Modenschau, Issue #214, October 1930

Fashion illustrations and editorial content from the German fashion magazine Modenschau (English title: Fashion Show, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) no. 214 for October 1930. Published by Gustav Lyon, Berlin, Germany.

Pages in total: 64 (62 online, page 7/8 missing)

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Front page or cover of the German fashion magazine Modenschau (English title: Fashion Show, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) No. 214 of October 1930. 5479: Bolero dress in blue wool Georgette with bow effect. White serrated neckline. Harmonious sleeve trimming. 5480: Dress in light patterned woolen fabric with wine-red trimming, for girls aged 4 to 8 years. A sash is pulled through at the base of the pleated skirt. Publishing company Gustav Lyon, Berlin SO 16 - Delivery for the book trade in Germany Wilhelm Opetz, Leipzig. Titel illustration/title drawing: "Ga" (Gerhard Georg August Gagelmann or Gert Gagelmann, 1902-1964).

Article: O. V., Anecdotes. Advertising: Bahlsen, Leibniz cookie "contains only the finest dairy butter". Information from the publisher: Below are the rates for Lyon patterns (large pattern, small pattern, small pattern, small pattern, cuts according to personal measurements, flattening patterns as well as piercing breaks) as well as information on the normal sizes for women, girls and boys.

P. 1

Front page of the German Illustrated Fashion Show (subtitle: Zeitschrift für Heim und Gesellschaft) No. 214 of October 1930. The title page shows a large-format photograph of a smiling lady looking past the camera lens on the side. The caption reads: "The tight-fitting velvet cap has prevailed for this winter; in the combination of black and white it is particularly dressable and elegant". Photo: Ifag.

P. 2

Article: Gevel, Claude, Pussi, the Heir (by Claude Gevel, 1886-1968). The illustration above shows a landscape. In the left background there is a castle-like collection of houses. In the foreground there is a tree, a stall and sitting people. Illustration/drawing: unsigned (probably Hans Ewald Kossatz (1901-1985).

P. 3

Article: Hecht, Dr. Robert, beauty in old age (by Dr. Robert Hecht, biographical data unknown). The article is accompanied by the photograph of an elderly lady and an elderly gentleman. The captions are "Rabindranath Tagore [1861-1941], the famous Indian poet, also highly honoured in Germany" and "Gabriele Reuter [1859-1941], who as a novelist has created a large community". Photos: Erfurth; Elvira.

P. 4

5596: Distinctive visitor's dress in dark colored wool Georgette. The model is enlivened by a light-colored lined shawl that falls onto the skirt formed by three shaped flounces. The bloused waist closes in a row. The slim sleeves are trimmed with buttons. 5597: Elegant afternoon dress in dark blue marocaine. Ivory crepe de chine makes up the trimming, which also has an aperture trim with embroidered shells. Effective bell skirt, extended backwards. 5598: Wintry dress in bottle-green wool marocaine, with champagne-colored Georgette trimming. The skirt is finished with two flat flounces, which are interrupted in the center front by a narrow band. Ball knobs. Photos: Joel Feder, New York City (biographical data unknown).

P. 5

5599: Beautiful winter coat in brown velours de laine with a clothing set of raccoon. Wide superimposed form, held together by a fabric belt. 5600: Practical dress in fantasy tweed; collar and sleeves are garnished with plain material. The dress is worked with effective cut effects, which form folds on the skirt. 5601/02: Costume in tobacco-colored wool fabric. Cut effects together with quilting and a beautiful fox collar make up the garnish. With blouse of light crepe de Chine. Photos: Joel Feder, New York City (Biographical data unknown).

P. 6

Article: Becker, H., Living Silhouettes (by H. Becker, unknown). The contribution presents three still images from silhouette animation films. The two captions read "Above and right: Scenes from the silhouette film 'Prinz Achmed' [from 1926, note M. K.] by Lotte Reiniger [1899-1981]. This type of film, literally black-and-white art, lives from the painterly imagination that joins the artistically conceived marionettes to a cultivated fairy tale film. Both images are taken from the interesting illustration work 'Filmphotos wie nie nie', published by Kindt u. Bucher G.m.b.H., Gießen" and "Unten: Funny dialogue between the famous Dr. Dolittle and his lion. The adventures of this animal-friendly doctor were also widely broadcast by the Berliner Rundfunk". Photos: Publishing house Kindt u. Bucher G.m.b.H.; Ufa.

P. 9

Article: Hirsch-Matzdorff, Dr. med. Alice, your beauty care (red eyelids, sweat trickles, cold feet; by Dr. med. Alice Hirsch-Matzdorff, life data unknown). Advertising: "On the stove her hair loses its delicate scent if not washed regularly. Therefore you should at least wash your head every week. You can do this without worrying if you use Schwarzkopf Schaumpon-Extra for washing", Schwarzkopf Schaumpon-Extra (shampoo) and Schwarzkopf Hair Shine. Photo: Straub.

