Perry Dame & Co., Frühjahr/Sommer 1916

Damen- und Kindermode aus dem Versandhauskatalog Nr. 65 der Firma Perry Dame & Company aus New York City, New York, USA für Frühjahr und Sommer 1916.

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Titelblatt bzw. Umschlag des Versandhauskatalogs Nr. 65 der Firma Perry, Dame & Company aus New York City, New York, USA für Frühjahr und Sommer 1916. NEW YORK STYLES. FRÜHLING & SOMMER 1916. PERRY, DAME & CO., NEW YORK CITY. Katalog Nr. 65. Titelzeichnung/Titelillustration: William Haskell Coffin (1878-1941). [Seite 1]

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A PAGE OF VERY SPECIAL PERRY-DAME BARGAINS. 27200—Here is a serviceable, new-style House Dress—delightfully comfortable and very becoming. It is made of fine quality Striped Gingham, attractively trimmed with solid color gingham, as pictured. The skirt is cut comfortably wide, and has a convenient patch pocket at the side. Closes in front with pearl buttons. COLORS: blue and white stripes, black and white stripes, or heliotrope and white stripes; each trimmed to match. SIZES: 32 to 46 bust; skirt length 40 inches. Remarkable value. PERRY-DAME PRICE, 86¢—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. 261—Black Vici Kid Oxford Shoes, with flexible cushion inner sole, patent leather tip, and rubber heel. SIZES: 2½ to 9. WIDTHS: D, E and EE. These are the most comfortable shoes you could buy. They are carefully made and will give splendid wear. PERRY-DAME PRICE, $1.59—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. CUFF & COLLAR SET, 42¢. FLOWERED CRÊPE WITH ORGANDIE EDGE. 251—This Collar and Cuff Set will add a charming touch to any costume. It is made of Flowered Crêpe with hemstitched Organdie edge. COLOR: as shown only. PERRY-DAME PRICE, 42¢—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. 22200—This Stylish, Serviceable Serge Skirt has plaits at each side, a panel in back, and handsome trimming-buttons, as pictured. Closes invisibly at the side-front. COLORS: black, or navy blue. WAIST MEASURES: 22 to 30 inches; FRONT LENGTHS: 36 to 43 inches. PERRY-DAME PRICE, $1.99—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. ELASTIC INSERTS. 27416—Perry-Dame GUARANTEED Corset of strong Coutil, with medium low bust, for medium or slender figures. It has two elastic inserts in back, and is provided with four hose supporters. WHITE. SIZES: 18 to 30. PERRY-DAME PRICE, 62¢—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. SET OF 2 FOR $1.37. 21381—These two Girls' Dresses—one for dress and the other for every-day wear—and only $1.37 for both. One is made of Lawn Embroidery and Plain Lawn, trimmed with lace and ribbon, and closes in back. The other is Linene in one-piece Middy style, and made to slip on over the head. COLORS: white dress, as shown; play dress, as shown, or in blue trimmed with white. SIZES: 6 to 14 years. Our Price for both, $1.37—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. PLAY-SUITS. SET OF 3 FOR 78¢. 27619—These Three little Play Suits will give splendid service. The first one is made in Romper style of Checked Gingham, the second one is a two-piece "Oliver Twist" model made of Linene and Chambray, and the third is made in Romper style of Linene. COLORS: as shown. SIZES: 2 to 6 years. Sold in Sets of Three, as pictured only… PERRY-DAME PRICE, 78¢—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. 291—Stylish Middy Blouse of fine quality Galatea, attractively trimmed, as pictured. It has a square-back sailor collar, a jaunty slipknot tie, and a convenient patch pocket. It slips on easily over the head, and has graceful, becoming lines. COLORS: white, trimmed in Cadet blue, or white trimmed with red; also all white. GIRLS' SIZES: 6 to 12 years; MISSES' SIZES: 14 to 20 years; LADIES' SIZES: 32 to 44 bust. This Middy Blouse is a very desirable selection on account of its neat style and excellent material. PERRY-DAME PRICE, 59¢—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. [Page] 2

