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Fashion from the mail order catalog no. 106 of the Chicago Mail Order Company from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., for spring and summer 1931.

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Title page or cover of the mail order catalog No. 106 of the Chicago Mail Order Company from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., for spring and summer 1931. AGAIN… WE GUARANTEE OUR PRICES LOWEST. WE PAY POSTAGE. TRADE WHERE YOU SAVE! WE GUARANTEE BETTER QUALITY and FINER STYLES. We challenge the world to meet the NEW LOW PRICES in this catalog. In fact our prices are SO LOW, we feel it important to tell you that not only has the quality been maintained and improved, but, as always, every item is backed by our $3,500,000.00 GUARANTEE of Absolute Satisfaction. YOUR MONEY'S WORTH OR YOUR MONEY BACK! 3 C 4514—ALL WOOL MONOTONE CREPE, $7.98 POSTPAID. See Page 2. 3 B 6702—ALL SILK CHIFFON with Slip, $5.98 POSTPAID. See Page 49. INDEX PAGES 312-313. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER CO., CHICAGO, Est. 1889. CATALOG No. 106. Spring & Summer 1931. [Page 1]

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NOWHERE ELSE… such Style… such Quality, such LOW PRICES. The COAT on the COVER. ALL WOOL MONOTONE CREPE $7.98 POSTPAID. COAT OF THIS QUALITY FORMERLY SOLD FOR $10.00 UP. 3 C 4514—WOMEN'S SIZES—34 to 44 ins. bust. Length 46 inches. 3 C 4515—MISSES' SIZES—14 to 20 years; 32 to 38 bust. Length 44 ins. The coat on the cover! Merging all the 1931 style-points with honest 1931 value. Of the new All Wool Monotone Coating with a Crepe weave - - - with flat-fur-effect-fabric simulating the ultra-chic Galyak! "Two-season" lining. COLORS—Talisman (medium) Red, Golf (medium) Green, or Black. See Page 120. Low price, Postpaid… $7.98. WOOL and SILK "Snowflake" CREPE $5.98 POSTPAID. WE BELIEVE THIS COAT IS WORTH… $7.98. 3 C 4480—WOMEN'S SIZES—34 to 40 bust. Length 46 inches. 3 C 4481—MISSES' SIZES—14 to 20 years; 32 to 38 bust. Length 44 ins. Breath-taking value! Style that's Parisian "to the core"! The new fabric woven in crepe-effect is ⅞ Wool, Balance Silk with white "snowflakes." Fashion perfect collar of fur-effect fabric resembling broadtail. "Two-season" cotton twill lining. COLORS—Black, or Golf (medium) Green. See Page 120… $5.98. COATS OF THIS QUALITY… WERE BARGAINS IN 1930 FOR $15.00. NEW Off-shoulder Collar… Pebble-crepe Guaranteed Lining. 3 C 4538—WOMEN'S SIZES—34 to 44 bust. Lgth. 46 ins. 3 C 4539—MISSES' SIZES—14 to 20 years; 32 to 38 bust. Length 44 ins. Style that savors of Paris! Value that savors of the miraculous! The collar that "relaxes" back or snuggles up close - - - the flare that emerges from the waist-indenting belt - - - the cuffs a la russe - - - the buttoned closing - - - they all speak the latest style-language! Beautifully fashioned of All Wool Tricot Broadcloth, that lovely coating with a suggestion of a ribbed weave. Gorgeous collar of fluffy Moufflon, dyed to resemble the aristocratic blue fox! "Two-season" Rayon and Cotton Pebble-crepe lining. COLORS—Black, Woodland Green, or Pirate (deep, rich) Royal blue. See Page 120… $9.98. BIG VALUE! $5.98 POSTPAID. 3 C 4459—Sizes… 10|12|14|16 yrs. Lgths… 33|35|38|40 ins. Collar! Panels! Cuffs! All of it part and parcel of the 1931 mode! Of Wool- and Silk Crepe-effect Coating, a stylish fabric. Flat-fur-effect-fabric resembling flat Caracul. Stitching. "Two-season" cotton lining. Extra good value! Name-label free. COLORS—Talisman (medium) Red, or Medium Green. How to measure, Page 120. $5.98. Dashing CAPED STYLE $4.98 POSTPAID. WORTH MUCH MORE! 3 C 4456—Sizes… 10|12|14|16 yrs. Lgths… 33|35|38|40 ins. "Bliss was it that time to be a live - - - to be young was very heaven"! - - - these words of the poet come to us when viewing the modern styles! Goodness knows, the adult fashions are ravishing enough - - - but the togs for the young are just too fetching! Here's a captivating little coat with a split cape that you'll adore - - - and please take a peep at that low price! Made of a Tweed fabric One-third Wool, balance Cotton and Rayon, in a sporty herringbone weave. Paneled and stitched in the smartest way. Sturdy "Two-season" Cotton lining. Marvelous value! Name-label free. See Page 85. COLORS—Medium Green, or Tan. How to measure, Page 120… $4.98. NEW, Paris Styled 3-piece "Jacquette" Outfit. BERET, JACKET and SKIRT. The JACKET Smart to Wear with any Outfit. Complete Outfit $9.98 POSTPAID. 