Hänsel-Echo, Issue #8, 0 1930

Men's fashion from the fall and winter issue of the company magazine Hänsel-Echo no. 8 from 1930-31.

Pages in total: 16 (completely online)

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Front page or cover of the fall and winter issue of the company magazine Hänsel-Echo no. 8 of Hänsel & Co. A.-G. from Forst (Lausitz, Germany) from 1930-31. The cover shows a gentleman in a double-breasted coat with fur-trimmed collar and lapels and a lady in a green winter coat with a shawl collar of brownish fur. Title illustration/title drawing: Harald Schwerdtfeger (1888-1956).

P. 2

Article: Henschke, Bruno, Keep Going. 3 Landmarks on Hänsel-Path 1930. 3 LANDMARKS ON THE HÄNSEL-PATH 1930 1. Creation of the new Hänsel-Wollastine. 2. Hansel-Complete in new form and equipment. 3. increase in sales all over the world. Keep moving! This is the way of the Hänsel works in 1930. Work and work have grown. And with only a few more weeks to go, new machines in expanded premises are happily singing the song of responsible Hansel work. 1. Modern technology and more than 20 years of experience created the new Hänsel-Wollastine. Enthusiastic testimonials mark its triumphal march through the world. 2. The new Hänsel-Complet is masterly in cut form and execution, its furnishings are magnificent and colorful, and its circle of friends is growing ever larger. 3. Demand and orders from all parts of the world increase in rising curves, in Hänsel horsehair as well as in Hänsel-Wollastine and in the Hänsel-Complets. As in 1930, it has always been the hallmark of Hänsel's development: further ahead, in spite of all the obstacles in the economic cycle; further ahead through reliable quality of Hänsel products, further ahead through purposeful Hänsel work, further ahead through the trust of Hänsel friends all over the world, in loyalty for loyalty. Photo montage: Hansel & Co. A.-G.

P. Beilage

Loose insert, business letter or covering letter, dimensions: 17.5 x 24.0 cm (6.89 x 9.45 inches). HÄNSEL & CO. STOCK CORPORATION DIRECTORATE OFFICE FORST (LAUSITZ, GERMANY), fall 1930 Dear Sir! The new Hänsel-Echo has been published, and again it is a great pleasure for us to present you with this issue no. 8. Once again, we have made every effort to make reading it pleasant and useful for your work. Because we can only build on the success of your work. "Only the details make the fashion." This sentence in the fashion letter summarizes in a few words what the instructive fashion report and the magnificent, artistic fashion pictures have to tell you something valuable. You will certainly enjoy Markus Steiner's inspiring photos and articles, which have caused a lot of technically difficult work. And now a request: Please accept our new Hansel Echo with the same pleasure and joy as we send it to you, as we have worked it out, reviewed it and improved and perfected it over and over again. And if then somewhere in it there has been something that has been of use to you, the work and effort it has caused has not been in vain. With friendly greetings Your very devoted HÄNSEL & Co. public limited company, Bruno Henschke (signature of the managing director).

P. Beilage

Loose insert, business letter or covering letter, blank back, dimensions: 17.5 x 24.0 cm (6.89 x 9.45 inches).

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Article: Henschke, Bruno, Fashionable Things for Fall and Winter 1930/31. A Fashion Letter to the Hänsel Friends (by Bruno Henschke, managing director).

P. 4

"Modern Jacket Suits". On the left: Double-breasted, dark grey business suit with two buttons and a blind pair of buttons in a slightly waisted shape. Jacket with rising, wide lapels and softly rounded shoulder edge. Smooth lap and breast pocket for a handkerchief. Centre: Medium brown jacket with falling lapels and a vest that closes with five buttons. Right: Medium grey, single-breasted business and street suit with rising lapels and rounded lap. Jacket with waist darts. Illustration/drawing: Harald Schwerdtfeger (1888-1956).

P. 5

"Modern Visiting Clothing". Left: Single-breasted combined jacket suit with elegant black jacket and dark creased trousers for semi-official occasions. With waist darts and end on two buttons. Center: Festive cutaway, or cut, for special social obligations and occasions. Waist and bust are emphasized. The lapels start wide and curved and run in a pointed roll. Slim cut lap. Right: Double-breasted combined suit, consisting of a black or anthracite grey jacket and grey, dark striped trousers. Jacket with a pair of blind buttons standing apart, which additionally emphasizes the upper body; smooth lap. Rising, finely rolling lapels. Illustration/drawing: Harald Schwerdtfeger (1888-1956).