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OUR MOTTO—"ALWAYS OUR CUSTOMER MUST BE PLEASED." MRS. O. BENSON, Butte, Montana, writes: "I received my Perry-Dame order promptly and am certainly much pleased with everything. I know I could not get the same things out here for anywhere near your prices, and shall always be glad to speak a good word for Perry, Dame & Co." We always ask the writer's permission before publishing a letter. MRS. HARLEY HOAR, Warrensburg, Missouri, writes: "Just a few lines to thank you for your promptness in filling my order and to tell you of the excellent quality, style and beauty of all the articles received. Let me say of the six years I have been buying waists for my daughter, we have never had 'so much for the money' as we have in Perry-Dame waists." We always ask the writer's permission before publishing a letter. MRS. G. B. BUHLER, South Bend, Indiana, writes: "I am very much pleased with my Perry-Dame coat. It is all you claimed for it and more. I consider it worth double your price, and shall be glad to recommend you to my friends." We always ask the writer's permission before publishing a letter. MISS ALICE MONSON, Fresno, California, writes: "I want to thank you very much for your promptness and courtesy in filling my order. I am delighted with everything and my friends all agree that I certainly received my money's worth. I shall be glad to recommend your concern whenever I can." We always ask the writer's permission before publishing a letter. MRS. C. P. PENDELL, Fort Smith, Arkansas, writes: "I received my Perry-Dame order safely and thank you for your promptness. The clothes were lovely and fit beautifully. I could not have bought any of these clothes at your prices out here. Thank you very much for your courteous treatment and for the bargains we received." We always ask the writer's permission before publishing a letter. MRS. T. W. GORMAN, Red Oak, Iowa, writes: "I received my Perry-Dame dress all right and am simply delighted with it. It is exactly like the picture. It would certainly please you to hear the complimentary remarks of my friends. Everyone wanted to know where I purchased it and I told them that they would always receive an honest deal at Perry, Dame & Co.'s." We always ask the writer's permission before publishing a letter. MISS LUNA WOOD, Lovett, Florida, writes: "My Perry-Dame order came long before I thought it could possibly reach me, and I want to thank you for your promptness. I am delighted with everything. Had I bought the same things here in my own town, I would have had to pay twice the price I did for them at Perry, Dame & Co.'s." We always ask the writer's permission before publishing a letter. We Have Thousands of Letters Like These from Every State—"Always Our CUSTOMER Must Be Pleased." [Page] 3

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New York Spring Styles. New York City is the great Fashion Centre of America. Here it is that the new styles are designed, created and first worn. At the beginning of each Spring season, the hotels in New York are crowded with wealthy visitors from all over the United States — here to observe the new styles and to buy their Easter wardrobes. What a pleasure and what a comfort it must be, then, for those who cannot make it convenient to visit New York, to know that in this Perry-Dame Style Book they have presented to them all the latest and very best New York Styles, direct from the Home of Fashion; designed here, made here and now being shown and worn here. Please Remember That We Devote Ourselves Exclusively to Wearing Apparel. We have over thirty Style Experts, men and women, who give their entire time and thought to the new styles for this book, and who are constantly on the lookout for the very latest and newest style features as they are created. And how charming the new styles are! The Coats of the Tailored Suits will be worn shorter this season, and have a stylish "bell" flare below the waist-line. The Skirts are cut very full and also flare gracefully. (See Pages 71 to 79.) The Dresses, too, are more becoming than they have been for many a season. The full draped Pannier effect is beautiful, and the Georgette Crepe or Chiffon used in some of the waists of the afternoon and evening gowns is very fashionable. (See Pages 7 to 36.) The new Waists, shown on Pages 37 to 47, are exceptionally attractive. Be sure to look at the stunning "Country Club Smock" on Page 44. White Chinchilla Coats are very fashionable this Spring, and very much sought after by the most stylish dressers. Some of them are trimmed with velvet collars, and have the new style belt which adds an air […continued on next page 5.] [Page] 4