3 C 4610—WOMEN'S SIZES—34 to 38 inches bust. Skirt length 27 inches. 3 C 4611—MISSES' SIZES—14 to 20 years; 32 to 38 inches bust. Skirt length 27 inches. You can't count the "Jacquette" outfits that "pass in review" on the boulevards of Paris - - - too many dash by! Parisiennes are going "wild" over them! The jacket of this dashing outfit is of beautiful, glossy Flat-Fur-Effect Fabric simulating broadtail, and is attractively lined. Saucy red skirt and beret of All Wool Flannel. Jacket is smart with any outfit. COLORS—Ivory White, or Black Jacket, both whit Red skirt and beret. See Page 120… $9.98. Copyright 1931. Chicago Mail Order Co. Order only sizes, colors, and materials as described. Page 2

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$3,500,000.00 Backs Our Guarantee of SATISFACTION and LOWEST PRICES—The World's Strongest Guarantee Since 1889. Guarantee. WE GUARANTEE every article in this catalog to be exactly as illustrated, described, and represented. If upon receipt you find that the merchandise you ordered is not entirely satisfactory, please return it at once and your money will be refunded, including return postage. Lowest Prices. WE POSITIVELY GUARANTEE our merchandise to be as low or lower in price than the same goods quality for quality—can be obtained from any other mercantile establishment in the world. If you find you have paid us a higher price in any instance, write us, giving full information and we will instantly refund to you the actual difference in cash. We allow no house, no matter where it is located, to undersell us. Chicago Mail Order Co. CHICAGO. All We Have We Owe To Our Customers And We Pledge Our Entire Net Assets To The Satisfactory Fulfillment Of Your Every Transaction. WE PAY THE POSTAGE on EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. WE SELL FOR CASH. WE SELL FOR LESS. We Never Raise The Price Quoted In Our Catalog, But When Market Reductions Make We It Possible We Reduce The Price And Give You The Benefit Of The Savings. BANK REFERENCES. THESE GREAT BANKS VOUCH FOR OUR RELIABILITY. Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Co. of Chicago. Foreman National Bank of Chicago. Guaranty Trust Company of New York. First National Bank of Joliet. Should you wish to know more about The Chicago Mail Order Co., we refer you to these banks or your own bank or Banker. [Page 3]

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PRICES LOWER [QUALITY BETTER….] It's Quality That Makes Our LOW PRICES… LOWEST. Above—Mr. Garner Herring, our merchandise superintendent. He supervises the handling of all merchandise operations and sees that your order is carefully filled. He makes sure that everything we sell is of the best possible quality at the lowest possible price - - - that it is packed properly and shipped promptly. At Left—The price reduction on these bloomers (see below), is indicative of the big values we are offering on everything-to-wear for all the family. At left—Scene in our dress-inspection department. When a dress leaves Miss Hauerwas' hands, you can be sure it's ready for you to put on and wear - - - for Miss Hauerwas has been in charge of our examiners for years. You can depend on her to look after your interests. Above—Mr. C. R. Tyson, B. S. Ch. E., conferring with an assistant upon the result of a fabric test. We make tests on all fabrics described in our catalog, so you can depend upon everything we say about them. We endeavor to describe everything truthfully, honestly, and without exaggeration. Below—One of our 50 shoe-inspectors. Every shoe is closely examined by a trained inspector to make sure it is up to our high standard specifications. Our shoe-quality will please you and our fine styles will amaze you. Perfect fit is guaranteed. Above—You can have twice as many fine rayon bloomers in 1931 as in 1930 without spending any more for them. Our prices are reduced about half. Three pairs in 1930 cost $1.94. You can buy them today for $1.00. Right—We measure every garment to be sure it is correct