P. 10

Article: Zigan, Emma, Modern Women's Vocations. Fur farming (by Emma Zigan). The article shows a photographic image of Emma Zigan standing between four fur cages in her garden. The caption reads "The author of our article feeds her mink animals". Advertising: "Neuschöpfungen zur Rundfunksaison 1930/31", Geatron '33 and Geadem '33 by AEG, three-tube mains receiver RM 150,- for alternating current, RM 160,- for direct current, four-tube mains receiver RM 305,- for alternating current, RM 332,- for direct current.

P. 11

Article: Zigan, Emma, Modern Women's Vocations. Fur farming (by Emma Zigan); Paula, Anna, dear friend! I advise you ... (by Anna Paula). Advertising: "Our gift catalogue is valuable for you! You receive valuable gifts for the vouchers on the packages of Lux soap flakes, Sunlicht soap, Vim, Suma", Sunlicht advertising gifts catalogue, Sunlicht Gesellschaft A.G., Mannheim.

P. 12

Article: Paula, Anna, dear friend! I advise you... (by Anna Paula). Information from the publisher: "Important for all readers of this newspaper", survey of all 300,000 readers of the magazine Modenschau with the answers to the questions "1. which articles did you particularly like?", "2. do you wish more or less fashionable content?", "3. what is your profession?", "4. if married, what is your husband's profession?", "5. how many heads does your family count with whom you live?" and "6. what is the name of the place where you live?".

P. 13

Article: Paula, Anna, dear friend! I advise you... (by Anna Paula). Advertising: "Don't be afraid that even your dress will be spoiled by sweat! There is a perfect protection: Wear only Kleinert's Armblätter in all clothes", Kleinert's Armblätter, Kleinert Hanseatische Gummiwerke GmbH, Verkaufsdirektion Berlin S 8, Friedrichstrasse 59, Photo: Becker & Maaß, Berlin; "The most reliable sleeping aid and the safest beauty product are woolen blankets", advertisement for woolen blankets.

P. 14

Article: Wogan, Dr Gertrud, The Right to the Trousseau (by Dr Gertrud Wogan). Advertising: "An attempt will remove all doubt! Kaffee Hag actually tastes just as good as other bean coffees of the highest quality, because it is a blend of the finest Central and South American coffees and has the added advantage that it is caffeine-free and therefore completely harmless. Even nervous and cardiacs can drink it at any time without hesitation and it does not even harm children. Try it dock, you will be surprised, madam", decaffeinated coffee Hag.

P. 15

Article: Wogan, Dr Gertrud, The Right to the Trousseau (by Dr Gertrud Wogan). Advertising: "Call to all men, women and girls! Cut! Store! completely free hair examination", hair examination with questionnaire, Anna Csillag G.m.b.H., Frankfurt a. M. 631.

P. 16

Article: O. V., your first love. Advertising: "The elegant coat is made of velvet! The most clothing for the winter is undoubtedly a velvet coat. With an elegantly cut model, the advantages of the noble Lindener velvet, the softness of the material, such as the shimmering sheen of the colour, are particularly beneficial. - The velvet cloak shown above, in a three-quarter length form, appears very distinguished in its simple design. A flattering fur trimming gives it an extraordinarily elegant touch", Lindener velvet, photo: unsigned/unknown.

P. 17

Article: K., A., fashion report (from the French, A. K.). 5514: Autumn costume in brown duvetine, garnished with white rep. The skirt is extended by pleats. Seams on the jacket. Photo: unsigned/unknown.

P. 18

5481: Simple dress in rust-red wool ribs. The skirt is arranged all around in pleats, which are held at the top by quilting. The end is under the front flap. White crepe de chine trimming. 5482: Dress in light wool rib. The waist has white inserts, collar and cuffs. The pleated skirt has a hip yoke with pockets attached. Flap decoration. 5483: Snappy bolero dress in brownish jersey tweed. The hip yoke has the pointed parts cut into it, which reach between the bell panels at the front and back. Collar and lapel set in white piqué. 5484: Simple dress in checked wool fabric. For skirt and trimming trims the material is processed diagonally. The white silk trimming shows black curled edges. Black suede belt.

P. 19

5485: Simple morning dress in crêpe caid with diagonal hip yoke cut to the front panel The buttoned-in waist, collar and sleeve panels are made of white silk. 5486: Street dress in light poplin with a single waist. Bell skirt with pleats, skirt base and sleeves with dark buttons. Small white piqué waistcoat with serrated effect. 5487: Dress in grey crêpe caid with wide waist and hip yoke; the front and back panels are cut. Bell-shaped side panels. White silk trimming, blue leather belt and buttons. 5488: Dress in dark red wool marocain with distinctive cut effects. The skirt is extended at the front by pleats. At the neckline and sleeves attached panels with white silk piping.