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The New Spring Fashions. [Continued from page 4…] of smartness that is particularly becoming. (See Pages 60 to 69.) And just look at the beautiful assortment of Shoes on Pages 102 to 113. This is a new departure in the mail-order field, but we believe that there is a legitimate demand for stylish shoes, the same styles that are shown in the Fifth Avenue Shops of New York—and that is what we have shown you there. How We Save You Money. Now, in the making of Perry-Dame Clothes we are able to save you many, many dollars. For instance, a gown that would cost over $100, made for one woman and worn by her alone, would cost if made in quantities from the same model, a fifth of that sum and sometimes even less, because it is the original design that makes it so expensive. We make or buy clothes in very large quantities and at a tremendous saving—and of this saving YOU get the benefit. And so we say that in buying your new clothes from Perry, Dame & Co. you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are wearing the most stylish, up-to-date New York Clothes that you can buy—clothes that are being shown, bought and worn on Fifth Avenue every day. And in addition to this, you have the extra satisfaction of knowing that you are saving money. You can buy anything from this book with the full assurance that every garment will please you in every respect, because we GUARANTEE absolute satisfaction or will refund your money without one cent of expense to you. We take this opportunity of thanking our regular customers for their kind patronage in the past, and hope that you will like the styles that we have shown you in this book so well that we shall be favored with a liberal share of your orders this season. [Hand-written signature of] Perry, Dame & Co. [Page] 5

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A Convenient INDEX to the Garments Shown in this Catalogue. LADIES' DEPARTMENT… Pages. Brassieres… 135-138. Coats… 60-69. Combination Garments… 134, 140. Corset Covers… 137-140. Corset Covers and Drawers, Combination… 134. Corsets… 2, 98-101. Corsets, Maternity… 99, 101. Drawers… 139, 140. Dresses, Cloth and Silk… 25-36. Dresses, Lingerie and Wash… 7-24. Dresses, House… 2, 91-93. Dresses, Maternity… 11, 13. Gloves… 80, 81. Guimpes… 90. Hat Trimmings… 89. Hats… 82-87. Hosiery… 114, 115. House Dresses… 2, 91-93. Kimonos… 94. Knit Underwear… 127, 128. Maternity Dresses… 11, 13. Maternity Corsets… 99, 101. Middy Waists… 2, 40. Millinery… 82-87. Neckwear… 2, 90. Night Gowns… 129-131, 140. Ostrich Feathers… 89. Petticoats, Black and Colored… 95-97. Petticoats, Muslin… 135-137, 140. Plumes… 89. Princess Slips… 132, 133. Rain Coats… 70. Rubbers… 111. Shoes… 2, 102-111. Skirts, Cloth… 2, 48-59. Skirts, Wash… 57, 58. Slippers, Comfort… 111. Slippers, Dancing… 106. Slips, Princess… 132, 133. Suits, Tailored… 71-79. Sweaters… 116. Underwear, Knit… 127, 128. Underwear, Muslin… 129-140. Union Suits… 127, 128. Waists… 37-47. MISSES' DEPARTMENT. Such articles as Gloves, Hosiery, Rain Coats, Sweaters, etc., for Misses, will be found indexed under these headings in the Ladies' department. Coats… 68, 69. Dresses… 16, 17, 19-25, 27, 28, 33-36. Hats… 88. Shoes… 102-110. Skirts… 48, 50, 51, 57-59. Suits… 78, 79. JUNIOR MISSES' DEPARTMENT. For Girls from 13 to 17 Years. Coats… 117, 118. Confirmation and Graduation Dresses… 120. Dresses… 119, 120. Hats… 88. Shoes… 112, 113. Suits… 118. Underwear… 141, 142. CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT. Boys' Suits… 2, 147. Coats, Girls'… 126. Confirmation and Graduation Dresses… 125. Dresses, Girls'… 2, 123-125. Hats, Girls'… 88. Hosiery… 115. Rain Coats, Girls'… 70. Shoes… 112, 113. Sweaters… 116. Underwear… 141, 142. Two convenient Order Blanks will be found in the back of this Catalogue. What the Perry-Dame Guarantee Means. Our Guarantee means that PERRY, DAME & CO. bind themselves to absolutely please you. YOU MUST BE SATISFIED, and if you are not, we want you to return anything bought from us. Perry, Dame & Co. will return your money and all the expense you were put to in making the purchase. And to those of our customers who have bought goods from us in the past—no matter how long ago—we wish YOU to read what this guarantee means, and if for any reason whatever you have been dissatisfied, we ask you to write us now and tell us what is wrong and we will MAKE GOOD to you. Our reputation is that every customer must be satisfied, and we do not propose that there shall be a single exception. PERRY, DAME & CO. [Hand-written signature of] C. A. Gordon. TREASURER. We refer to the Garfield National Bank, N. Y., and the Mechanics' and Metals National Bank, N. Y., or any Bank or Banker as to our responsibility. Also to any Women's Magazine, such as "The Ladies' Home Journal," "Pictorial Review," "The Delineator," "McCalls' Magazine," "Woman's Home Companion," "Ladies' World, "Mother's Magazine," "Women's World," etc. [Page] 6