P. 6

Article: Henschke, Bruno, Fashionable Things for Fall and Winter 1930/31. A Fashion Letter to the Hänsel Friends (by Bruno Henschke, managing director).

P. 7

Article: Henschke, Bruno, Fashionable Things for Fall and Winter 1930/31. A Fashion Letter to the Hänsel Friends (by Bruno Henschke, managing director).

P. 8

"Modern evening wear." Middle: Tailcoat for the elegant dinner party. The lapels of the tailcoat are wide and long and roll out strongly. They are also covered with heavy shiny silk. White, single-breasted vest. Right: Elegant tuxedo that closes with a button. The lapels are covered with shiny silk. Straight pockets without flaps. Jacket with waist darts. Trousers with galon. Illustration/drawing: Harald Schwerdtfeger (1888-1956).

P. 9

"Modern Paletots". To the left: Dark grey double-breasted paletot coat with wide lapels for men. One pair of buttons is blind and set high on the chest, emphasizing the upper body. Middle: Grey Chesterfield men's coat with single-breasted concealed button panel. Coat with waist darts and black velvet collar. Right: Single-breasted paletot in brown that closes with three buttons and rising flaps. Pockets with flaps. Illustration/drawing: Harald Schwerdtfeger (1888-1956).

P. 10

Article: Steiner, Markus, The New Hansel Complete and its Processing. The article shows three photographic images of partially processed fabric workpieces. Photos: Markus Steiner, Hänsel & Co. A.-G.

P. 11

Article: Steiner, Markus, The New Hansel Complete and its Processing. The article shows six photographic images of fabric workpieces showing the form ironing, the pre- and bottom stitching, the armpits of the upper fabric part, the axle cuts and the half-finished jacket. Photos: Markus Steiner, Hänsel & Co. A.-G.

P. 12

Article: Steiner, Markus, The New Hansel Willastine. "Apart from the orange edges and the orange Hansel horse, Hänsel-Wollastine has as a special feature fine orange-twisted warp threads running through the whole fabric". Photos: Markus Steiner, Hänsel & Co. A.-G.

P. 13

"Modern Heavy Ulster". Left: Double-breasted Ulster coat in dark brown for men. Collar, wide flaps and edge are stitched. Middle: Single-breasted, bluish grey Ulster men's coat in raglan with concealed button facing and very wide flaps. Right: Double-breasted Ulster coat in medium brown with round belt for young men. Wide flaps and collar and large patch pockets. Quilting on edges and belt. Illustration/drawing: Harald Schwerdtfeger (1888-1956).

P. 14

Article: Steiner, Markus, Modern, Straight Armpit Shape and Hänsel Quilting. Two illustrations and two photographic images show the processing of the Hansel padding and finishing of a garment. Illustration/Drawing: Markus Steiner, Hänsel & Co. A.-G. Photos: Markus Steiner, Hänsel & Co. A.-G.

P. 15

Article: Steiner, Markus, Quilting Technology Then and Now. Once the Stagecoach and Cotton Wool Padding, Today 100-Horse Motor Vehicles and Hänsel Padding. The photographs and texts provide a brief overview of the padding of men's clothing in the years 1800, 1850, 1890 and 1930. Photos: Markus Steiner, Hänsel & Co. A.-G.

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Back of the booklet. "Modern Sportswear". On the left: Sports suit with over-the-knee pants for men. The sports jacket has several pockets with flaps. Middle: Single-breasted sports suit with waist belt for women. Under the wide, split skirt a pair of sports trousers made of the same fabric. Right: Sports suit for men in the style of a street suit. Jacket with three patch pockets. Suit optionally wearable with short trousers or long trousers with cuffs. Illustration/drawing: Harald Schwerdtfeger (1888-1956). HANSEL SUNDRIES. We've converted our company into a public limited company. All shares remain in the possession of our previous owners, the gentlemen Bruno Henschke and Carl Ersel. Mr Bruno Henschke forms the board of directors of the new company. Mr. Ersel, Mr. Preuß and Mr. Nickel are deputy members of the Executive Board. The daily journey of our weavers reaches once, and the length of the weaves processed daily twice around the globe. Up to the moon and back is the daily rotation of our twisting spindles. Of the total attainable world gradient of horse tails, we alone consume a quarter to a fifth. HANSEL REMAINS HANSEL.