National Bellas Hess Inc., Fall/Winter 1933

Fashion from the mail order catalog of the company National Bellas Hess Inc. from New York City, N.Y., U.S.A., for fall and winter 1933-34.

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Cover or front page of the mail order catalog of the company National Bellas Hess, Inc. from New York City, N.Y., U.S.A., for fall and winter 1933-34. AMERICA'S Money Saving STYLE BOOK. FALL AND WINTER 1933 – 1934. NRA [National Recovery Administration] MEMBER. U.S. [Blue Eagle emblem, note by M. K.] WE DO OUR PART. Official emblem of patriotic cooperation signifying National Bellas Hess supports the President of the United States in carrying out the National Recovery Act. The Coat… All-Wool De Luxe CREPE $11.98. The Dress… All-Rayon "RUFF" CREPE $3.79. The Hat… Hand-Blocked FELT $1.98. Coat, Dress and Hat Described on Page 3. NATIONAL BELLAS HESS, INC. NEW YORK and KANSAS CITY. The title page shows some dark discoloration to the lower left side and on the bottom edge. Drawing/Illustration: unsigned/unknown. [Page 1]

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Die neue „New Deal“ Politik verspricht bessere Zeiten. Mantel und Kleider für verschiedene Anlässe.

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NEW Sport Coats. Campus Favorite. All-Wool "Tamma." Same Style… All-Wool Polo Coat. "Campus Favorite," the sport coat of the hour. Fabric as well as style outstanding—it's All-Wool "Tamma," a brand new coating with a wonderfully soft surface. Fine virgin wool yarns have gone into its smart new weave—it's warmer, it wears longer. Classic polo type, double-breasted, belted, pocketed—big convertible collar, raglan sleeves with clever seaming. Misses' and Women's Sizes: 14 to 22 (to fit 32 to 40 bust). Not Prepaid. 9D524—With Silk Crepe (weighted) lining. Warm interlining. Colors: Reindeer Tan, Brown or Lt. Navy. Shpg. wt. 5 lb. 4 oz. … $13.75. 9D525—All-Wool Polo Coat with Rayon lining; interlined. Colors: Reindeer Tan, Wine or Light Navy. Shipping weight, 5 lbs. $7.98. Not Prepaid. What a Sport Coat… Furred, too! All-Wool POLO COAT… Raccoon Dyed Juscany Fur. A big fluffy Raccoon-dyed Tuscany fur collar to snuggle into! And that's only part of the smartness of this dashing belted sport coat. Look at those sleeves with swanky flaring cuffs boasting neat tailored stitching—and just wait till you see the fine soft All-Wool fabric, wait till you feel its cozy warmth. You'll simply revel in this coat. Rayon lining and interlined. 9D523—Colors: Tan, Brown or Blue. Women's and Misses' Sizes: to fit 32 to 40 bust. Shpg. wt., 6 lbs. … $11.75. Not Prepaid. Tailored Stitching is Ever Smart. Our New "Hollywood." The 1934 POLO… Get into this "sportster"! Button it high at the neck when the winds blow, slip your hands into those jaunty slant pockets, you'll cut a swagger figure. And we're pretty proud to offer this big favorite at so small a price. It's the type every age can wear—double-breasted, smartly belted—and it boasts that clever tailored stitching that is so particularly effective on those new cuffs that accent interest at the elbow. You see we were foresighted, we bought the famous All-Wool fabric before the rise. That's why we can offer this dashing new version of the "Hollywood" at a real old-time low price. Durable Cotton Suede lining. Sateen yoke lining. 9D522—Colors: Dark Tan, Wine or Navy. Women's and Misses' Sizes: to fit 32 to 40 bust. State size and color desired. Shpg. wt., 5 lbs. $7.95. Not Prepaid. [Page 6]