in size, and check it for quality, to make sure our merchandise will satisfy you. Our low prices add to your enjoyment. Same Good Shoes for Almost a Dollar Less! - - - in 1930 we sold our Famous R. F. D. work shoes for $3.79. Every man who bought them knows they were cheap at our price. In 1931 our low price for the same shoes is only $2.99 - - - nearly a dollar saved. You'll find big price-cuts through-out this book! Not only have we reduced our shoe-prices far below prevailing levels - - - we have improved our quality far above prevailing standards. That's why you enjoy savings when you make this your family shoe store. At right—The "Fadeometer"—It tells our experts if a fabric is fast to sunlight. Then we wash it to make sure washing will not fade it. We never claim Fast Color for a fabric unless we know, by actual test, that it is Fast Color. Above—Mr. Frank Ritzer tailoring expert. He examines every man's and boy's suit we sell. Our Style Clad suits fit perfectly, because they're made right. - - - And because they're lower in price, thousands of men trade here and save. We guarantee satisfaction in style, fabric, and fit. At right—Miss Ida Mentzel, our catalog editor. She compares every catalog description with the merchandise to make sure that everything we say is accurate and truthful. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER CO., Chicago, Ill. For order blanks . . . see Pages 315 to 318. Page 4

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PRICES LOWER [QUALITY BETTER….] It's Quality That Makes Our BIG VALUES… BEST. DID YOU ever have a story to tell that was so important you found it hard to put it into words? We have just such a story to tell you - - - we've used pictures to help us. The pictures show you some of the folks, here at the Chicago Mail Order Company, who look out for your interests—who make sure that the quality of everything we sell is just what we say it is, and better than you could possibly expect for the price you pay. We'll admit that when you see how low the prices in the catalog are, you will wonder about the quality - - - why even our own organization was astonished. But—make no mistake—this is a New Era of Value. Wheat is down - - - Corn is down - - - Cotton is down. The price of everything is lower, and certainly you expect lower prices of us - - We are giving them to you—have even cut our own small profit to make them very low. Yet our high standard of quality has been maintained, and in most instances improved. Why, in many cases, you get twice as much value for your dollar as you got last year. We wish it were possible for you to go through our immense building and personally examine every piece of merchandise. Then you would agree with us that it's quality that makes our low prices lowest - - - that it's quality that makes our big values best - - - and that never before and nowhere else, has it been possible to buy so much quality for so little money! ——— IT'S EASY TO ORDER. It is so easy to order from this catalog! In the comfort and convenience of your own home, uninfluenced by sales persons, you can choose from our wide varieties of styles, colors, and prices, assured of absolute satisfaction. Everything you buy of us must be right, or we make it right. Order at our risk - - - under the protection of our guarantee on page 3. ——— Up Goes the Quality—Down Goes the Price on Silk Hosiery! At Right—Ethel Swanson, who buys our women's hosiery looking at a pair of our Full Fashioned Pure Silk Hose. She's delighted because while our old 1930 price was 97¢, in 1931 our new low price is only 69¢ a pair - - - and she's giving you the same high quality for about 30¢ less. All our hosiery, men's, women's, and children's, is of high quality, far beyond what our low prices would lead you to expect. Above—Ernest Stockfisch. At right—Celia A. Traub, "customer-shoppers". They buy merchandise from thousands of competitors, and compare qualities and prices with our own goods. You know we guarantee, that style for style, and quality for quality, our prices are always lowest. The findings of our shoppers make it absolutely certain that our guarantee to you is kept in letter and in spirit. If you beat our values, we refund the difference in cash. Above—Our Merchandise