La Coquette, Issue #167, December 1926

Fashion illustrations from the French fashion magazine La Coquette No. 167, December 1926. Published by the general office Léon Claude, Paris, France. Printed by Gustav Lyon, Berlin, Germany.

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Cover of the French fashion magazine La Coquette no. 167 for December 1926. LA COQUETTE. December 1926, no. 167. Monthly magazine. This number contains a free pattern and a colored panorama. Circulation 200.000 copies — General agency LÉON CLAUDE, Paris. Price per issue… France 5.- frs. " " " … Abroad… 5.50 frs. Subscriptions France (12 Numbers) 55.- frs. " Abroad " 65.- frs. 100 new models. J 2566. Evening dress in navy blue silk chiffon, trimmed with small pleats in silver gray silk chiffon. Pattern size 44. J 2567. Elegant afternoon dress, blousy form, in pinkish-beige silk chiffon; the trim in printed fabric. Pattern size 44. J 2568. Street and town dress in cherry red "butterfly" rep, trimmed with black fur and black bell buttons. Pattern size 44. Due to the increase in the number of pages, which is currently 20, and a colored panorama and a free pattern, the price of LA COQUETTE is now fixed at Frs. 5.- per issue. All the patterns of this issue are sent against Frs. 5.50 money order. In case the price of LA COQUETTE, currently at Frs. 5.-, will be increased, the duration of the subscriptions then in progress would be reduced according to the price increase and to the numbers remaining to be served. Publisher and Owner LÉON CLAUDE, 4, rue Rochambeau (Square Montholon), PARIS, 9th District. PARIS, LONDON, NEW YORK, VIENNA, AMSTERDAM, ZURICH, WARSAW, BUDAPEST, STOCKHOLM. EDITED AND DESIGNED IN PARIS. PRINTED IN GERMANY. [Page 1]

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To fight against this ignorance, follow the wise advice of the famous clairvoyant Madame LÉONA 33, Rue Pigalle, 2nd floor), Paris. Consultations by correspondence 20 francs"; "THE CARDS NEVER LIE. Madame DE THENES. 18, Fbg. St-Martin — between 2nd and 3rd floor. Prices: moderate. TAROTS — ASTROLOGY — GRAPHOLOGY"; "YOUR FUTURE will be revealed to you by the famous clairvoyant Mme MARYS, 45, rue Laborde, PARIS (8th district). Send first name, date of birth. 12 fr. money order. Receives from 3 to 7"; "Couturier-Tailleur Jean Mastchenko, PARIS, 7, rue du Marché St-Honoré — Tel. Louvre 66-69. Sample, Dresses, Coats, Furs. Moderate prices"; "WISE WOMAN. Receives boarders. Consultations Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 10, Rue Poncelet — PARIS, 17th district"; Information from the publisher Léon Claude, Paris, on the prices of the patterns "PRICES FOR PATTERNS. ESTABLISHED ON SIZE 44. Paper… Muslin. Sleeve… 2.25, 3.50. Lapel and collar… 2.50, 4.-. Lining, Bodice… 3.75, 6.50. Blouse… 5.-, 9.-. Plain skirt… 5.-, 9.-. Pleated or trimmed skirt… 6.-, 11.-. Bridal skirt… 7.-, 11.-. Riding skirt… 8.50, 13.-. Riding pants… 5.-, 9.-. Full dress… 8.-, 15.-. JACKET OR PALETOT COAT… 5.50, 10.-. Long coat or cape… 7.-, 13.-. Bathrobe… 7.-, 13.-. Day shirt… 3.75, 6.-. Night chemise… 5.-, 9.-. Bloomer… 3.75, 6.-. Combination… 6.-, 11.-. Children's dress 2 to 5 years… 5.-, 9.-. Children's dress 5 to 12 years… 6.50, 11.-. Coat for children 2 to 5 years old… 5.-, 10.-. Coat child 5 to 12 years old… 6.50, 11.-. ALL ORDERS must be accompanied by the amount of the order plus 0.50 fr. for shipping costs; on PERSONAL MEASURE 2 fr. more. NO C.O.D. SHIPMENTS WILL BE MADE. Send requests to: Publishing Company Léon CLAUDE. 4, Rue Rochambeau, Paris"; "Whoever you are, NONBELIEVER OR SCEPTIC, come and consult MADAME STANA. SHE INFORMS YOU ABOUT EVERYTHING. Present — Future — Difficulties. Love — Inheritance — Trade. Absolute discretion — Very moderate prices. 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Full day course, all-inclusive, theory course, Frs. 450.-. WOMEN'S CLOTHES: Full evening course, fixed price, theory, Frs. 250.- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 1 hour per evening. Full day course, all-inclusive, theory course, Frs. 450.-. A diploma of ability is awarded to all students. OUR TAILOR DUMMIES, new model, flat shape with foot. Price defying all competition. Canvas mannequin Frs. 80.-, better cotton fabric Frs. 90.-, Satin Frs. 120.-. Foot and trimmings in colors Frs. 20.- supplement. Packing and postage charged"; "COLOMBIER's furniture sofas. P. COLOMBIER, Manufacturer, 20, RUE St. NICOLAS, F. g. St. ANTOINE. You are invited to visit his interesting models. Free Catalogue postpaid." [Page 2]