P. 20

5489: Simple afternoon dress in brown, white nubbed wool georgette. Plain material is used for the panels. Buckle closure at the belt in one colour. White crêpe de chine waistcoat. 5490: Autumn dress in blue and white striped wool fabric. The stripes are used diagonally for the bell skirt. The neckline is filled with a white crêpe de chine waistcoat with hollow seam decoration. 5491: Apart dress in nubbly tweed. The striking, asymmetrically arranged panels are set off with a decorative button border. Pleat group at the side of the skirt. 5492: Afternoon dress in blue and white patterned wool orgette. The pleated skirt and the white crêpe de chine trimming have a jagged effect. A galalith buckle holds the belt. A ribbon loop on the collar.

P. 21

5493: Coat in patterned wool fabric. High-necked form, slightly bloused by the leather belt. Collar and lapels made of fur. 5494: Winter coat in brown duvetine. The right front part has the belt cut, which reaches over the back and is unbuttoned on the right side. Dressable fur collar. Same fur strips on the sleeves. 5495: Coat of coarse tweed. The longitudinal division at the sides holds the large pockets. High lapels on the inserted sleeves. The front parts are superimposed to form a double-breasted button closure. 5496: Sporty coat in striped, coarse wool. The lapel collar and the lapels show brown fur trimming. The front parts are fitted with pockets.

P. 22

5497: Youth costume made of deer coloured wool rip. Belted jacket with blond fur collar. The patch pockets show incisions. At the sides of the skirt groups of folds. 5498: Costume with three-quarter-length jacket. Green velour de laine is recommended as material. Skirt with pleats. The side yoke is cut to the belt. Shawl collar and sleeve trimming of nutria rabbit. 5499: Practical costume made of English wool fabric. The jacket is held together by the narrow belt. Large patch pockets on the sides. The skirt is extended by folds at the sides. 5500: Costume made of tobacco-brown wool rib. On the skirt the front group of pleats is held by quilting. Jacket with lapel collar and single row button closure. Aparte pockets.

P. 23

5501: Bolero dress in red wool crepe. The collar, the lower sleeve and waist parts and the tie ends are made of beige crêpe de chine and have red embroidery. Slightly bell-shaped skirt. 5502: Simple dress in medium-coloured wool fabric with matt silk trimming. Hip-fit skirt with pleat group stitched at the top. Narrow fabric belt. 5503: Dress in blue and white patterned wool fabric with bolero effect. The skirt with pleat groups at the sides is complemented by a hip yoke. The silk trimming is in light yellow. 5504: Simple afternoon dress in light wool fabric. The bell-shaped skirt is complemented by a hip yoke. The light silk trimming ends with Valencian nets lace. Metal buckle on the belt.

P. 24

5505: Snappy afternoon dress in medium crêpe de Chine. Bolero effect at the waist and narrow collar bordered by a serrated pleated valance. The sleeves are fitted with round cut flounces. 5506: Afternoon dress in printed crêpe de Chine. The skirt is finished off with an equally round cut flounce above the bell base. White serrated silk collar with lace trim. 5507: Elegant afternoon dress of navy blue crêpe de chine. Skirt with round cut flounces, which overlap at the front. Neckline panel with light ribbon bow. High cuffs at the sleeves. 5508: Medium-coloured wool georgette is used for this model, which is effectively garnished with groups of piping. The hip yoke has flaps cut into the bell skirt.

P. 25

5509: Blue charmelaine dress with black braid. The front yoke has a cutted flap which reaches over the belt. Skirt extended by groups of pleats. Collar and sleeve trimming of white crêpe de chine. Cut for 14 to 16 years. 5510: Young girl's dress in plain wool fabric. The waistcoat decorated with tucks, the collar and cuffs are made of light silk. Skirt extended by pleats. Cut for 14 to 16 years. 5511: Backfish dress in yellow nubbly tweed. The yoke is trimmed in aperture-shaped pieces that reach to the base of the skirt at the front and to the belt at the back. Cut for 14 to 16 years. 5512: Elegant dress in wine-red rep for fried fish. Waist with bolero effect. Like the vest, the back panel is made of light-coloured material. Cut for 14 to 16 years. 5513: Kasak dress in blue patterned crêpe caid. The waist shows seam division at the front. Skirt and lap are extended by counter pleats. Cut for 14 to 16 years.