Committee, inspecting a line of gloves from France. There is no guesswork about our purchases - - - the best minds of the organization are devoted to the proposition that we must buy for less, take less profit, give better quality and sell for less money. Above—Mrs. Anna Hargrave, Chief Merchandise Examiner. Style, quality, and value in woman's wearing apparel are her specialty. She is your representative—a woman judging for women. Also, her entire force of examiners is keyed up to the achievement of sending you merchandise that is flawless, correct in size, and perfect in fit. You can depend upon her knowledge and long experience. Silk Dresses for the Price Paid for Cotton Last Year - - - for a beautiful, All Silk dress of this same quality, our old 1930 price was $2.98. Our New 1931 low price is only 99¢ - - - an amazing reduction. Silk dresses for grown-ups and kiddies now cost less than half as much as they cost last season. Yes, happy days are here again, and we invite you to share the savings and enjoy the fine quality of everything we offer. Hard to Believe… But It's True! 1930—$12.50, 1931—$9.95. Imagine! An All Wool Cheviot, genuine Style Clad suit for $9.95. Yet you'll find bargains like this or every page of our Catalog. We put more wool into the garment and take less profit out of the price - - - that's why thousands of men and young men make this their headquarters for stylish, long-wearing clothing for themselves and their families. You may buy here in absolute confidence and wear whatever you buy with becoming pride. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER CO., Chicago, Ill. Everything we sell is good quality. We guarantee it. Page 5

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CONFIDENCE. A BUSHEL OF WHEAT or A BALE OF COTTON, A TON OF HAY or A CORNFED STEER, A POUND OF BUTTER or A FATTENED HOG, A DOZEN EGGS or A DAY'S PAY - - - A DOLLAR, A DIME, or A PENNY, WILL BUY MORE REAL MERCHANDISE QUALITY, STYLE, and VALUE at THE CHICAGO MAIL ORDER COMPANY Than anywhere else in America. OUR 4,000,000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS ARE PROOF THAT WE DO AS WE SAY. Why Our Prices Are Always the Lowest. We buy in tremendous quantities at the lowest markets. We always buy for cash direct from the manufacturers. We sell for cash direct to the consumer. This most direct method of distribution saves you all expensive middleman and rehandling costs. We sell for cash only, and sell for less, because we have no bad debt losses or expensive bookkeeping systems. You do not have to make up for what others fail to pay, when you buy from us. We have no expensive retail stores or branches, but operate most economically and quickly under one roof. Our low operating costs make our low prices possible. This business is owned and operated by the officers and employees. We don't have to make large profits to satisfy bankers and brokers; in fact, we ask less than 2 cents profit on the dollar of sale. We never raise the prices quoted in cur catalog, but whenever we buy for less, we pass the savings on to you. We guarantee lowest prices and for 42 years have enjoyed the reputation of being America's Greatest Bargain House. Ours is the Golden Rule of business—you can trade here in confidence—satisfied not only that you will save money, but that everything you buy must be right or we'll make it right. See our Guarantee on Page 3. QUICK 1-DAY SERVICE. We Guarantee Quick One-Day Service. Our Quick, One-Day Shipping Service is fast, dependable, and friendly. Many orders are shipped the same day as received, and the rest the following day. We guarantee safe delivery. We pay the postage and ship your goods or refund your money in the form of a bankable check. America's Largest Family Outfitters. Our home is one of the finest Mail Order Buildings in America. It is America's largest building devoted exclusively to supplying by mail, wearing apparel for all the family. It has acres of merchandise space, and is modernly equipped to make possible our fast One-Day Service. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER COMPANY—FAMILY OUTFITTERS SINCE 1889. THE WORLDS LARGEST EXCLUSIVE MAIL ORDER COMPANY. Page 8