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The New Dress Fashions for Spring. Fashion Authorities agree that never before have women's dresses been quite so charming and so becoming as they are this season. You have read about the new dress fashions in the magazines, and now in this Perry-Dame Style Book we show you, on this and the following 28 pages, the most beautiful collection of dress models that it has ever been possible to show—right from New York City where all the new dresses are designed, created, and first worn. Just look at these pages and see for yourself how gracefully the new dresses hang—how stylishly full and flaring the skirts are—and what charm is given by the dainty trimmings and the touches of contrasting color here and there. But these style points you can see for yourself from the illustrations. And you are a judge of values, so one glance at the prices will tell you how very low these prices are. What we want to tell you about, therefore, is the QUALITY—that "Sterling" quality for which Perry, Dame & Co. are famous all over the country. That is very hard to show in a picture, and even in the descriptions we have not the room to tell you as much about it as we would like to. Every material is guaranteed to be just exactly as represented. If we say that a Taffeta or a Voile or a Charmeuse is "Fine Quality," it means that it IS fine quality. All laces and trimmings are selected not only for their beauty, but for their wearing qualities as well. Every seam is carefully sewn, and all buttons and hooks and eyes securely sewn in place. We urge you to order your new dress this season from Perry, Dame & Co., because we know the satisfaction and the pleasure you will have in wearing it. We want you for a permanent customer and we know that the smart style, excellent material and splendid value you will receive in any dress you order will make you a firm friend of Perry, Dame & Co. Description of the Beautiful Voile Dress Shown on This Page. 21200—What charm and refinement are expressed in this beautiful Dress of Embroidered Voile. The woman who selects this Dress will be delighted with her selection—with its beauty, its becomingness and its unusual value. Make it YOUR Dress, Madam. It is a dress suitable for every occasion, and you will always take pleasure in wearing it. The waist is trimmed with Cluny pattern lace in front, over the shoulders, and in the back, as shown in the small back view. It has a dainty lace collar, and the sleeves are lace-trimmed and made with pin-tucked cuffs. Cluny pattern lace also trims the skirt with charming effect, as pictured. The beautifully embroidered lower section of the skirt is set in between bands of Cluny pattern lace, and a girdle of satin messaline ribbon finished with a sash end adds a touch of color that always makes a white dress so much more charming. A new and very attractive feature is shown in the back of the dress where the girdle is overlapped with a section of the Embroidered Voile trimmed with Cluny pattern insertion and lace edging. Closes invisibly in the front of the waist and at the left side of the skirt. COLORS: white dress, with girdle in light blue or pink. SIZES: 32 to 46 bust; skirt length 40 inches. Madam, won't you send for this Dress on our recommendation? We want you to know the pleasure there is in store for you, and the only way you can know is by seeing this Perry-Dame Dress, and trying it on, and examining carefully every detail of it… PERRY-DAME PRICE, $4.98—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. How to Order Your Right Size Dress. It is a very simple matter to secure a perfect-fitting dress at Perry, Dame & Co's. Ladies' Dresses come in sizes 32 to 46 bust, with the skirt 40 inches in length, made with a 3-inch basted hem, so they can be easily shortened or lengthened by the customer if desired. Dresses 21211 on Page 12 and 21215 on Page 13 come in sizes up to 53 inches bust measure. Send us your actual bust and waist measures and we will send you the right size. If you wish you may also send us your hip measure as an additional guide. (See diagram, showing how to take your measure accurately, on Page 144.) Dresses especially designed and proportioned for Misses and Small Women are shown on Pages 20 to 24 and 33 to 36. Special Misses' Size Dresses are also quoted on Pages, 16, 17, 19, 25, 27 and 28. REMEMBER, PERRY, DAME & CO. ALWAYS DELIVER EVERY ORDER FREE TO YOUR HOME. [Page] 7

