DRAMATIC… MONEY-SAVING OPPORTUNITIES in America… Every One THE NEWEST, THE FINEST at the Country's LOWEST PRICES. Just check these! ALL-WOOL. TURTLE-NECK SLIP-OVER. Men's or Boys'. Baby Shaker Knit PULL OVER. All-Wool turtle neck pullover; elastic rib knit neck, bottom and cuffs, edged in contrast. One of our biggest specials. Colors: Navy, Royal Blue or Maroon. 20T2325—Men's: 34 to 44 chest. Postage 10¢. $1.00. 20T2625—Boys': 28 to 34 chest (fits 6 to 12 years). 89¢. Postage 8¢ extra. Polka-Dot Cotton BROADCLOTH. Youthful and gay—so much style for $1.00! One-piece Cotton Broadcloth Pajamas; guimpe effect of white organdie. Practical… sensible… and so becoming! 7T118—Colors: Red, Blue or Green with White Dots. Sizes: 30 to 40 bust… $1.00. Postage 8¢ extra. VAT DYE. Printed Cotton. "The Rumba." Cotton version of our famous "Rumba" Dress, within your reach at $1.00! Striped Cotton Print with solid White blouse. Smart… young… becoming. 17T701—Colors: Stripes in Red or Blue on White. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (fits 32 to 38 bust). Postage 8¢… $1.00. SHOWER-PROOF, SPOT-PROOF HOSE. Never Before at this Price! (LIGHT GUNMETAL) (CHUKKER) PURE SILK Full-Fashioned. 2 PAIRS FOR $1.00. Service Weight. A once-in-a-lifetime Bargain! Full-fashioned, Pure Silk-to-Hem Stockings, shower-proof, spot-proof. Cradle soles, curved French heels, double garter top of fine mercerized lisle. 5T886—Colors: Sun Gleam, Copperskin, Dawn Grey, Chukker, Sun Touch, Lt. Gunmetal. (Colors described on page 69.) Sizes: 8½ to 10. 2 pairs, $1.00. Postage 4¢ extra for 2 prs. Lacy Knit. Turtle-Neck Slip-Over. Knit of fine Egyptian Cotton. All worsted collar, cuffs and bottom. 20T1761—Freedom Blue, Raspberry Red or Tan. Sizes: 28 to 36 chest (fits 6 to 14 years). $1.00. Postage 8¢ extra. IF you appreciate A SUPER BARGAIN you will buy two or three pairs. Women's Genuine Leather One-Strap. 73T221—Beige. 73T222—White. 73T126—Patent Leather. Leather sole; 1¾-inch covered heel with rubber top; medium last. Sizes: 3 to 9; medium wide. If not cart of $2 order, add 10¢ postage. $1.00. 2 PAIRS FOR $1.00. Sun- and Tub-Fast Marquisette. Great Bargain offer. Two pairs of these dainty Priscilla Curtains for $1.00! Good Printed Cotton Marquisette. 37T607—Cream-white ground with Rose, Blue, Gold, Green or Orchid predominating. Size: Each side 30 inches x 2¼ yards… 2 pairs for $1.00. Postage 8¢ extra for 2 pairs. [Page 2]

