Modenschau, Issue #203, November 1929

Fashion illustrations and editorial content from the German fashion magazine Modenschau (English title: Fashion Show, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) no. 203 for November 1929. Published by Gustav Lyon, Berlin, Germany.

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Front page or cover of the German fashion magazine Modenschau (English title: Fashion Show, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) No. 203 of November 1929. "Winter fashions 1929/30". 4121: White wool jersey sports suit. Brown buttons on the skirt accentuate the side pleats. Jumper with brown trim. 4122: Sports suit consisting of a light yellow wool jersey jumper with white and black trims and a plain grey skirt of soft, fine wool. Publishing company Gustav Lyon, Berlin SO 16 - Delivery for the book trade in Germany Wilhelm Opetz, Leipzig. Title drawing / title illustration: "G" (probably Gerhard Georg August Gagelmann or Gert Gagelmann, 1902-1964).

Article: O. V., Feathered Builders. Advertising: "New! Electric hand dryer Manu-Fön. Heissa! Santa Claus arrives on a sailing sledge; with wind speed, as we can see, a big hair dryer drives him forward! [...] For natural body and beauty care: electric vibrators, electric high-frequency devices, electric safety heating pads", Sanitas Berlin factory N 24; "You can get relaxation without travelling at any time, you can gain slimness, elasticity, a clear complexion and youthful freshness in a simple way by enjoying Dr. Ernst Richter's breakfast herbal tea", Dr. Ernst Richter's breakfast herbal tea, Fabrik pharm. kosm. Präparate, Hermes Munich p.70, Güllstr. 7; "His favorite sport the speeding ride on Steiff-Bärkopf scooters. Steiff children's vehicles have proven themselves in hard use. For every child, these vehicles, tested thousands of times, offer endless pleasure. The careful work of all parts guarantees easy, silent running, long life and safe, healthy play", Steiff Bear's Head Scooter and Soapbox, Margarete Steiff GmbH, Giengen a. Brenz 49 (Württ.)

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Article: Fischer, Alfred Joachim, Blond or Black? A survey on the temperament of women by Alfred Joachim Fischer (by Alfred Joachim Fischer, 1909-1992). The article is accompanied by eight photographic portraits of the interviewees or as examples. The persons depicted are the film star Charlotte Susa (1898-1976), the Austrian film actress Jenny Jugo (1904-2001), the Hungarian film actress Camilla von Hollay (1899-1967), the German stage and film actress Lil Dagover (1887-1980), the Dutch opera singer Cornelis Bronsgeest (1878-1957), the German actor Johannes Rieman (or Riemann, 1888-1959), the German-Hungarian journalist Eugen Szatmary (or Szatmari, 1892-1952) and the German actress Claire Rommer (1904-1996). Photos: Kiesel, Berlin.

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Article: Opitz, Anni, jewellery for every woman! (from Anni Opitz). The article shows three photographs of ladies with necklaces and two women admiring necklaces. The caption of the photo below is "What do you like best?". Photos: Studio Becker & Maass, Berlin.

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Article (rhyme): Malkowsky, Emil Ferdinand, Pökelmann's "Silberne" (probably by Emil Ferdinand Malkowsky, 1880-1965). The two captions of the drawings are "We don't want to blow a march, his wife blows it often enough" and "A nice 'present'". Drawings/Illustrations: Hans Ewald Kossatz (1901-1985).

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Article: Roda Roda, Alexander, Famous (by Alexander Friedrich Ladislaus Roda Roda, 1872-1945). The drawn picture above shows a lady turning away from the breakfast table with a slightly disapproving expression of history and an elderly gentleman in a black morning suit, explaining to the lady and supporting one hand on the table. In the other hand the gentleman is holding a cloth napkin. Drawing/illustration: Ernst Ludwig Kretschmann (1897-1941).

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Advertising: Full page advertisement, "None of the usual liquid hair washing soaps has even remotely the effect of Pixavon. Insist firmly on 'Pixavon' (only in closed original bottles) for hair washing at home as well as in the hairdressing salon. Pixavon - The best hygienic hair washing soap for the care of head and hair. Pixavon Shampoo has the same ingredients as Pixavon. It has been created to pave the way to beauty, happiness and fame for all who are unable to spend more than 30 pfennigs for two hair washes. PIXAVON now also Pixavon Shampoo!", Pixavon Shampoo.

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Hirsch-Matzdorff, Alice MD, your beauty treatment. The fight against blackheads, tired eyes (by Dr. med. Alice Hirsch-Matzdorff). Advertising: "For body and feet only dialone powder", dialone powder; "Märklin metal construction kit. The game of the bright youth. Brochures available in all relevant shops. Sources of supply can be obtained from Gebr. Märklin & Cie G.m.b.H. Göppingen 6, Württbg.", Gebr. Märklin & Cie G.m.b.H. Göppingen 6, Württbg., Drawing/Illustration: Eugen Prinz-Schulte (1902-1981)

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Article: O. V., Modern Women's Professions. The pedagogical professions (head teacher, study councilor, director of studies). Advertising: "If you don't want to dye your hair gray. Entrupal ges. gesch. the biological cholesterol-containing hair-strengthening water, which has been tried and tested for years, supplies the weakened hair roots with the used pigments (dyes), so that grey hair and offspring regain their former colour in a natural way", cash on delivery by mail order company K. Hollaender, Berlin-Steglitz 150, Kissinger Straße 13; "Märklin Metal Toys, the wish of your children. Get your hands on the 82-page Märklin catalog D6 edition 1929 immediately, which is available in all relevant stores. Upon request, sources of supply can be verified by Gebr. Märklin & Cie G.m.b.H. Göppingen 6, Württbg.", Gebr. Märklin & Cie G.m.b.H. Göppingen 6, Württbg., Drawing/Illustration: Josef Danilowatz (1877-1945).

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Article: O. V., Adoptive Children in the Animal Kingdom. The photograph matching the article has the caption "White shepherd dog with young Abyssinian lions". Photo: Zoological Garden, Berlin. Advertising: "Pigeon wool, the most delicate zephyr wool, blanket wool", Norddeutsche Wollkämmerei & Kammgarnspinnerei (North German wool combing & worsted spinning mill, or NWK wool for short), Photo: Studio Ernst Schneider, Berlin (1881-1959).