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4-H GIRL WINS 6-WEEK TRIP TO EUROPE Given by The Chicago Mail Order Co. "The 4-H Style Queen - - - The Dress Revue Champion of the Nation," is the laurel wreath of honor conferred upon Miss Viola Mach, 17-year old club member of Tabor, South Dakota, at the Ninth National Girls' and Boys' 4-H Club Congress held in Chicago on December 2, 1930. For this achievement she will receive a free trip to Europe in June, 1931. Her state leader will accompany her as chaperone. Both trips are provided by the Chicago Mail Order Company. In addition to this national prize, the Chicago Mail Order Company provided watches for dress division winners, trips to the National 4-H Congress at Chicago for state champions, and medals for county winners. Of the 830,000 members of 4-H Clubs engaged in projects under the direction of the Agricultural Colleges and the United States Department of Agriculture during 1930, 320,000 were enrolled in clothing clubs. At local, county, and state fairs, hundreds of representatives of these enthusiastic and resourceful young people modeled in the clothing they themselves had made. Miss Mach came up through these contests and was chosen to be the national winner. Miss Mach seems to have the habit of achieving success in whatever she undertakes. She has been President of her local club; has edited several 4-H publications; has won numerous "firsts" on her exhibits of foods and clothing and in demonstration work at county and state fairs; and has been a leader of younger girls' 4-H Clubs and other public-spirited community activities. She is now a student at the South Dakota State College of Agriculture, and is embarked on a career which will be exceedingly helpful to her community."4-H" stands for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. The Clubs develop the youth of rural America and teach them to meet life's problem in a practical, common-sense way. The Chicago Mail Order Company finds pleasure in co-operating with this splendid cause, and subscribes to the 4-H Club Motto: "Make the Best, Better," and urges Girls and Boys to join in the movement. What 4-H 1929 Prize Winners Saw in Europe. The pictures to the right are just a few of the many interesting places in Europe visited in June, 1930, by Nancy Grossboll and Mary Jeanette Erwin, of Menard County, Illinois, 1929 winners of the Chicago Mail Order Company's award to the National Clothing Demonstration champions. They were accompanied on this trip by Mrs. Carl Kirby, their local leader and Miss Mary McKee, their state leader. The memory of this trip will live with them always, and will spur them on to greater achievement and to broader service to their community, and to the 4-H Club movement. Outfit that won the 1930 4-H Style Revue. To the left: Viola Mach, winner of the 1931 Chicago Mail Order Company Trip to Europe, in the three-piece ensemble suit she made and modeled at the 4-H Club National Style Revue, when she won the Wool Dress division championship for which she received a beautiful gold wrist watch, and the Grand Championship for which she was awarded the trip to Europe. The suit was made of soft blue-green wool basketweave material, with blouse of eggshell silk flat crepe, and undergarments to match. The hat and purse were of the same material as the suit. It is difficult to tell here how beautifully the outfit was made, how suitable it was to Miss Mach's type, how it in every way measured up to the high standard set by the 4-H Club judges. A copy of Miss Mach's own story of how she won the prize will be sent to any girl who sends us a self-addressed stamped envelope. [Photographic images of the journey through Europe, note by M. K.] Notre Dame, Paris, Viewed by 4-H Club Prize Winners. 4-H Club Prize Winners in Holland. Picturesque Windmills in Holland Thrilled the 4-H Club Prize Winners. Victoria Memorial, London, Admired by 4-H Club Prize Winners. Never did the 4-H Club Girls Appreciate their prize more than When in Oberammergau. The Byronic Chateau of Chillon awed the 4-H Club Prize Winners. [Photographic image of] Viola Mach in outfit which won the Grand Prize. [Photographic image of] 4-H Club Girls, taken during their visit to the home of the Chicago Mail Order Company on December 2, 1930. It was our privilege to entertain almost 600 girls with their leaders, representing 45 stares. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER CO., Chicago, Ill. Everything we sell is good quality. We guarantee it. Page 9