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What is this thing called SMARTNESS? "NATIONAL" EASILY ANSWERS THIS QUESTION FOR YOU. For 45 years "National" has maintained headquarters in the very heart of the Fifth Avenue world of fashion. Every day our trained staff of fashion authorities rub elbows with the greatest designers of the world. We see the newest ideas while they are still sketches on paper—cull the best of them for "National"—rush to adapt them for you as soon as Fifth Avenue shops have them. We do not claim that smartness is a mysterious, elusive thing. But we do claim that because we are first in the fashion field—because for so many years "National" fashions have become the tried and true successes of each season—that because in this new Style Book we have outdone ourselves in gathering the latest and best for you—you can pin all your faith on "National" and order more confidently than ever. This season, for instance—only "National" has capes in its style book. They are the newest idea for Spring and are already popular in the great metropolitan centers. This is the year, however, to wear just what you like. You will be charmed with the new fabrics of unusual weave, with the new colors, both soft and brilliant. Thrill after thrill will come from wearing these beautiful new styles, because "National" is in business for the sole purpose of providing you with thrilling smartness. These are the clothes to uplift your spirit—to match your every mood. Make your selections immediately. And remember that "National"—the style specialist of America for 45 years—sends them to you with its unfailing… SATISFACTION, OR YOUR MONEY BACK, GUARANTEE. What is this thing called THRIFT? "NATIONAL" GIVES YOU THIS SIMPLE ANSWER. National's Thrift Special. Thrift means intelligent, carefully calculated spending. "National" is enthusiastic on the subject—and is completely ready to co-operate with you in practising true thrift. Conscientious work on our part—careful spending on yours—are the allied factors in bringing you the most for your every cent. We select with expert care every article shown in this Style Book. It must pass the most exacting tests for dependability—for fastness of color—for correct sizing. Above all, it must be styled to the minute—must be smart. And now prices are the lowest we have ever been able to make them. So when you choose from this "National" book we guarantee you are making the thriftiest purchase possible. Look for the Thrift Specials throughout this Style Book. They are dramatic examples of the money-saving opportunities for which you are looking. The newest styles—the finest quality—always at the very lowest prices. Should the United States, or any State, impose a tax, or otherwise increase the cost or selling price of any of the articles described in this Style Book, we reserve the right to add such taxes or increase of cost or selling price to the prices listed in this Style Book. Descriptions of the Beautiful Styles shown on Cover. NEW PRINT of Thrilling Beauty $2.98 Postpaid. (A) "Have at least one new Spring print and wear it everywhere" says well-known fashion leader. Here is the most exquisite one you could find? Softly draping Ascot collar (removable) of white Rayon sharkskin weave. Note the beloved puff sleeves. Weighted All-Silk Printed Flat Crepe. 10T301—Colors: Orleans (Medium) Blue, Red or Black Print. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (to fit 32 to 38 bust). Embroidered Net for gayest hours $3.98 Postpaid. (B) What a stunning dress for Sunday night and all informal occasions? The huge balloon sleeves are of Beige color net heavily embroidered with soutache braid. Graceful cape collar. The new colors of the dress are captivating. Smart weighted All-Silk "Ruff" Crepe. Ankle length. 10T302—Colors: Apple Red, Hyacinth Blue or Beige Tan. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 22 (32 to 40 bust). The Cape and Skirt $5.98 Postpaid. Cape only $3.98 Postpaid. (C) To be the smartest person in your community, wear this Cape Ensemble. Of All-Wool Crepe the "quality" weave that looks so swagger and wears so well. 9T200—Medium Green, Medium Blue or Medium Tan. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 22 (32 to 40 bust). Cape about 36 in. long. Complete, Postpaid… $5.98. 9T201—Cape only. Same material, sizes and colors. Postpaid $3.98. [Page 3]

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„Sei Ihre Stimmung fröhlich oder ernst … Ihr Kleid ist hier“ - alle Kleider für weniger als 5 Dollar.

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„Sei Ihre Stimmung fröhlich oder ernst … Ihr Kleid ist hier“ - alle Kleider für weniger als 5 Dollar.