P. 26

5515: Coat for baking fish, made of English wool fabric with distinctive cuts on the back and sleeves. The quilted belt is pulled through above the patch pockets. Small brown fur collar. Cut for 14 to 16 years. 5516: Sports coat in raglan form made of beige cloth. The coat has double-breasted buttons and has a patch panel at the back. Large pockets; rich quilting ornamentation. Cut for 14 to 16 years. 5517: Elegant fried fish coat in red linden velvet with a grey fur collar and matching cuffs. The base of the bell-shaped lap is covered by panels. 5518: Blue wool coat with brown fur collar. The coat shows a back yoke and lateral cut divisions. Counterfold in the back. A belt, coming from the front seams, holds the width together.

P. 26a

5519: Red velvet dress. The skirt, arranged in counter pleats, is placed in an arch of the hip yoke, which is interrupted at the front by a flap panel. Effective white silk trimming. 5520: Street dress in coloured patterned wool fabric. Waist with bolero jacket. This shows a white insert and white cuffs. Skirt with hip yoke and pleat groups. 5521: Autumn dress in brown wool georgette. Godets are worked into the front of the bell skirt, which ends with serrations on the top. The front and sleeves have tucks. The fichu collar of white silk ends with lace. 5522: Bolero dress of green wool fabric, can also be worn without a jacket. Waist and sleeves are completed with white material. Green edging at neckline and flap. Bell skirt with hip yoke.

P. 26b

5523: Elegant afternoon dress in rust-red velour chiffon. Godets are worked into the skirt. The hip yoke is interrupted by tucks. Collar and sleeve attachments of écrufarbener Spitze. 5524: Elegant dress in blue velour chiffon. The gathered waist, cut to a point at the front and back, reaches between the skirt, which shows godets inserted at the divisions. 5525: Visitor dress in bottle green linden velour chiffon. The base of the bell skirt is emphasized by a panel. Slim collar. A pearl griffin holds the trimming. 5526: Afternoon dress in blue velour chiffon. The bell skirt is divided in a beautiful line. The white crêpe de chine trimming has a bow edge. Narrow belt.

P. 26c

5527: Dress in medium blue velvet for young girls. The skirt is extended by lateral pleats. White crêpe de chine trimming with serrated edge. 5528: Young girl's dress in brownish wool crêpe de Chine. The bell skirt is cut into the rising panel. Collar and sleeve trimming of dotted material. 5529: Youth dress in light red wool georgette. The skirt consists of a hip yoke and bell-bottomed skirt, the front of which is extended by a counter pleat. White crepe de chine trimming. 5530: Bolero dress in black silk marocaine crepe. At the front a white vest, arranged in pleats, is visible. Bell skirt. 5531: Snappy bolero dress in fashionable wool ribbing. Flap effect on the bell skirt. The white silk waistcoat and lapels show flounce trim.

P. 26d

5532: Promenade dress in light coloured wool fabric, with white collar, vest insert and sleeve panels. The skirt is extended by inserted pleated parts. The model forms a complete with the jacket J 5533. 5533: The jacket in light-coloured woollen fabric completes dress J 5532. Dressed shawl collar in brown nutria. The belt is led through incisions. Slanting pockets. 5534: Elegant autumn costume in navy blue wool rip. The curved jacket shows a buttoned waistcoat of white silk repp. At this button closure. The skirt shows folds in the front. 5535: Complementary coat of blue-ground, white spotted wool, fitted with a cape and a fur tie. The dress J 5536 is the complement.

P. 26e

5536: Dress in blue-ground, white spotted wool fabric, completed by the coat J 5535. White crêpe de chine is used for the vest and cuffs. The skirt is fitted with pleated parts. 5537: Practical dress made of fashionable, strong tweed, completed by the coat J 5538. The front parts are wide and reach over each other to form a button closure. Skirt with counter pleats. 5538: A smart coat in fashionable, strong tweed, matching dress J 5537. The edges are accentuated by decorative stitching. Large patch pockets at the sides. Double-breasted button closure. A belt is attached to the back. 5539: The dress made of finely striped wool fabric is complemented by the plain-coloured cloth coat J 5540 to complete the dress. Graduated braid trimming at the bell base and round cuffs. White silk collar. 5540: Elegant cloth coat, completed by the finely striped dress J 5539 in the same colour. The match is achieved by the braid trimming. Light grey rabbit shawl collar.

P. 26f

5541: Dance dress made of green silk and green lace fabric combined, for young girls The bell flounces show bow edge. 5542: Dance dress in antique pink crêpe de chine. The skirt with encrusted lace base shows an invading trimming on the right side. 5543: Elegant dance dress in yellow crêpe satin. Bell parts are worked into the front and back, over which bell flounces fall. 5544: Dance dress in rust-red crêpe satin. The bell skirt rises in front up to the waist. The embroidery seam emphasizes a bell flounce. 5545: Elegant dance dress in white crêpe de chine for young girls. The long waist, gathered at the front by pulling in rows, is worked up with a bell flounce. The bell skirt follows in the same lines.