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THERE'S ECONOMY In The Chicago Mail Order Co.'s MUCH BETTER STYLES. "Style Queen" Fashions Are Genuine Paris Styles. "Style Queen" fashions are economical—not only because they are exceptional quality for the price you pay, but being Paris fashions adapted by our acknowledged experts to suit the taste of the American woman, they possess that intangible, that indefinable something known as Better Style. This feature adds to the value of your purchase, because wearing apparel bought here, is in good taste long after merchandise bought elsewhere is out of date. We are America's largest exclusive mail order company, and we believe our fine styles are in a large measure the reason for our success. We Are Style Specialists. The Chicago Mail Order Company is the recognized Style Leader of America. We have devoted 42 long years to specializing in stylish wearing apparel. This experience has made us expert in selecting materials, in understanding workmanship, and in developing values. The benefit of our years of concentration is offered to you in this catalog in the form of authentic, more wearable styles in everything to wear for all the family, at lower—much lower—prices. The quality of our merchandise is much better than you would expect for the low price—better than you get elsewhere for a great deal more. This we guarantee. Wide Varieties and Dependable Quality. Within the covers of this Style Book you will find a wider variety of good quality dependable apparel than can be found even in the big-city stores. When it comes to ordering clothing for the entire family, you have here the broadest choice of styles, materials, sizes, colors, and prices from which to make your selection, and no matter how low the price may be, the quality will please you. See Our "Good as Gold" Guarantee on Page 3. See This Dress 3B6712 on Page 48. Price, Postpaid, $7.98. THE WORLD'S BEST STYLES AT THE WORLD'S LOWEST PRICES. The ENTIRE FAMILY can DRESS BETTER for MUCH LESS MONEY at THE CHICAGO MAIL ORDER CO. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER CO., Chicago Ill. Our lowest price guarantee is your protection - - - see Page 3. Page 10

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CHOICE… OF THESE QUALITY HATS $1.77. POSTPAID TO YOUR DOOR. SMART NOVELTY BRAID—STUNNING. (A) 3 A 4288—Fits head 21¾ to 22¼ ins. 3 A 4289—Fits head 22½ to 23 ins. COLORS—Pistachio Green, Castilian Red, Basque (new copen) Blue, Sea-sand, or Black. Inevitable success is its style-destiny. Why wouldn't femininity be "heart and soul" for a chapeau that intensifies chic and charm! An alluring little creation of fancy Hemp Straw Braid, with a rakishly slanted semi-bicorne brim. Velvet flowers and rayon petals. Clever use of pleated grosgrain ribbon. (See small Illustration.) State color, headsize. Please measure head. How to Measure, Page 120. Postpaid… $1.77. NEW and CHARMING. (B) 3 A 4276—Fits head 21¾ to 22¼ ins. 3 A 4277—Fits head 22½ to 23 ins. COLORS—Black, Basque (new Copen) Blue, Sea-sand, Pistachio Green, or Summer Pink. When we veer toward the sheer in brims - - - we create for lovely femininity - - - we idealize - - - we flatter. When we add delicate flowerlets - - - we achieve youthful beauty! With which preamble we introduce this divine hat of transparent Pyroxylin Hairlike Braid! Malinelike brim. Plush blossoms. State color, headsize. Please measure head. How to Measure, Page 120… $1.77. FANCY CROCHET WEAVE. (C) 3 A 4284—21¾ to 22¼ ins. 3 A 4285—22½ to 23 ins. COLORS—Rose Cedar (as illustrated), Basque (New Copen) Blue, Orchid Mauve, Sea-sand, or Black. State color. Supremely clever! Note the allover lace medallion held by brim-section and pearl bead pin. Of soft, crushable Hemp Braid. State headsize. How to measure, see Page 120… $1.77. NEW Balloon Crown—PRETTY BRAID. (D) 3 A 4274—21½ to 22 ins. 3 A 4275—22½ to 22¾ ins. COLORS—French Rose (as illustrated), Basque (new copen) Blue, Sea-sand, Pistachio (light) Green, or Black. State color. Distractingly charming! Novelty Pyroxylin Hairlike