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With a Dash and Snap … with [a Charm and Grace … Smartly, Superbly NEW.] CELANESE TAFFETA … Finest Fabric of its type. A PARTY DRESS … Copied from an Original Paris Import. A MATCHING RUFFLED JACKET … Doubling its Smartness. Complete—Our lovely new "Picture" Frock. It's your dream dress! Of Celanese Taffeta—seen all around New York's gay places, in high priced creations. Exquisite in every detail. And astonishingly low in price! Ankle length. 10T318—Shell-Pink or Baby Blue. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (32 to 38 bust). Size scale on page 7. Postpaid, $5.98. SEPARATE Capelet TO COVER MILADY'S SHOULDERS Smartly. The CAPE and the DRESS. Exquisite ALL-SILK CHIFFON. Bewitching! This charming evening dress of sheer All-Silk Chiffon. Its wisp of a cape serves as a dainty wrap. Look your loveliest and enjoy the secret thrill of economy in this exquisite frock. Slip included. 10T316—Colors: Orchid or Beige. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 22 (to fit 32 to 40 bust). Ankle Length. Size scale on page 7. Cotton VELVETEEN JACKET… Of course, you need a Velveteen Jacket! No summer wardrobe is right without it! And see how inexpensive it is—at "National"! New "peplum" model with ruffled sleeves. 10T320—Black only. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 22 (32 to 40 bust). SO SMART A STYLE DESERVES THIS QUALITY! Note THE LONG SKIRT. HEAVY (Weighted) SILK. A Quality Fabric. You will feel like a queen! The softly swirling skirt of this beautiful "Sunday Night" dress gives you a feeling of fashion-rightness. Beautiful All-Silk (Weighted) Printed Flat Crepe, with flower corsage. 10T319—Colors: Apple Red or Orleans Blue grounds. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 22 (fit 32 to 40 bust). See size scale on page 7. Take off THE CAPE AND IT'S ANOTHER COSTUME but… IT'S ALSO Fashion New. ALL-RAYON "RUFF" CREPE in a 2-piece Beauty. Sophistication! Just the type of "Double Duty" frock you have seen your favorite movie star wear! The dress, without its cunning little braid-brimmed cape, follows Fashion's first law of contrast. Of All-Rayon "Ruff" Crepe. 10T317—Colors: Black with White Bodice; Green with Beige; Hyacinth Blue with Grey. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (to fit 32 to 38 bust). NATIONAL BELLAS HESS, INC. New York and Kansas City. Page 6

S. 7

[With a Dash and Snap … with] a Charm and Grace … Smartly, Superbly NEW. Size Scale—Misses' and Women's Dresses. Sizes: … 14, 16, 18, 20, 22. Bust Measure: 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 in. Lengths: … 47, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48 in. Ankle length dresses: about 51 inches. THRIFT SPECIALS $2.98 POST-PAID each. The GRACE of a Generous CAPE. POLKA DOT or PLAIN. All-Silk (Weighted) FLAT CREPE. Smartly simple—this new cape dress of weighted All-Silk Flat Crepe—and fashion-right, as all our dresses must be—regardless of price! Women's and Misses' — 32 to 40 bust. 10T323—Solid Orleans Blue or Apple Red. 10T322—Blue or Red with White Polka Dot. Postpaid, $2.98. National's Thrift Special. Fine… Heavy Quality All-Rayon "RUFF" CREPE. How can such an adorable frock actually sell for $2.98! The answer is: "National's" style supremacy! See the sleeve inserts and large bow of harmonizing print—they add just the right touch of gaiety! A wonderful dress for little money. 10T326—Apple Red or Orleans (Bright) Blue. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (to fit 32 to 38 bust). Postpaid, $2.98. Rich … Heavy Weighted SILK CANTON CREPE. THERE'S A LOT OF Smartness UP THESE Sleeves. A SASH THAT ADDS Dash! Paisley Trim. Ultra smart this season—the cowl neck-line draped with contrasting fabric. Deep cuffs and sash carry out this smart note—making a dress of great charm. Fine All-Silk (weighted) Canton Crepe, with Paisley trim. 10T327—Navy, Black or Beige. Women's and Misses' Sizes: 34 to 44 bust. Postpaid, $4.98. SPECIAL $2.98 Post-Paid. All-Silk (Weighted) FLAT CREPE. No mistaking the "1933-ness" of this darling frock! No mistaking the wonderful value, either! See the white collar and jabot in sharkskin weave, the shirred shoulders, the puff sleeves—they're newest of the new! Weighted All-Silk Flat Crepe. 10T325—Red, Blue or Black. Women's and Misses' Sizes: 32 to 42 bust. See size scale above. Postpaid, $2.98. The Newest TRICK IN JACKETS IS MAKING THEM FROM Scarfs. 2-Piece ENSEMBLE $3.98 Post-Paid. Fine All-Rayon "RUFF" CREPE. When is a scarf not a scarf? When it's a clever little jacket! Could anything be more effective with a White Rayon "Ruff" Crepe frock! Could anything be more economical than such a stunning Ensemble at a Dress price! 10T321—White Dress with Blue or Red Printed Scarf Jacket. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (to fit 32 to 38 bust). Postpaid, $3.98. Page 7