P. 26g

5546: Evening dress in black crêpe satin with diagonally overlapping front parts. Pink panels fill the neckline. Pleated skirt. Ribbon. 5547: Evening dress in brown linden velour chiffon. Nice tiered skirt with small hip yoke. Brocade fabric of the same colour is used for the insert. The trimming is superimposed at the front and ends backwards in a bow. 5548: Evening dress in yellow patterned chiffon. The close-fitting waist shows a group of hems at the front. A bell flounce is attached to the bell skirt. Flowery tuff at the sides. 5549: Evening gown in medium blue crêpe de Chine. The effectively divided skirt is extended at the sides. The jacket has a pink ribbon bow with a pointed neckline.

P. 26h

5550: Afternoon dress in patterned crêpe de chine. The skirt shows cascading trimmings cut at the sides. The white crêpe de chine garnish ends with pleated lace. 5551: Autumn dress in patterned velvet. A flap panel is cut into the front part to hold the slight gathering of the hip yoke. The skirt consists of bell flounces. White collar with jabot. 5552: Elegant afternoon dress in dark linden velour. The waist is cut at the hip yoke, which is attached to the bell skirt with lace at the front. Collar and cuffs are made of écrufarbenem Crêpe de Chine. 5553: Youthful dress in coloured wool georgette. Bolero waist with distinctive white collar and bib. Matching cuffs and cuffs. Hip yoke with moulded panels. Bell skirt.

P. 27

5554: School dress in plaid wool fabric for girls aged 6 to 10 years Collar in blue silk. 5555: Festive dress in medium blue taffeta, richly decorated with flounces, for girls from 4 to 8 years. 5556: Dress in blue and white patterned wool crepe for girls from 4 to 8 years. 5557: Hanger dress in medium green wool crepe with smock sewing and flounce decoration, for girls aged 2 to 6 years. Cut for 2 to 4 years 40 Pf., for 4 to 6 years 75 Pf. 5558: School dress in brown kasha for girls from 10 to 14 years. Collar and cuffs made of pique. 5559: Dress in nubbly tweed for girls from 12 to 16 years. Cut for 12 to 14 years 75 Pf., for 14 to 16 years 1 Mk. 5560: Dress in medium-coloured wool rib for girls from 8 to 12 years. Pleated skirt.

P. 28

5561/62: Ensemble of reddish tweed with groups of folds, for girls from 8 to 12 years. 5563: Woolen woollen coat for girls aged 4 to 8. Leather belt. 5564: Coat in light-coloured tweed with groups of pleats and collar scarf, for girls aged 4 to 8. 5565: Coat in blue patterned woollen fabric, for girls from 10 to 14 years old; inset pockets. 5566: Coat in green woollen fabric with light fur trimming, for girls from 2 to 6 years old. Cut for 2 to 4 years 40 Pf., for 4 to 6 years 75 Pf. 5567: Winter coat of blue velours de laine with grey crimmer trimming and stitched pleats, for girls 6 to 10 years. 5568: Brisk winter coat in wool fabric with bell-shaped side panels, for girls 12 to 16 years. Cut for 12 to 14 years 75 Pf., for 14 to 16 years 1 Mk.

P. 29

"For stronger ladies". 5569: Brown marocaine afternoon dress for stronger women. White crêpe de chine insert with dark trim. The bell skirt is divided several times. Slim shawl collar. Jewelless sleeves. 5570: Afternoon dress in dark nubbly wool fabric, for stronger ladies. The front parts reach over a panel decorated with tucks. Group of piping in the middle of the back. Collar, panels and lapels are made of fashionable coloured cloth. 5571: Dress in blue diagonal wool fabric, for stronger women. Vest and cuffs in white crêpe de chine show blue satin stitching. Flattened pattern, price 20 Pf.

P. 30

"For stronger ladies". 5572: Simple dress in wool georgette with piping garnish, for stronger ladies. The skirt is set in a curved line and shows seam division at the front. Buttoned sleeves. Light silk jabot collar with bow fastening. 5573: Practical dress in dark wool fabric with a full-length cut, for stronger women. The model is richly decorated with tucks and buttons. Garnish of pink georgette. 5574: Dress in brown wool fabric, for stronger women. The front and back are pleated, under which a dark brown belt is drawn. Bell-shaped sleeve flounces, garnished with darker trimmings at the base. Light silk collar.