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Two Beautiful New Style Spring Dresses. This Fashionable Striped Voile Dress is a Genuine Bargain. 21201—Striped Voile is one of Fashion's favorite materials for Spring and Summer Dresses. It is delightfully smart and becoming, and is used with charming effect in this stylish model. The quality is excellent, and a clever designer's taste is displayed in the trimmings that have been chosen to go with this material. The waist, which is lined with white lawn, is prettily bloused, and made with a double fichu of fine White Net finished with hemstitched frills, as pictured. The sleeves are finished with turn-back cuffs to match. The fashionable three-tier skirt is made with three graceful circular flounces, each one finished off with black velvet ribbon. Note small back view at the bottom of this page. A belt of black velvet encircles the waist-line, and the dress closes invisibly in the front of the waist and at the left side of the skirt. COLORS: black and white stripes, or navy blue and white stripes; each trimmed with white net and black velvet ribbon, as described. SIZES: 32 to 46 bust; skirt length 40 inches. Madam, this is your opportunity to secure a smart and delightfully becoming Dress at a very low price. Until you see it you can hardly believe that for only $3.98 you could get a Dress with such charming material and style, so carefully made and finished. Just look over the picture again and see what a pretty effect the net fichu has, and in what graceful flare folds the circular flounces fall. It is indeed a very handsome dress and unusual value for only $3.98. PERRY-DAME PRICE, $3.98—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. An Unusually Stylish Embroidery Dress for Only $5.98. 21202—The beautiful embroidered Voile used for this stylish Dress makes it so rich-looking and handsome that it is sure to win admiration every time you wear it. It is a fine quality Voile, exquisitely embroidered in a solid and openwork Venise lace pattern, as pictured, and it is just as serviceable as it is beautiful. The style of the dress is very dainty and becoming. The waist is made with a hemstitched fine double net vestee trimmed with lace and small novelty buttons, and a White Organdie collar lace-trimmed to match. The back of the waist and the sleeves are of plain voile, and dainty lace frills finish the sleeves, as pictured. Note small back view. The charming skirt is made in graceful overskirt style, and a girdle of lustrous satin messaline ribbon encircles the waist-line. Closes invisibly in front. COLORS: white dress, with satin messaline girdle in light blue or the new and very popular shade of wild cherry, as preferred. SIZES: 32 to 46 bust; skirt length 40 inches. $5.98 spent for this Dress will give you the pleasure and enjoyment you would have in wearing a very much higher priced dress, Madam, because this Perry-Dame model is so unusually beautiful and stylish and becoming. You will be delighted with the exquisite Embroidered Voile it is made of, as it is one of the loveliest embroidered materials shown in dresses this season. It is so rich-looking that it makes this dress suitable for any occasion where a handsome, dressy model is required… PERRY-DAME PRICE, $5.98—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. Remember, Perry, Dame & Co. always deliver every order FREE to your home, and GUARANTEE absolute satisfaction or refund your money without one cent of expense to you. PERRY, DAME & CO., 142 to 154 EAST 32nd ST., NEW YORK CITY. [Page] 8