S. 8

Every smart New Yorker wears a "TWO-IN-ONE." The COATLET and DRESS $6.98 Post-Paid Complete. Double SMART AND Doubly THRIFTY. The Rich… Luxurious and New SAND CREPE Weave. The Smartest Ensemble of the Season! The height of summer charm! Note the deep yoke and puff sleeves of the collarless jacket. See the graceful organdie collar and bow of the dress. Only the most exclusive specialty shops are showing this model. Yet "NATIONAL" has it at a nominal price. Made of that very new and extremely smart All-Rayon Sand Crepe. 10T330—Colors: Hyacinth Blue or Beige. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 22 (to fit 32 to 40 bust). See Size Scale on page 7… Postpaid, $6.98. The CAPE and DRESS $5.98 Post-Paid Complete. THE Swing AND Grace of a "LIEUTENANT" CAPE. THE Smartness AND Thrift of a TWO-PIECE COSTUME. A Heavy Quality… All-Silk (Weighted) Canton Crepe. Wear them as an ensemble—wear them separately—they're outstanding alone or together. What a clever dress! And what a jaunty cape to wear over other summer frocks! Of high quality All-Silk (weighted) Canton Crepe, the kind you expect in costlier models. Again we score with this "two-in-one" at only $5.98. 10T332—Colors: White Dress with Polo Blue or Apple Red Cape. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 22 (to fit 32 to 40 bust). See Size Scale on page 7… Postpaid, $5.98. The SWAGGER COAT and the DRESS $5.98 Post-Paid Complete. FOR Cool SPRING NIGHTS OR Warm SUMMER DAYS. Cotton KAREL CREPE Coat… with Silk (Weighted) Flat Crepe Dress. The swagger coat goes perfectly with all your summer dresses. Made of Cotton Sport Crepe (resembling pebble crepe), light in weight but with real body to it. The lovely All-Silk (weighted) Flat Crepe dress will serve delightfully for countless summer affairs. Just think of getting both for so little! 10T331—Colors: White Coat with Dress in White or Pink. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 22 (to fit 32 to 40 bust.) See Size Scale on page 7… Postpaid, $5.98. NATIONAL BELLAS HESS, INC. New York and Kansas City. Page 8

S. 9

There's Twofold Style and Thrift in TWO-PIECE ENSEMBLES. Fine… Cotton Voile $2.98 Post-Paid. You'll wear the softly draping graceful dress, with its becoming light top, to look nice in around the house. You'll slip on the jacket, with its smart sleeves, to visit around town. It's doubly thrifty, doubly smart—and, remember, it launders beautifully. 10T333—Colors: Navy, Black or Green Print on White ground. Women's and Misses' Sizes: 34 to 44. (See Size Scale on Page 7.) Postpaid, $2.98. THE HIGH WAISTED MODE that's ALWAYS A Winner. PRINTED All-Rayon Rough Crepe OR SOLID COLOR All-Silk Canton Crepe (Weighted). Flattering Neckline $4.98 Post-Paid. So smart (with its puffed-at-the-wrist sleeves, its soft surplice neck and gay contrasting belt) that we made it in two different fabrics—print and plain. Both of firm weave and heavy "feel." Women's and Misses' Sizes: 34 to 42 bust. Size Scale on Page 7. 10T336—All-Rayon Rough Crepe in Blue-and-White print. 10T337—Solid Color All-Silk (weighted) Canton Crepe in Navy or Beige. Postpaid, $4.98. $6.98 Post-Paid All-Rayon Rough Crepe. A SOLID COLOR COAT OVER A PRINTED DRESS. Here are TWO smart, new costumes—for the price of one. The dress, developed in a new print, has a flattering white inset at the V-neck which carries the slenderizing line down to the waist. The solid color coat, with its slenderizing long revers and its smart sleeves, is a splendid over-costume to ensemble with other dresses in your closet. 10T335—Colors: Light Navy or new Medium Green. Women's and Misses' Sizes: 34 to 44 bust. See Size Scale on Page 7. Postpaid, $6.98. With Lovely SPANISH LACE. All-Silk Chiffon $5.98 Post-Paid. Out new "Picture Dress"—featuring the breath-taking beauty of exquisite Spanish type Lace used on lovely, sheer All-Silk Chiffon that is fashioned into graceful, flowing lines. There is a fine, heavy weight All-Rayon Taffeta slip included. Rhinestone buckle at waist. Ideal for dress-up wear. 10T334—Colors: Black or Beige. Women's and Misses' Sizes: 34 to 44 bust. See Size Scale on Page 7. Postpaid, $5.98. "NATIONAL" NEVER SACRIFICES QUALITY TO MAKE A LOW PRICE. Page 9