P. 31

"For stronger ladies". 5575: Winter coat in brown wool fabric, patterned in itself, for stronger women. Parts set in at the front and back, which continue down in folds. The collar and the distinctive sleeve trimming are made of dark brown fur. Double-breasted button closure. 5576: Simple winter coat in nubbly wool fabric, for stronger women. The single-breasted buttoned coat has large set-in pockets and a stitched counter-fold at the back. The sleeves and pockets have attached panels. Dark fur collar. 5577: Winter coat made of blue cloth with grey Persian trimming, especially suitable for stronger women. Distinctive cut effects on the front parts. The model is extended by pleats.

P. 32

5578: Dress in brown crêpe georgette over silk of the same colour, suitable for bride's mothers The bell-shaped skirt is fitted with a smooth front panel that extends to the hip yoke. Slim sleeve. The striking pink georgette set is sewn with pearls in the same colour. 5579: Elegant dress in black georgette over a petticoat in crêpe satin, suitable for bridal mothers. The hip yoke is cut at the left side, while at the right it is narrowed by hems. As a garnish pearl embroidery. Flattening pattern, price 20 Pf. BK 13: Bridal gown made of crêpe de chine with an effective tiered skirt, which, rising to the left side, shows a tight skirt. At the waist left side a waterfall like trimming. Slim sleeve. BK 25: The crêpe de Chine wedding dress is trimmed at the sides with a round cut garment. Smock motif at the waist. Flounces border the slender sleeves.

P. 33

5582: Kasak blouse in light marocaine crepe with distinctive trimmings. Cutting material is used for facings and belt. 5583: Blouse of medium coloured silk garnished with light material. This is used to make collars and sleeve flounces, which are pleated and have an arched finish. 5584: Shirt blouse of striped bast silk with front button closure and slender sleeves. Tie sticking out at the turn-down collar. 5585: Blouse skirt of patterned wool fabric. The skirt is folded in at the front down the hip-fit-like division. Narrow fabric belt with buckle. 5586: Practical blouse skirt in tweed. A pleated section is inserted at the front. The pleats are held by embroidered flies. 5587: Elegant blouse in pink georgette with vest, neckline trim and cuffs in yellow. The vest is buttoned and looped at the end. The neckline is trimmed at the armpits.

P. 34

5588: Winter coat in dark blue cloth, double-breasted buttoning. Partially stitched counter-fold at the back. A belt coming from the side seams holds the width together. Large pockets in the front with overlapping flaps. 5589: Elegant winter coat in red duvetine with opossum trim. Distinctive cuts at the front and back. A small belt is cut at the sides to hold the coat together at the front. 5590: Sporty coat in blue diagonal wool fabric with quilting decoration. Counter pleats at the front and sides, which extend to the large patch pockets. Belt with buckle closure. 5591: Practical coat in brown tweed. The patch pockets continuously form the panels extending to the yoke. At the back the yoke is cut in connection with the narrow middle panel.

P. 35

5592: Dressing gown in green fleece with deep shawl collar. The garnish on the collar, pockets and sleeves is made of patterned silk. A suitably tinted cord has been chosen for the tie closure. 5593: Brown kasha house dress. Slightly bell-shaped skirt with diagonal pocket incisions. Belts and panels are made of patterned Kasha. 5594: House dress in striped flannel with white trimming. The material used for the yoke and the one-sided pocket is cross-striped. 5595: Bright yellow flannel dressing gown with white bow trimmings. Tapered collar at the back. Tied at the sides.

P. 36

St 1411: Oval table or buffet coverlet in perforated embroidery with insert and lace. Size 40/80, drawn and garnished on white half-linen Mk. 3.75; on linon Mk. 3.50. Flattened pattern 80 Pf. St 1412 & St 1413: Handkerchief pockets in hole and satin stitch embroidery 14/27, sketched and garnished on half-linen (fabric size 45/30) 75 Pf.; on linon 60 Pf.; on pure linen Mk. 1,-. Flattened pattern per number 20 Pf. St 1414: Cushion with stylised floral motifs in two-coloured embroidery on a light-coloured ground. Size 42/65 with back, drawn on light fashion, grey or jade green half-linen Mk. 2,25; matching embroidery material Mk. 1,25. Flattened pattern 80 Pf. St 1415: Tablecloth of 12 squares with insert and lace. Finished size 140 x 180 (size of the single square 43/43); drawn on white half-linen Mk. 8,50; drawn and decorated with insert and lace Mk. 16,25. Further squares (for enlargement) only drawn per piece 75 Pf. Flattening pattern (12 squares) Mk. 2,40. St 1416: Round blanket in hole embroidery with insert and lace 80 cm diameter, sketched and garnished on white half-linen Mk. 5,50, on linon Mk. 5 - hand-embroidered and garnished 18,50 marks, flattened pattern Mk. 1,60.