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Article: Claudine, Fashion Chronicle (author unknown). The two photographic illustrations show ladies' coats. J 2569. Beige and brown striped woolen ensemble, consisting of the long straight coat, trimmed with a brown velvet collar, and the dress of very simple shape. Pattern size 44. J 2570. Practical coat in large check wool; broad fox collar; nappa leather appliqué pocket. Pattern size 44. Photos: Press-Photo, USA. [Page 3]

P. 2

LA COQUETTE. J 2571. Dance dress in absinthe green silk chiffon, for the young miss. The tunic, cut in shape, falls very wide over a narrow underskirt. At the height of the belt, original embossed ribbon trim, arranged in fans. Pattern size 42. J 2572. Evening dress in black crepe de chine which opens over a pink chiffon underdress. Narrow pleats emphasize the cut-out of the skirt; a gold buckle closes the soft belt, draped over the hips. Pattern size 44. J 2573. Ball gown in pale pink crepe de chine. Slightly blousy bodice, narrow underskirt; the tunic, with a wide lace base, goes up in front on the bias to the height of the belt. Pleated cockade fan and long panels of silk rep in madonna blue. Pattern size 42. J 2574. Dance dress in pale mauve satin crepe, for young miss. Fine lace frames the neckline and tunic whose graceful fabric drapery is held in place by pleated fan-shaped rosettes of sharp two-tone ribbon. Pattern size 42. [Page 4]

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LA COQUETTE. J 2575. Lime green crepe de chine afternoon dress for girls with a wide gold lace border. Section of pleats interspersed in front. The pleat section, maintained by a belt, can be opened to give greater fullness of skirt. Pattern size 42. J 2576. Old rose silk chiffon afternoon dress. Large shoulder yoke to which the pleated dress is mounted, front is open and shows an underdress of the same fabric. Buttoned belt. Vestee of gold lace that is also used for the narrow cuffs. Pattern size 42. J 2577. Dress for the dance lesson of Georgette crepe, for large girls. The straight bodice and the skirt cut into shape are lined with large bias of the same, arranged in precise folds. The bias of the neckline, placed in crest, is tied on the left shoulder with floating panels. Pattern size 40. J 2578. Pearl gray wool kasha afternoon dress for girls. Steel blue silk underskirt, covered with a narrow kasha tunic. A steel blue embossed ribbon frames the collar, the small button tab and trims the large pocket. Long blousy sleeves, narrow belt. Pattern size 42. [Page 5]

P. 4

LA COQUETTE. J 2579. Winter coat in Russian green wool velvet. The blouse-like fullness of the bodice is formed by small pleats on the sides. Large box pleats give the fullness of the bottom and are maintained by the belt whose cut forms superimposed flaps. Flared sleeves, trimmed with fur that also decorates the collar and bottom of the coat. Pattern size 44. J 2580. Elegant coat of purple wool velvet. Small inverted tucks narrow the fullness of the sides and back and blouse the bodice, while the bottom of the coat is trimmed with a group of seams. The belt, cut from the back, closes with a buckle. Collar and fur facings dyed in the same tone. Pattern sizes 44 and 48. J 2581. Coat of coarse ribbed rep in rust color. The interlocking pleats and tucks on the sides rise above the narrow waistband and form the blousy bodice. Small loops stop the belt on each side. High collar in fur. Pattern size 44. J 2582. Coat in steel blue rep; straight shape in front and back. On the sides, pleated sections with adhered belt, buttoned on the back of the coat and closed in front with a buckle. Light grey fur for collar and cuff facings. Pattern size 44. [Page 6]