Braid interwoven with Hemp Straw Cord and Visca. Shirred ribbon and plain grosgrain ribbon. Balloon crown. Metal buttons. Please measure your head. How to Measure, see Page 120… $1.77. STYLE SENSATION for SPRING. (E) 3 A 4292—21½ to 22 ins. 3 A 4293—22½ to 23 ins. COLORS—Orchid Mauve, Summer Pink, Sea-sand, Basque (new copen) Blue, or Black. State color. Lovelier than words can say! Of transparent Pyroxylin Hairlike Braid. Brim-edging of lacy Hemp Straw Braid. Beautifully shaded flowers, grosgrain ribbon. Measure head; see Page 120… $1.77. LACE PATTERN BRAID. (F) 3 A 4280—21¼ to 21¾ ins. 3 A 4281—22½ to 23 ins. COLORS—Basque Blue, Rose Cedar (Beige Tan), Orchid Mauve, Sand, or Black. State color and headsize. Irresistibly feminine! Of lovely lacy Hemp Straw Braid. Grosgrain ribbon. Cluster of imported flowers. Please measure your head. How to measure, see page 120… $1.77. BLACK and WHITE is the VOGUE. (G) 3 A 4282—21½ to 22 ins. 3 A 4283—22½ to 23 ins. COLORS—Black with White, Sand, Orchid Mauve, Summer Pink, or Basque (New Copen) Blue. State color and headsize. Gay Springtime flowers on top and under Poke brim! Of transparent Pyroxylin Hairlike and Lacy Hemp Straw Braids. Grosgrain ribbon. Please measure head. How to measure, see Page 120… $1.77. Gorgeous HALO MODEL. (H) 3 A 4286—21½ to 22 ins. 3 A 4287—22½ to 23 ins. COLORS—Basque Blue (as illustrated), Sea-Sand, Pistachio Green, Summer Pink, or Black. State color. Decidedly "different"! One-half brim of pleated Pyroxylin Hairlike Braid - - - other half brim and crown, of Hemp Braid! Grosgrain ribbon. State headsize. Please measure head. See Page 120… $1.77. CHIC! The BICORNE. (J) 3 A 4278—21¾ to 22¼ ins. 3 A 4279—22½ to 23 ins. COLORS—Sand with Brown Basque (new copen) Blue, Summer Pink, Pistachio (light) Green, or Black. Alluring bi-corne brim! Of exquisite "lacy" Hemp Straw Braid, with vari-colored plush flowers. Grosgrain ribbon. State color and headsize. How to Measure, see Page 120. Price… $1.77. LACY BRAID—Beautiful! (K) 3 A 4272—21¾ to 22¼ ins. 3 A 4273—22½ to 23 ins. COLORS—Summer Pink, Basque (new copen) Blue, Sea-sand, Orchid Mauve, or Pistachio Green. Devastatingly lovely! Medium brim, Pyroxylin Hairlike and Lacy Hemp Braid hat. Grosgrain ribbon, plush and rayon leaves. State color, headsize. Please measure your head. See Page 120. Price… $1.77. Winsome! (L) 3 A 4290—21¼ to 21¾ ins. 3 A 4291—22¼ to 22¾ ins. COLORS—Talisman Red (pictured), Basque (New Copen) Blue, Sea-sand, Pistachio Green, or Black. Every atom of it is chic! Of transparent Pyroxylin Hairlike Braid, with ecru embroidered net "petals." Double-crescent pin. Grosgrain ribbon. State color and headsize. See Page 120. Price… $1.77. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER CO., Chicago Ill. For Descriptions see Opposite Page. Page 11

P. 12

"Style Queen" Chapeaux (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) … PARIS ADAPTIONS that GLORIFY the Beauty of the AMERICAN WOMEN… Finer and Smarter HATS than Elsewhere at these Prices… The Very Latest! (A) 3 A 4302—Fits head 21½ to 22 inches. 3 A 4303—Fits head 22½ to 23 inches. COLORS—Basque (copen) Blue, Sea-sand, Rose Cedar (beige tan), French Rose, or Black. Artfully artless! A paradox? No, Paris! A "shy" little poke - - - but devastingly alluring. A coming sensation! Exquisitely fashioned of very fine Pyroxylin Hairlike Braid, with brim lifted back to reveal a garland of vari-colored plush flowerlets and two shimmering satin ribbon bows. State color and headsize. See how to measure your head, on Page 120. Low price, Postpaid… $3.95. Exquisite. (B) 3 A 4294—Fits head 21¾ to 22¼ inches. 3 A 4295—Fits head 22½ to 23 inches. COLORS—Summer Pink, Basque (copen) Blue, Orchid Mauve, Sea-sand, or Black. State color and headsize. "Un reve" - - - a dream! The mood of "Blossom-time" and the spirit of femininity "ensembled" in a breath-takingly beautiful creation of Pyroxylin Hairlike Braid! Chantilly-pattern lace is applied on the fascinating brim that has low, wide, creased side! A spray of gay flowers and a narrow velvet ribbon achieve the rest! See how to measure your head, on Page 120. Postpaid… $2.88. Just Lovely. (C) 3 A 4296—Fits head 21¾ to 22¼ inches. 