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Fashionable New York Models for Spring. A Delightfully Becoming Dress of Real Linen, $5.98. 21203—A beautiful new-style Dress of fine, evenly woven Real Linen—smart, becoming, and very, very serviceable. It displays several of the season's newest style features, and every one of them will delight you with its becomingness and charm. The waist is prettily bloused and made with a dainty collar of Embroidered Lingerie trimmed with small pearl buttons in front, as pictured. The revers are of self-material richly embroidered with self-color soutache braid, and the vestee is made of white pique trimmed with large pearl buttons. The sleeves are designed with deep cuffs stylishly embroidered to match the revers, and they are finished with chic embroidery turn-overs. The skirt is cleverly designed with sloped sections at each side of the front and back. (Note small back view.) In the front they are embroidered with soutache braid to harmonize with the waist, and are provided with convenient pockets. A belt of black velvet encircles the waist-line, and is finished at the side-front with a sash-end, as pictured. Closes invisibly in front. COLORS: white, tan or Copenhagen blue; each embroidered in self-color, and trimmed as described. SIZES: 32 to 46 bust; skirt length 40 inches with deep basted hem. Linen is one of the most serviceable of all wash materials, and it is an ideal material for Spring and Summer Dresses, because it launders beautifully and gives splendid wear. It is always stylish, too. So if you select this charming Dress, you will be delighted both with its lovely new style and becomingness, and also with its splendid wearing qualities. It is one of the smartest of all the new dress models brought out this season, and has those graceful, refined lines that are always so much admired… PERRY-DAME PRICE, $5.98—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. Dainty Embroidered Voile Dress—An Exceptional Bargain for $3.98. 21204—Why not add this Dress to your Spring and Summer wardrobe? It is unusually pretty, stylish and rich-looking, and is delightfully cool and comfortable. It is one of those dresses that you will always enjoy wearing. The quality of the material and trimmings that are used for it, and the workmanship throughout, give it the appearance of a very much higher-priced dress. It is made of fine quality Voile exquisitely embroidered, as pictured, and has a collar of sheer white organdie trimmed with dainty Val lace frills. Tucked voile is used for the stylish yoke in the front and back of the waist, and also for the cuffs which are prettily trimmed with double lace frills to match the collar. (Note small back view.) The skirt is gracefully gathered, and made in fashionable double flounce style, with three folds heading the embroidery on the lower flounce, as pictured. A crush girdle of handsome silk messaline ribbon encircles the waist-line, finishing at the side-front with an attractive bow, and there are small crochet buttons on the waist. Closes invisibly in the front of the waist and at the left side of the skirt. COLORS: white dress, with ribbon in a soft delicate pink, or a very pretty shade of light blue, as preferred. SIZES: 32 to 46 bust; skirt length 40 inches. The charming, becoming style of this dress and its beautiful material make it an ideal selection. Just think of it! It is neatly made and finished, all ready for you to put on and wear, and it is guaranteed to fit you perfectly and delight you in every way. Send for it on our recommendation. It will wear well and launder beautifully, and you will say it is the best $3.98's worth you ever bought… PERRY-DAME PRICE, $3.98—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. Miss GRACE HALL, Ravenna, Ohio., writes: "My Perry-Dame order has just been received, and to say that I am delighted with every article is putting it very mildly indeed. I also wish to thank you for your promptness and courtesy in filling my order and will take pleasure in recommending your firm to my friends." We always ask the writer's permission before publishing a letter. PERRY, DAME & Co. WILL SHIP YOUR ORDER THE SAME DAY IT IS RECEIVED. [Page] 9

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21206—A Linen Dress like this one for only $2.98 is an exceptional value. You know how beautifully Linen wears and launders, and this model is made of an excellent quality and is designed in a very becoming new style. It is attractively embroidered on the revers and the pointed sections in front, as pictured, and is made with a dainty collar, cuffs and button-trimmed vestee of Embroidered Organdie. The skirt flares gracefully in the latest style, and a handsome "Army" blue suede belt trimmed with white kid and novelty buttons provides a charming finishing touch. Invisible front closing. COLOR: natural tan linen color, with embroidery in blue and black, and belt as described. SIZES: 32 to 46 bust; skirt length 40 inches. PERRY-DAME PRICE, $2.98—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. 21205—Very stylish one-piece Dress of fine quality Striped Crêpe, with underwaist of sheer White Organdie. The Striped Crepe is smartly hemstitched on the waist, which displays a very becoming collar and turn-back cuffs. The skirt falls in graceful flare folds, and it is designed with button-trimmed pointed tabs in front, as pictured. Note small back view showing the stylish cut of the waist in back. Closes in front with silk soutache braid loops and small pearl buttons. COLORS: white and rose-pink stripes; or white and blue stripes. SIZES: 32 to 46 bust; skirt length 40 inches. You will just love to wear this Dress because it is so smart and becoming, and so delightfully new in style. Striped Crêpe is a very fashionable material this season, and it shows to splendid advantage in this charming model. PERRY-DAME PRICE, $2.39—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. 21207—This dress is made of a very smart novelty material—a White Voile with a very attractive fancy pattern in a dark color—and is very becoming. The waist is made with a collar, turn-back cuffs and a dainty chemisette of Embroidered Organdie. The skirt is gracefully gathered at the waist-line in back, and is designed with the very latest style tunic draping at both sides trimmed with frills of self-material, as pictured. A girdle of mercerized batiste encircles the waist-line and is finished at the side-front with a chic bow and streamer. Closes in front. COLORS: white background, with fancy pattern and trimming in black or navy blue, as preferred. SIZES: 32 to 46 bust; skirt length 40 inches. Be sure to include this dress in your order. You will be delighted with it… PERRY-DAME PRICE, $1.98—guaranteed to please you, or your money back. PERRY, DAME & CO., 142 to 154 EAST 32nd ST., NEW YORK CITY. [Page] 10