P. 37

Article: Gevel, Claude, Pussi, the Heir (by Claude Gevel, 1886-1968). At the top is a drawn short story entitled "Unrivalled", which is intended as an advertisement for clothes made according to Lyon patterns; illustration/drawing: Hans Ewald Kossatz (1901-1985). Advertising: "In theatre and concert, the performances take up all your attention. Mental pleasures are strenuous! That's why you'll enjoy eating a piece of chocolate or a praline during the breaks to be more receptive again", Stollwerck Schokolade und Pralinen, Drawing/Illustration: Felix Schwormstädt (1870-1938).

P. 38

Article: Publisher Gustav Lyon, Department of Graphology, Character and Handwriting. Advertising: "Delightful water waves" through the Eta cap with silk rubber rungs, other Eta articles are face pack Bonaterra, Eta bleaching wax, Eta lipstick, Eta noseband against nasal redness, Eta blackhead remover, Eta hair destroyer, Eta drops against tattoos and birthmarks, Eta suction roller against facial wrinkles, nose shaper Cello dot, frown smoother, Eta eye bath, Eta eyebrow balm, Eta mass against yellow teeth, Eta mouth leafs for pleasant breath, antiseptic floss apparatus tooth aunt, Eta mask against freckles, Eta hair dye lotion, Eta hand covers against red hands, silk rubber bandage against unsightly calves and ankles, Eta wax against annoying fat deposits, straight holder Sascha, Eta tragol against leanness, Eta footbath solution against annoying sweat and the corn plane, "Eta" Chem.-techn. factory G. m. b. H., Berlin-Pankow 264, Borkumstr. 2.

P. 39

Article: Lehmann, Kurt, Civilisation and Childlessness (by Kurt Lehmann). Advertising: "Bill. Boom. Bed feathers. Only pure good filling varieties", Benedikt Sachsel, Lobes, No. 13, near Pilsen, Bohemia; "Grey hair is guaranteed to get its youthful colour in 14 days", Mrs Blocherer, Augsburg II/284, Schießgr.-Str. 24; "Let them wander, play, cycle, but never without Hansaplast Schnellverband", Hansaplast Pflaster; "Damenbart. Total root killing, unfeeling", Mrs. F. Ulke, Köln-Nippes 7, Neusserstraße 171; "Beautiful bust in 4 to 6 weeks", Fa. Johann Gayko, Hamburg 39/16; "The rescue of the corpulents", Dr. Ernst Richter's breakfast herbal tea, "Hermes" Fabrik pharm. kosm. Präp., Munich SW 70, Güllstr. 7; "Pimples, blackheads, impure complexion, large-pored skin is removed under guarantee by the skin peeling cure 'Curierma'", Gg. Pohl, Berlin S 59/509, Gräfestraße 69/70; "Leanness. Full elegant figure, blooming appearance", Mrs Alice Maack, Berlin W57/5, Zietenstr. 6 c (near Nollendorfpl.); "For eleg. ladies coats, Mod. Wool fabrics, real ones are. Seals, splendid black and colored Pelz-Plüsche, lining silks - fur plush lining", Samthaus Schmidt, Hannover 16 P; "Lung patients, tuberculosis I will gladly share for free, as I am from m. heavy tub. lung disease, mag., nerve and kidney disease, I am recovering from my illness. when I was overcome with hope. I was emaciated to the skeleton and have m. normal weight again", manufacturer Oskar Hch. Ernst, Stuttgart-Cannstatt 44; "Future, present, past, character etc., Astrologische Aufklärungsschrift", Alfons Haas A. 43, Hattersheim b. Frankfurt a. M; "Annoying smell of sweat which is unpleasant for the environment, especially in the armpits during dancing and sports, disappears immediately with Leoform-Creme", Leoform-Creme, available in all pharmacies, drugstores and Chlorodont-sales.

P. 40

Article: O. V., Made of wool and artificial silk. St 2100: Square blanket, 80 cm high, middle part made of cloth embroidered in cross-stitch. Edge crocheted from artificial silk. Description above. Lyon flat pattern 20 Pf. St 2100a: Cushion matching the blanket. Description above. Lyon flat pattern St 2100 available for 20 Pf. St 2101: Modern bag, to be worked in flat stitch or cross stitch with bast or wool. Lyon type pattern 20 Pf. St 2102: Cushion, approx. 50 cm square, in modern crochet stickwork in zephyr wool. Lyon type pattern 60 Pf. St 2103: cubes, each piece about 30 cm square, crocheted in sticks of zephyr wool. Lyon type pattern 40 Pf. St 2104: Cushions, each piece about 45 x 65 cm in size, crocheted from coloured zephir wool in firm stitches. Lyon type pattern 40 Pf. St 2105: Hand bag, about 14 x 22 cm, in bast or wool embroidery with zipper. Lyon type pattern 20 Pf. St 2106: Modern snooze puff, about 60 cm long, in crochet stickwork made of colourful zephyr wool. Lyon type pattern 40 Pf. From the magazine: "Lyons Handicrafts" Price Mk. 1,-.