3 A 4297—Fits head 22½ to 23 inches. COLORS—Orchid Mauve, Sea-sand, Basque (copen) Blue, Summer Pink, also Black with Pink flowers. State color and headsize. Has a beautiful "movie-queen" hat been your "suppressed desire?" No longer suppress it - - - - look at this hat and price! A "last-minute" model of Pyroxylin Hairlike Braid with a "pyramid" cluster of shaded muslin flowers. Metallic pin. Grosgrain ribbon bow and streamers in back. See how to measure your head, on Page 120. Price… $2.29. Bewitching New BICORNE. (D) 3 A 4308—Fits head 21½ to 22 inches. 3 A 4309—Fits head 22½ to 23 inches. COLORS—French Beige (as illustrated), Basque (copen) Blue, or Pistachio Green. Please state color and headsize. The "Fleurette" - - - the most ravishing little flower plucked from fashion's bouquet! Entirely made, in bicorne shape, of shaded plush flowers carefully sewed onto a net foundation. Bewitching satin ribbon bow trails its youthful beauty at the right. Our finest - - - equal to $7.50 hats in retail stores! The flowers are not pasted on. See how to measure your head, on Page 120. Price… $4.48. Chic BANDEAU MODEL. (E) 3 A 4306—Fits head 21½ to 22 inches. 3 A 4307—Fits head 22½ to 23 inches. COLORS—Black, Sea-sand, Basque (copen) Blue, Pistachio Green, Talisman Red. That arch air - - - contradicted by a cluster of youthful flowers on one side - - - it's Paris' way of combining sophistication with demurity. The newest "bandeau" "chapeau" of Visca and Pedaline Braid. Ribbon-bound brim. Finely made of fine materials. State color and headsize. Please measure your head. How to Measure, See Page 120. Low price, Postpaid… $3.77. Smart! BAKU PATTERN BRAID. (F) 3 A 4298—Fits head 21¾ to 22¼ inches. 3 A 4299—Fits head 22½ to 23 inches. COLORS—Rose Cedar with Brown, Basque (copen) Blue with Monet Blue, Pistachio Green with English Green, also all Sea-sand or all Black. State color and headsize. A decorous little poke becomes "adventurous!" Take a second glance at that back brim! And those taffeta "petals!" (See small picture.) Of Baku Patterned Braid with cire braid brim-edge and inserts. Adorable! Novelty buckle. See how to measure your head, on Page 120. Price… $2.88. New BALIBUNTL PATTERN BRAID. (G) 3 A 4304—Fits head 21½ to 22 inches. 3 A 4305—Fits head 22½ to 23 inches. COLORS—Basque Blue (as illustrated), Rose Cedar (beige), Pistachio Green, or Sand. Also Black with White flowers. State color and headsize. Paris has a "complex" for hats like this! And you'll have a "case" on this one the moment you see it! Of lustrous Balibuntl Patterned Braid, with spray of lovely plush flowerlets, and captivating, wide satin bow and streamers. Measure your head. How to Measure, See Page 120… $2.77. BEAUTIFUL-Beyond All Expectations! CHOICE $1.59 EACH POSTPAID. VALUES Beyond All Comparisons! (H) 3 A 4312—Fits head 21½ to 22 inches. 3 A 4313—Fits head 22½ to 23 inches. COLORS—Pistachio Green, Sea-sand, Basque (copen) Blue, Castilian Red. Also Black with White. Please state color and headsize. Style that delightfully "goes to your head!" Value to "sweep you off your feet!" A delectable little creation of fancy Hemp Braid with low-dipping brim-side! Plush flowers and leaves, grosgrain and velvet ribbons. Please measure your head. How to Measure, See Page 120. Postpaid… $1.59. (J) 3 A 4310—Fits bead 21¾ to 22 inches. 3 A 4311—Fits head 22½ to 23 inches. COLORS—Basque Blue (as illustrated), Sea-sand, Pistachio Green, Pink, or All Black. As Frenchy - - - as stimulating - - - as champagne! Rakishly made of "lacy" Hemp Braid, with side-dipping brim and harmonizing satin ribbon "tied" with a flourish! Pearl bead pin. What a bargain! State color and headsize. Please measure your head. How to Measure, See Page 120… $1.59. A Beauty. NEW BACK TRIM. (K) 3 A 4300—Fits head 21¾ to 22¼ inches. 3 A 4301—Fits head 22¾ to 23¼ inches. COLORS—Seasand (as illustrated), Navy Blue, Malaya Brown, Copen Blue, or Black. Smartness and style tempered with tasteful restraint - - - for the conservative-minded and tailored woman. Stunningly fashioned of lustrous Pedaline Braid, with tucked rayon faille band and bow (see small picture). Two-tone novelty pin. State color and headsize. Please measure your head. How to Measure, See Page 120. Postpaid… $2.77. CHICAGO MAIL ORDER CO., Chicago, Ill. For Descriptions see Opposite Page. Page 12