Die Wienerin, Issue #93, March 1928

Fashion illustrations from the Austrian fashion magazine Die Wienerin (English title: The Viennese), Vol. 8, No. 93 from March 1928. Published by Bachwitz A.-G., Vienna (III. District, Löwengasse 47), Austria.

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Cover or title page of the Austrian fashion magazine Die Wienerin (Eng. title: The Viennese), Vol. 8, No. 93 from March 1928. Published by Verlag Bachwitz A.-G., Vienna, III. district, Löwengasse 47. 215 models. a) Double-breasted spring coat in plaid tweed. Diagonally cut collar and cuffs, the latter with parts rising at the sides. Fabric panels descending to both sides, overhanging the pockets. b) Loose Panama coat for 5 to 7-year-old girls. One button closure. Pockets shaping fabric panel applique, colorful wool embroidery. c) Spring ensemble, dress and short jacket made of kasheen cloth. Dress collar, long narrow plastron and tie made of light china crepe. Cloth belt with buckle. Skirt with side pleats forming pockets on top. Drawing/illustration: unknown/unsigned.

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DIE WIENERIN [Eng. title: THE VIENNESE]. YEAR OF VOLUME 1928, ISSUED MONTHLY, ISSUE NO. 93. Article: P., The new direction of spring fashion. Drawing/illustration: unknown/unsigned.

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DIE WIENERIN [Eng. title: THE VIENNESE]. YEAR OF VOLUME 1928, ISSUED MONTHLY, ISSUE NO. 93. Article: P., The new direction of spring fashion. 7408. Children's pajamas of colored linen with lingerie trim. 7409. Baby's jacket in pique with wool embroidery border. 7410. Play dress in patterned voile. 7411. Children's pajamas in striped zephyr. Drawing/illustration: unknown/unsigned.

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No. 93—DIE WIENERIN—[Page] 3. New spring fashions. 7255. Spring dress of tricotine with crossed shawl collar. Front buttoned plastron of georgette. Delicate lace embroidery. Fabric belt with buckle. Skirt with fan pleats inlaid on right side. 7256. Street dress in kasheen cloth. Diagonally ascending pieces placed together and unfold into plissés at the bottom. Same sleeve garnish. Cloth belt. 7257. Jumper dress in angora jersey with crossed over upper section. Delicate metallic thread or artificial silk embroidery. Front panel revealing ribbon belt tied at back. Left side pleated skirt. 7258. Gabardine dress. Side-bound neckline trim decorated with silk quilting, same cross-garnish. Skirt set to a hip yoke with left side fan pleats.

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No. 93—DIE WIENERIN—[Page] 4. For the street. 7259. Spring dress made of flannel cloth. Collar and inset plastron of light crepe. Glass buttons. Cloth belt. Skirt set into a box pleat in front. Appliqued pockets with full-length flaps. 7260. Street dress in cloth with round yoke. Hemmed front panels with embroidered arrow heads. Side-cut belt with galalith buckle. Small buttons. Side panels imitating a jacket. Skirt tucked into a box pleat at the front. 7261. Street dress in rep. Light-colored rep shawl collar. Crossed over closure. Side panels surmounted by pocket effects, each set into a box pleat. 7262. Ensemble of wool marocaine. Surplice waist with cut flap. Wide fabric belt. Left side skirt section cut out into a jag, inlaid with a box pleat. Sleeveless jacket of colored rep with edging of the dress fabric.

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No. 93—DIE WIENERIN—[Page] 5. Youthful and chic. 7263. Youthful walking dress in mottled wool fabric. Narrow silk border garnish and belt. Rip tie tied in front. Skirt set into narrow pleats at front. 7264. Jersey jumper dress. Lingerie collar, long silk men's tie. Wide leather belt with metal buckle. Embroidered pockets and cuffs. Skirt with top stitched box pleats. 7265. Walking dress. Blouse of light crepe de chine merging into the skirt. Belt and skirt rising into a button panel at the front, and adjacent jacket of worsted. Pleat groups. 7266. Front closing coat dress of serge with mutually inserted pleats. Crossed plastron of georgette. Narrow fabric belt, side pockets.

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No. 93—DIE WIENERIN—[Page] 6. The sporty touch. 7267. Jersey blouse dress. Plastron, collar and crossed tie of pique or silk linen. Blouse tucked into the skirt. Cloth belt. Skirt folded in front in reciprocal pleats. 7268. Rep dress with fabric tie drawn through front. Hip yoke formed from two fabric panels with cut front. Skirt with front pleats on opposite sides. 7269. Waist dress of plaid wool fabric. Collar cuffs, belt and pocket effects in solid color cloth. Bust pocket on one side. Parts pleated at sides. 7270. Promenade dress in kashicla. Upper part with diagonally rising panels. Fabric belt with buckle. Colorful embroidery galloons. Skirt with a hollow crease in front.

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No. 93—DIE WIENERIN—[Page] 7. For the afternoon. 7271. Afternoon dress in crepe de chine. Square neckline bordered by colored satin trim. The same garnish on the draped jabot on one side, the sleeves and on the back imitating a jacket. Pleated skirt set against a saddle yoke. Plain front panel. 7272. Afternoon dress of dull and shiny crepe romain. Velvet ribbon bow. Set-in pleated cuffs, also pleated sections on open tunic. 7273. Afternoon dress in crepe marocain with same scarf. Crossed bolero waist. Slightly wavy skirt flounce rising to the left. 7274. Afternoon gown in dull and shiny crepe satin. Border on one side and neck trim pulled through one side to form a bow. Metal buckle. Slightly bell-shaped flounce.

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No. 93—DIE WIENERIN—[Page] 8. Attached jumper dresses. 7275. Street dress in plaid kashadon. V-shaped neckline trim of plain kasha. Belt parts cut to the side parts and flaps with braid edging. Sleeve panels with the same border. Bell-shaped skirt in front. 7276. Trotteur ensemble. Upper part of dress in light crepella. Horizontal seaming. Tippet in dark sergella. Same skirt with pleated section slightly rising to the left. Alternating garnish. 7277. Combined dress. Upper part in light crepe. Wool embroidered floral motif. Sleeves cut to the yoke. Flared pleats. Skirt of dark Amazon cloth with box pleat at left. Same facings and belt on the blouse. 7278. Combined dress. Light rep blouse. Pleated skirt of dark rep. Draw-through trim, belt and pocket effect from the latter.