S. 10

TWO THRIFT SPECIALS $2.98 Post-Paid each. National's Thrift Special. ALL-WOOL CREPE-KNIT JERSEY with ALL-SILK (Weighted) FLAT CREPE BLOUSE. Lots of Pep and Dash! Gay, but also practical. The White All-Silk Flat Crepe blouse can be worn with other skirts—another reason for calling this a Thrift Special! 10T351—Hyacinth Blue, Maize, Coral or Light Navy. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (to fit 32 to 38 bust). Postpaid, $2.98. A Plaid top STYLE SUCCESS! ALL-RAYON ROUGH CREPE with ALL-SILK (Weighted) PLAID TOP. Smoothly shirred shoulder, large puff short sleeves, draped neckline, bow—they're New. Sash ties at back. Rayon "Ruff" Crepe Skirt; weighted All-Silk Plaid top. 10T352—Black with Green or Red Plaid. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (fit 32 to 38 bust). $2.98 Postpaid. See Size Scale on Page 7. TWO-PIECE SUIT of RAYON-and-COTTON FLAT CREPE $2.79 Postpaid. Smart Two-piece Suit—a very new style in bright, lively prints. The smart young set particularly likes this model—it is a suit you can wear anytime or anywhere and feel well dressed. 10T353—Colors: Brown or Navy Blue Print. Women's and Misses' Sizes: 34 to 46 bust. See size scale on page 7. Choice of THESE THREE $2.00 Post-Paid each. DON'T BE MISLED BY THE Amazing Price… THEY'RE A Splendid Quality. Good Quality ALL-SILK (Weighted) FLAT CREPE. (A) When you see this dress you will think we have under-estimated the price. It has Style and Quality—and it's a Bargain, besides! Weighted All-Silk Flat Crepe in three lovely shades and white. A perfect "all-day" summer frock. 10T350—Colors: Light Copen Blue, Maize, Orchid or White. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (to fit 32 to 38 bust). Postpaid, $2.00. A TWO-PIECE Winner FOR SMART SPORTS. (B) Order this smart knit Dress to wear under your Spring coat Now—and without a coat all summer! Its fresh pastel colors add a gay note to your wardrobe. Aren't the stripes effective! Knit of lovely Frosted Cotton. 10T354—Colors: Pastel Blue or Green with White Stripes. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (to fit 32 to 38 bust). Postpaid, $2.00. Heavy Quality ALL-RAYON CANTON. (C) You will "just love" the quaint square neck-line of this simple, but distinctive little dress. Of All-Rayon Canton Crepe with two brilliant clip ornaments. 10T355—Colors: Black, Medium Blue or Medium Green. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (to fit 32 to 38 bust). Postpaid, $2.00. NATIONAL BELLAS HESS, INC. New York and Kansas City. Page 10