B. Altman & Co., Spring/Summer 1921

Exclusive fashion from the mail order catalog no. 124 of the B. Altman & Company department store from New York City, New York, U.S.A., for spring and summer 1921.

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Cover, front page or title page of the mail order catalog no. 124 of the B. Altman & Company department store from New York City, N.Y., U.S.A., for spring and summer 1921. The company was then located on 361 Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue between Thirty-Fourth St.-Thirty-Fifth St., New York City. BOOK of STYLES. SPRING and SUMMER 1921. CATALOGUE NO. 124. B. Altman & Co. FIFTH AVE. – MADISON AVE. THIRTY-FOURTH ST. – THIRTY-FIFTH ST. NEW YORK

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MAIL SHOPPING BUREAU. The Significance of Prices. A significant feature of a catalogue is its accurate reflection of staple prices. They give it, and will always give it, a very great importance as a shopping medium. For while the printed page, the line-drawing, the photographic reproduction represent many industrious hours in the studios which overlook New York's ever-changing skyline, there is the equally important side—the scanning of the market condition, and the resulting effort to present staple prices. And without exaggeration it may be said that the resources and connections of B. Altman & Co. place them in command of a commercial situation of tremendous importance. They have, commercially speaking, always put into practice the theory of selling dependable merchandise at the lowest possible prices, and in their catalogues and other publications they make a very practical and irrefutable demonstration of what they consider is their cardinal principle. In their current catalogue they have not only embodied this principle to an extraordinary degree, but have combined very much that is charming in the contemporary world of fashion. The whole mood of the commercial world and of the buying public is expressed in this catalogue — Low Prices. B. Altman & Co. FIFTH AVENUE—MADISON AVENUE THIRTY FOURTH STREET—THIRTY FIFTH STREET NEW YORK. COPYRIGHT, 1921, BY B. ALTMAN & CO.

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B. ALTMAN & CO., Fifth Avenue, NEW YORK. WOMEN'S FROCKS. Sizes 34 to 44; size 46 may be specially ordered. 70S8. When the gray-hued touch came so unmistakably into the smart world, the fashion writers predicted a long reign for this fascinating shade, so universally becoming. And now that entire frocks are in gray, this color will rank in importance in the spring and summer wardrobe. The gray gown illustrated is developed in Georgette crêpe, and its charm is enhanced by the embroidery of crystal beads… $47.50. 70S9. Coincident with the revival of the all-lace gown is this beautiful Frock in which brown lace is draped over a foundation of soft brown taffeta silk. It is a typical dinner gown of a type which every woman needs in her wardrobe. The girdle is in a contrasting shade… $59.50. 70S9A. The Gown described in No. 70S9 may be specially ordered in black lace, over black taffeta silk, with black girdle… $59.50. [Page] 2

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No. 124, SPRING and SUMMER, 1921. WOMEN'S FROCKS. Sizes 34 to 44; size 46 may be specially ordered. 70S11. Navy blue taffeta silk is employed in this charming Frock, embroidered in self-color silk with a touch of old blue. The collar is of sheer embroidered batiste… $39.50. 70S12. This attractive Frock of navy blue crepe de chine is embroidered effectively in self-color silk, with a touch of henna introduced. Noticeably smart is the overtunic, with its disk-like embroidered design outlined with henna-colored silk… $29.50. 70S13. Of black silk taffeta, and introducing the wider skirt, is this Spring Frock of striking design. There is a tunic effect at either side, edged with old blue, and a fold of old blue taffeta turns back from the black girdle. The vestee and frill-finished collar are of ecru embroidered batiste, and the narrow cuffs are of plain batiste, edged with frilled net… $45.00. [Page] 3

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B. ALTMAN & CO., Fifth Avenue, NEW YORK. WOMEN'S FROCKS. Sizes 34 to 44; size 46 may be specially ordered. 70S16. Developed in navy blue Georgette crepe is this plaited frock, which has quite a distinctive embellishment in the jet fringe which appears on the lower edge of the tunic skirt and on the sash. The collar of lace and the sleeves are of a charming mode… $32.50. 70S17. Afternoon Dress of light gray crepe de chine, made with flowing button-trimmed panels at the side. The collar is of hand-embroidered batiste… $48.00. 70S17A. The gown described in No. 70S17 may be specially ordered with an elastic waistline, making it suitable for maternity wear, as it is a particularly graceful style… $52.50. 70S18. Of black satin which, as a material, lends itself to modes of great distinction, is this Gown fashioned on extremely smart lines. The embroidery is in black with a touch of gray… $49.50. [Page] 4