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Smart Fur Fabric Jackets. The ONLY RIVALS of REAL FUR… NEW Swagger Length. Rich… Beautifully Marked Broadtail Pile Fur. FUR or Fabric—which? You will have to take a second look to discover that this stunning jacket is not broadtail fur but a Rayon pile fabric beautifully simulating the genuine. The unusual moire markings give it great distinction. The new swagger length of this jacket (about 35 inches), the clever white collar and the big full-top sleeves are important fashion points never expected in a coat at this price. Lined with excellent quality Rayon. Interlined, of course. 9D575—Black. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (32 to 38 bust). Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. … $7.98. Not Prepaid. Block Lapin Fur Fabric. New Length—New Sleeves. (A) As different from last year's jacket as can be! New full-top sleeves, new flaring collar—new improved cotton Pile Fur Fabric—hard to distinguish from real lapin fur. The new jacket length. The new single-button double-breasted front. Lined with Rayon-and-Cotton Flat Crepe and interlined. No wonder we call it our "Ace"! You will be proud to own and wear this jaunty jacket and thrilled with a real bargain! 9D573—Colors: Sun Tan, Brown or Black. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (to fit 32 to 38 bust). Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. 2 oz. … $3.98. Not Prepaid. Pol-O-Clo. Looks as Smart as Squirrel. (B) For the girl in her teens—this peppy fur-like jacket. The full-top sleeves and crush cushion collar are right in style. The "Pol-o-Clo" Fur Fabric has a fine deep cotton nap pressed to look like natural squirrel fur. Neat leather-like belt. Good quality sateen lining. A wonderful little jacket for school and dress-up wear. 40D715—Colors: Beige Tan or Grey. Sizes: 8 to 16 years. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 10 oz. … $2.98. Not Prepaid. Broadtail Fur Fabric Rayon Pile. Our Charming Fashion Leader. (C) Just look at those swanky sleeves—the kind you see in expensive fur coats. A "National" reproduction for the fashionable woman who has "fur coat taste"—but a "fur fabric pocketbook." A real beauty—of Rayon Pile Fur Fabric processed to look like beautiful Broadtail fur. Lined with serviceable Rayon and interlined for warmth. Attractive buttons on sleeve and at front. 9D574—Rich Black Only. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (to fit 32 to 38 bust). Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. … $4.98. Not Prepaid. Pol-O-Clo. High Style at a Low Price. (D) Gay and debonair—this youthful jacket dashes around to football games, on motor trips, and even to parties! Of "Pol-O-Clo"—a warm deep cotton Pile Fabric—pressed to look like squirrel fur. Lined with long service Sateen. You will get lots of style and wear for a tiny investment when you send for this jacket. 9D570—Colors: Beige Tan, Brown or Grey. Misses' Sizes: 14 to 20 (to fit 32 to 38 bust). Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. 2 oz. … $2.98. Not Prepaid. [Page] 14

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SEALINE FUR. SEALINE is Coney SHEARED DYED … TREATED Specially to Resemble Genuine Sealskin. With Fitch or Marmot Collar. The Fur Coat you have longed for! Highest quality Black Sealine*—thick, full-pelted skins. New "full-top" sleeves. Handsome shawl collar. Two-season Silk Crepe (weighted) lining. Warm interlining. Women's and Misses' Sizes: 32 to 44 bust. 14D902—With Three-Skin Collar of Genuine Russian Fitch. Add 43¢ for postage. $74.50. 14D903—With Collar of Deep-Pelt Genuine Marmot Fur. Add 43¢ for postage. $74.50. SEALINE FUR. Luxurious Shawl Collar. Our new Regal model—one of the handsomest fur coats of the season—featuring new wide-at-the-elbow sleeves and beautiful shawl collar. The Sealine* is such rich quality—soft, full pelted skins. Fashionably slim, smooth lines. Generous front lap. Two-season Silk Crepe (weighted) lining and warm interlining. 14D900—Black. Women's and Misses' Sizes: 32 to 44 bust. Add 43¢ for postage. $64.50. MUSKRAT FUR. With Rich… Dark Markings. A coat finer in every way than the average muskrat coat. A striking Fifth Avenue model developed in selected, deep-furred pelts—beautifully blended and matched. At this price a grand value. Two-season Silk Crepe (weighted) lining. Warm interlining. Generous front lap. 14D901—Natural Dark Brown. Misses' and Women's Sizes: 32 to 44 bust. State size. Add 43¢ for postage. $89.50. Huge Collar of Lapin Fur $3.95. Spiral Cuffs to Match $1.95 PAIR. Give last season's coat new style! Or make a new coat and add this good looking Collar and Cuff Set of Genuine Lapin Fur (Sheared and Dyed Coney). Easy to attach—ready taped and padded. Colors: Black, White, Beige Tan, Brown or Grey. State color. 14D916—Collar—5½ x 40 inches… $3.95. 14D917—Cuffs. 4 x 14 inches… Pair, $1.95. Postage: collar, 10¢; cuffs, 10¢ pair. Generous Collar of Manchurian Wolf Dog Fur With or Without Pointing $4.75 UP. Spiral Cuffs to Match $2.20 PR. UP. Handsome Set of Manchurian Wolf Dog Fur. Very thick pelts… warm… luxurious. Black only. Taped and padded, ready to sew on. 14D912—Solid Black Collar—7 x 42 in. $4.75. 14D913—Solid Black Cuffs—4½ x 14 in. Pair, $2.20. 14D914—"Pointed" Collar—7 x 42 in. $5.50. 14D915—"Pointed" Cuffs—4½ x 14 in. Pr., $2.45. Postage: collar, 10¢; cuffs, 10¢ pair. Full Haired Natural Red Fox. What a marvelous scarf! Beautifully marked Genuine Northern Red Fox. Soft, fluffy quality with large tail. 14D910—Natural Red Fox color. Length 32 in. Postage 17¢ extra… $16.95. With Bolster Collar. Lapin Fur Jacket. The 1934 version of the popular "Sport" Jacket of Lapin (dyed Coney). Silk Crepe (weighted) lining. Only the best skins used. Interlined. 14D904—Black, White, Brown, Grey, Beige Tan. 24 in. long. Sizes: 14 to 20 (32 to 38 bust). Postage 27¢ extra. $23.75. Genuine Pointed Fox Fur Thick and Soft Haired. An exceptional quality—glorious animal scarf of Genuine Black-dyed Fox Fur—"pointed" to resemble silver fox. Full-bodied. Deep pelt. Remarkably low priced. 14D911—Length 33 inches… $22.75. Postage 17¢ extra. A "National" Fur Scarf or Fur Coat Makes a Luxurious Christmas Gift. [Page] 15

