Modenschau, Issue #168, December 1926

Fashion illustrations and editorial content from the German fashion magazine Modenschau (English title: Fashion Show, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) no. 168 for December 1926. Published by Gustav Lyon, Berlin, Germany.

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Front page or cover of the German fashion magazine Modenschau (subtitle: Illustrierte Monats-Zeitschrift für Heim und Gesellschaft) no. 168 of December 1926. 2665: Afternoon dress in navy blue charmelaine with yellow striped and plain yellow finery. Patent leather belt. 2666: Plaid wool dress. Pink crepe Georgette in combination with black is the garnish. 2667: Winter coat made of brown striped tricot fabric in longitudinal and crosswise finishing, collar and cuffs made of dyed fur. Publishing company Gustav Lyon, Berlin SO 16 - Delivery for the book trade in Germany Wilhelm Opetz, Leipzig. Title artwork / title illustration: unsigned/unknown.

Advertising: "Beautiful hair - a joy for the owner and for all who may admire it! If you want to have beautiful hair as well, then take care of regular hair care with the shampoo with the black head", Schwarzkopf hair shampoo, model: Swedish film actress Anna Lisa Ryding (1903-1982), photo: unknown/unsigned; "Elegant silk Royala velour-chiffon-velvet", Samthaus Schmidt, Hanover 16C; "Bobbin laces, 1 pound at 5,- Mk.", Brinkmann's lace mail order Langerfeld-Barmen; "20 meters of ladies' fabric or 10 meters of men's fabric", Carl Schütz wool weaving mill, Lardenbach 11 (Upper Hesse); "Annoying hair! can be easily removed! By what simple means do you like to tell everyone for free", Mrs. M. Poloni, Hanover A 76, Edenstraße 30 A; "Your boy will laugh like that if you give him a Junkers construction kit (60 cm wingspan)", Junkers Aircraft Construction Kit, Pause Aircraft Model Plant, Pasing before Munich, Landsberger Straße 24; "!!Pimples, blackheads!! A simple wonderful means to share with everyone free of charge", Mrs. M. Poloni, Hanover A. 76, Edenstraße 30 A; "Obesity. Shortest successful special treatment of the present for permanent and comfortable removal", "Eclu", Cologne 91, Box 148; "A little reminder... Your children's Christmas wishes come true... Don't forget to put something practical next to the toys. Bleyle clothes are available for the age from 1 to 16 years", Bleyle children's clothing, Factory Wilh. Bleyle G. m. b. H., Stuttgart W 23; Supplementary information from the publishing house Gustav Lyon, Berlin "The two toilet table arrangements we published in issue 167 are from the company Kopp & Joseph, Berlin", "You too should buy a fine shirt for your husband now and then. Made of extra good linen fabrics, I can deliver it to you about 30% cheaper than in a shop from my own production", Paul Hein, weaving mill and linen factory, Kötzschenbroda; Against red hands Eta-hand covers, for snow-white teeth Eta-mass, for lovely curls Eta-hair curl spirit, against red nose Eta-nose bath, for beard and eyebrows Eta-eyebrow balm, for eyes Eta-eyebrow bath, for removal of tattoos or birthmarks Eta-drops, "Eta" Chemische Fabrik G. m. b. H., Berlin-Pankow 264, Borkumstr. 2.

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Front page or cover of the fashion show (subtitle: Zeitschrift für Heim und Gesellschaft) No 168 of December 1926. Article: Amber, Max, Snow Flake Dance. A Christmas Story by Max Bernstein. (possibly 1854-1925). The photographic illustration below has the caption "Christmas crib, made in the Industrie- u. Gewerbeschule in Sonneberg". Photo: Kester & Co, Munich.

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Article: Amber, Max, Snow Flake Dance. A Christmas Story by Max Bernstein. (possibly 1854-1925). The central drawing in the middle of the page shows an older gentleman and a boy sitting at the dining room table. In the background there is a bright Christmas tree and the boy's parents, who have probably just come home. The caption reads "Hanschen commanded only the red soldiers. The leader of the blue ones was an old man". Drawing/illustration: C. Vogt (?, unknown/unknown).

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Article: Wentz, Paulina, Modern Jewellery by Paulina Wentz (Biographical data unknown). The two photographic images have the captions "Fancy Necklace made of color-tinted pearl strings - the latest in jewelry fashion" and "Modern jewelry made of a row of pearls, a wide bracelet and a large solitaire, which effectively emphasizes the fine beauty of the famous film actress Lilian Harvey [1906-1968]". Photos: Ernst Sandau (1880-1918, studio taken over by Suse Byk, 1884-1943).

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Article: Wentz, Paulina, Modern Jewellery by Paulina Wentz (Biographical data unknown). In the center of the page there is a photograph of the German film actress of Russian origin Olga Chekhova (1897-1980) holding in her lap the edition of the Modenschau of August 1926 in her hand. The caption reads: "Even the best-dressed woman finds valuable hints in the issues of her 'Modenschau' - Olga Chekhova". Photo: Alexander Binder, Berlin (1888-1929).

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Article: Sell, Anita, What Do I Give My Child? (by Anita Sell). The article presents three photographs with the captions "The journey to fairyland", "The industrious little weaver" and "The budding master builder". Photos: Ernst Sandau (1880-1918, studio taken over by Suse Byk, 1884-1943).

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Article: Henkel, Alice, Modern Fountain of Youth by Alice Henkel. The article presents three photographs with the captions "Line massage: Elimination of wrinkles from nose to mouth", "Vibrating massage: circulation and thus refreshing of the face" and "Dot roller massage". Photos: Claire Sonderhoff, Berlin W 15 (or Cläre Sonderhoff, biographical data unknown).

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Advertising: Full-page advertisement, "4711 - Where old customs create a happy festive mood, '4711' should not be missing on the table of gifts. 4711 Kölnisch Wasser", Eau de Cologne. Drawing/Illustration: unknown/unsigned.

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Article: Sell, Anita, What Do I Give My Child? (by Anita Sell). The drawing on the top right has the caption "Skilled boy hands at work!" Drawing/Illustration: unsigned/unknown. "Our 50,000 mark contest". Announcement of the notarial drawing of lots by the publishing house Gustav Lyon, Berlin SO 16, for prizes worth 50,000 Reichsmark (see Modenschau issue no. 164 of August and no. 166 of October), which was planned for the first days of December (printing of the December issue: November 1st, 1926). The publication of the winners among the 300,000 subscribers was promised for either the January or February issue. Advertising: "Watch this! Here it is written what you have to take if you want to keep a fresh mouth and healthy beautiful teeth. You have to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with 'O d o l' every day. Because 'Odol' is the good mouthwash that the big people always need and all children like so much because it makes their mouths so fresh. Mummy says: "I love to kiss you again when you have rinsed your mouth with 'O d o l'", Odol Mouthwash, Lingner Werke Dresden, Drawing/Illustration: Inez Topham (1885-1959).