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LA COQUETTE. J 2582a. Street costume for the town in plain wool. The bodice, buttoned in front, slightly blousy above the belt; the skirt, straight in back, is cut with finely pleated inserts that form an apron. Small buttoned pockets. Fur collar and similar trim at the bottom of the pagoda sleeves. Pattern size 44. J 2583. Elegant black velvet dress for the town. The bodice and skirt open to show a white underdress of marocain crepe. The skirt, mounted on a shaped cutout of the bodice, is trimmed with black ribbon edged with white; white fur and small white buttons adorn the bodice. The scarf is decorated with fur. Pattern size 44. J 2584. Town dress in taupe gray wool. Bolero-like worked bodice; skirt formed of tiered flounces, piped in a darker shade. Collar and wimple of pink mirror velvet that also supplements the flounces of the sleeves. Narrow belt crossed and buttoned on the left. Pattern size 44. [Page 7]

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LA COQUETTE. J 2585. Dance dress, very young looking, in pastel blue Georgette crepe. The straight bodice extends to a point on the full double skirt, gathered and edged with peau de cygne-like fur edging. Small roses in silk chiffon, sewn on a gold lamé ribbon, form the belt of this charming model. Trim similar to the neckline and long ribbons. Pattern size 44. J 2586. Elegant evening dress in ivory lace on a silk background of the same color. The bodice, open on a lace guimpe, is slightly gathered under a spray of flowers. Large lace flounces give the fullness of the skirt. Short sleeves. Pattern size 44. J 2587. Evening dress in golden yellow Georgette crepe. Bloused bodice over a tunic laid flat, studded with rhinestones and edged with sable; draped skirt on the left where the wide, very flexible belt is also tied. Vestee of lace. Pattern size 44. J 2588. Elegant evening dress in pinkish mauve crepe de chine. The straight bodice, with a deeply cutout décolleté, is richly embroidered with pearls; the skirt, finely pleated, rises under a cutout in the form that emphasizes the beaded embroidery. Pattern size 44 and 48. Transfer pattern 1½ sheets. [Page 8]

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LA COQUETTE. J 2589. Ball gown, of juvenile allure, in coral taffeta; bodice, gathered on the sides, to which is mounted the ample skirt, gathered and cut at the base, in broad rounded teeth. A roll of coral taffeta arranged in rosette, in each of the rounded teeth forms the trim of this charming toilet. Pattern size 44. J 2590 (Rosalia). Evening dress in lemon yellow Georgette crepe. Blousy bodice, shirred on the shoulders, split on a front of lace of same color; the three flounces of the skirt fall in a nice rounded movement over an apron of lace. Narrow belt fixed in front under a rose. Pattern size 44. J 2591. Ball gown in pink silk chiffon. Narrow small flounces of the same fabric decorate the bottom of the large gathered skirt. The bodice, cutout pointed in front and back, falls over the skirt in cutouts rounded, surrounded by the same small flounces. Pattern size 44. J 2592. Elegant evening gown in cornflower blue crepe de chine decorated with ochre-colored lace on the bodice and skirt; the fullness of the latter is due to sections interspersed by tight shirring. Belt tied on the side. On the shoulder, fancy ostrich feathers. Pattern size 44. [Page 9]

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LA COQUETTE. J 2593 (Mira). Tailor-made suit in sand-colored rep whose short jacket, trimmed with two-tone braid, closes with a single button; pockets at the sides. The plain back of the skirt, is arranged in front with large box pleats. Pattern sizes 44 and 48. J 2594. Elegant cape coat in beige cloth with otter trim. The sleeves are attached to the shoulder yoke, groups of pleats start in front and in the back. Wide buttoned belt. Pattern sizes 44 and 48. J 2595. Russian green wool velvet cape coat. The cape wings, buttoned on the shoulders, are weighed with wide bands of taupe-colored fur. Same fur on the collar. Tailored sleeves; added pockets. Pattern size 44. J 2596. Beige and brown striped wool suit; the very high buttoned jacket is trimmed with fur; patch pockets. Buckled flaps tighten the blousy sleeve. Back of jacket belted and with yoke. Skirt arranged all around in large box pleats. Pattern sizes 44 and 48. [Page 10]