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Even Stormy Weather has It's Own SMART FASHIONS. Cotton TWEED with a Detachable Cap $3.48. It's rubber-backed—heaviest rains can't penetrate this fabric. Tailored to perfection with convertible collar, wide belt, big patch pockets. The cape simply buttons on—it's off in a "jiff." 19D1004—Wine or Blue mixtures. Women's and Misses' Sizes: 32 to 40 bust. State size and color. Shipping weight, 3 lbs. 14 oz. Not Prepaid. Swagger in Plaid Back Cotton TWEED $3.98. Snappy as any English tweed—raglan shoulders, sleeve tabs, slant pockets and all! The fabric, two layers-in-one—the rubberized tweed and the bright plaid back—water-proof, durable, smart! 19D1005—In Blue, Brown or Green mixtures. Women's and Misses' Sizes: 32 to 42 bust. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. 12 oz. Not Prepaid. "STYLE TWINS" for Mother and Daughter. Choice $1.98. Choice $2.98. Plaid Back. Cotton JERSEY. The perfect raincoat fabric—a special process joins the rubberized cotton Jersey and suede-like plaid back into one durable water-proof material. A classic double-breasted style. Convertible collar, raglan sleeve with adjustable wrist tabs. Two handy slant pockets. 19D1002—Women's and Misses' Sizes: 32 to 44 bust. Colors: Green, Blue or Tan. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. 8 oz. Not Prep'd. $1.98. 19D1000—Sizes: 6 to 14 yrs. Wine, Green, Blue or Tan. Adjustable matching Beret included. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. Set $1.98. Plaid Back. Cotton SUEDE. Soft to the touch, rubberized by a special process—it's waterproof, it's as strong as leather and resembles genuine suede leather. Plaid back. And swanky style! New coachman type double-breasted line, the swagger raglan sleeves, the sporty patch pockets. Button wrist tabs. Buckle belt. Colors: Wine, Blue or Brown. 19D1003—Women's and Misses' Sizes: 32 to 40 bust. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. 4 oz. Not Prep'd. $2.98. 19D1001—Girls' Sizes: 6 to 14 yrs. Colors above. Adjustable Matching Beret included. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 10 oz. Set, $2.98. [Page] 18

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Kleider, Abendkleid und Kostüm in der aktuellen modischen Linie von 1933.

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Haushaltskleider, Morgenröcke und Kleidchen für Mädchen zu günstigen Preisen.

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Reine Seidenstrümpfe und Rayonstrümpfe in verschiedensten Färbungen.

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Unterwäsche aus Rayon: Höschen, Pumphöschen und Unterhemden - auch in Übergrößen erhältlich.