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No. 124, SPRING and SUMMER, 1921. WOMEN'S FROCKS. Sizes 34 to 44; size 46 may be specially ordered. 70S21. Frock of wool jersey, in the bluet shade, with the embroidery in self-color, accentuating the long lines… $22.50. 70S22. Frock of crepe de chine, with a touch of contrasting novelty tricolette. The frock is in light gray, and the tricolette is in old blue, and is put on in a double fold at the hem, the smart collar and cuffs, and forms the four straps, the latter being trimmed with small round silver buttons… $38.00. 70S23. Attractive Gown of brown Georgette crepe, embroidered in bronze-colored beads, and modeled on the ever-modish long straight lines. Interesting in fashionable detail is the bead-embroidered tunic and the embroidered design on the blouse… $59.50. [Page] 5

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B. ALTMAN & CO., Fifth Avenue, NEW YORK. WOMEN'S FROCKS. Sizes 34 to 44; size 46 may be specially ordered. 70S26. On especially smart and becoming lines is this Frock of navy blue Poiret twill, bound with black braid, and suggesting a surpliced effect of long lines. The sleeves, wrist-length, are slashed, but their bound edges are held together with bone buttons… $34.50. 70S27. One-piece Frock of navy blue tricotine, made on long lines, and emphasizing the circular type of skirt, characteristic of some of the newer modes. The embroidery is in gray worsted… $29.50. 70S27A. The Frock described in No. 70S27 may be specially ordered, with the embroidery in self-color… $29.50. 70S28. Coat-frock of navy blue tricotine, with the embroidery in black silk. Particularly good lines have been achieved… $48.00. [Page] 6

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For the Mourning Wardrobe. Unless otherwise mentioned, Women's Ready-to-wear Skirts are in sizes as follows: Waist 26, 28, 30, 32 inches. Length 36, 37, 37, 38 inches. B. Altman & Co. give special attention to the requirements of the mourning wardrobe. All that convention demands for the various periods of mourning can be obtained, and every assistance given in the selection of mourning apparel and accessories. Mourning Gowns are in sizes 34 to 44; size 46 may be specially ordered. Blouses are maintained in sizes 34 to 46 inches, bust measurement. Additional Mourning Blouses are illustrated on page 37. 22S1. Marvex short suede Gloves; in black; per pair… $3.75. 18S102. Necklace of dull jet beads; length 24 inches, 65c. U. S. tax 3c., total… $0.68. 18S103. Mourning Bag of black faille silk; inside compartment and mirror; lined with gray moire; real gun-metal frame… $6.00. 28S104. Sun and Rain Umbrella (for mourning use), made of black taffeta silk of good quality; handle of black ebonoid; wrist-loop of black silk cord. Special, $5.75. U. S. tax 18c., total $5.93. 54S105. Blouse of black Habutai silk (perspiration proof); convertible collar; fine pin-tucking; thoroughly practical, but smart… $5.75. 65S106. Mourning Gown of black tricotine, with a straight tunic effect, and narrow tailored belt; the use of black soutache braid, which embellishes the gown, revives an always interesting style… $45.00. 65S107. Mourning Gown of black crepe de chine; with roll collar, vestee, and three-quarter length sleeves; black buttons give an added touch, and the skirt is especially graceful; waist is silk-lined… $39.50. 65S107A. Same style as No. 65S107 may be specially ordered in white… $39.50. 78S108. Ready-to-wear Skirt of black silk-and-wool poplin; suitable for the mourning wardrobe; smartly tailored and finished with button-trimmed pockets and belt… $14.50. [Page] 7

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B. ALTMAN & CO., Fifth Avenue, NEW YORK. WOMEN'S COTTON FROCKS. Sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44 inches, bust measurement. Skirt lengths average about 36 inches. 71S10. Frock of checked gingham, in white-and-blue or white-and-black. The cool crispness of the long, rolling collar and cuffs of white organdie, hemstitched, so appropriate for warm days, is charming in the scalloped outlines; and the tailored flaps of the gingham are finished with the white organdie points… $10.75. 71S11. Frock of all-white crisp-finished batiste. The skirt, sleeves, cuffs, collar and vestee introduce rows of hemstitching, pearl buttons adorn the vestee, and the lace is in filet pattern… $10.00. 71S12. Frock of checked gingham, in white-and-black or white-and-lavender—a pocketed model, with white organdie collar and cuffs, finished with braid, the pockets also having a touch of organdie and braid; pearl buttons; tie-sash of the material… $10.00. 71S13. Frock of printed cotton voile, in white-and-black effects. The use of narrow ruffles, with hemstitching above, makes for a charming design, both on the skirt and on the blouse, the basque-like section of which is cut in one piece, and narrowing at the sides to form a tie-sash at the back. On the white organdie collar and vestee appears black hemstitching… $7.75. 71S14. Of navy blue cotton voile is this pretty Frock, with silk embroidery—a braided design which extends beyond the contour of the pockets, appears on the belt, and around the collarless neckline, where it outlines a vestee effect formed by straps of navy blue picot-edged ribbon. The slashed sleeves are finished with a band of the ribbon… $14.00. [Page] 8