P. 41

"An hour of mental exercise." Puzzle page with the following puzzles: 1. the cross of pearls, Two. How old are they?, 3. Do you think farmer Oberhuber is behaving properly? 4. Hieroglyphics in musical notation, 5. difficult division, 6th match assignment, Seven. What's wrong?, 8. The magic triangle, 9. the mysterious mission, Ten. In one go.

P. 42

Article: O. V., books we recommend (Dr. Wilhelm Filchner, Om mani padme hum; Oskar von Wertheimer, Cleopatra). The photographic image in the middle of the article shows a smiling boy from Tibet. The caption reads "Tibetan boy from Lussar (With permission of the publisher F. A. Brockhaus, Leipzig, from Filchners: 'Om mani padme hum'). Photo: Dr Wilhelm Filchner (1877-1957). Advertising: "If pain Togal tablets. Togal tablets are an excellent remedy for rheumatism, gout, sciatica, flu, nerve and headaches, colds", Togal tablets for pain; "Oldest and largest special mail order company of the kind in Germany with its own spinning mill of 32,500 spindles with its own weaving mill of 640 looms", excerpt from the price list with offers, Josef Witt, Weiden 114 Oberpfalz; Gütermann's sewing silk.

P. 43

Article: O. V., books we recommend (Oskar von Wertheimer, Cleopatra; Minna Falk, Mother and Daughter; Oskar Gluth, Unser Christl; Edna Ferber, Das ist Fanny). Advertising: Self-promotion of the publishing house Gustav Lyon, Berlin, "Your husband, dear reader, will certainly be pleased about a always homely, well-groomed household. As a clever wife and housewife, you will certainly consider this. Especially since your 'fashion show' is an effort to give you inspiration in all domestic matters. But please also pay attention to the advertisements in each issue. They contain tips and suggestions that may be useful to you and may save you time and money. So the advertisements are also worth reading. You will soon notice it"; "Waterless grease can't splash. PALMIN cannot splash, - because it does not contain water. Pure, odourless, extensive is this 100% vegetable fat. As a practical housewife, you should use Palmin especially for dishes that consume a lot of fat, because Palmin makes full use of the quantity used", Dr. Schlinck's Palmin vegetable frying fat.

P. 44

Article (youth show): Malkowsky, Emil Ferdinand, Die Zauberfahrten des Doktor Faust. III piece (by Emil Ferdinand Malkowsky, 1880-1965); drawings/illustrations: Hans Ewald Kossatz (1901-1985). Advertising: "For those who want a pure complexion there is sherk-face water", sherk-face water, rejuvenates the complexion, beautifies the face; "Helon's analgesic effect on the head nerves has been established beyond doubt", Helon tablets for headaches, toothaches, rheumatism, gout, flu, colds.

P. 45

Article: Hecht, Dr. Robert, beauty in old age (by Dr. Robert Hecht, biographical data unknown). At the top left are the solutions of the puzzles and brainteasers from the fashion show issue no. 213. Advertising: "... and up to the age of 10 years you, as a concerned mother, may only use the mild Nivea Kids Soap for your child's delicate, sensitive skin", Nivea Kids Soap; "Stoffbüsten Neueste Form", fabric busts and skirt rounders, Merlitz & Co, Berlin SW 29, Willibald-Alexis-Straße 40; Self-promotion of the publishing house Gustav Lyon, Berlin, "Your advantage is to refer to this magazine when making inquiries and ordering!

P. 46

Article: O. V., The Kitchen of the Month (goulash soup, one with parsley butter, stufato, steamed chestnuts as a roast addition, cabbage strudel, walnut casserole, wine mousse). Advertising: "...and when serving, add a few drops of Maggi's seasoning to the taste of soups, sauces, vegetables and salads", Maggi; "The dangers of the road are manifold. The danger of colds and diseases of the throat and respiratory organs, the immediate danger, however, can have just as serious consequences", Kaiser's Brust-Caramellen with the 3 firs; "Recognized best source for cheap Bohemian bed feathers", S. Benisch in Prague XII, America ulice No. 758, Bohemia; "Lindener, Royala and silk dress and coat velvets as well as washing velvets Mod. coat fabrics and plush. Best dress silks, impr. coat silks and lining silks", Samthaus Schmidt, Hannover 16; "Against leanness one always uses only our 'Orient. Power Pills'. In a short time they cause considerable weight gain, a blooming appearance and a beautiful, full body shape (for ladies a magnificent bust); they strengthen the desire to work, blood and nerves", D. Franz Steiner & Co. G. m. b. H., Berlin W 30/469, Eisenacherstr. 16; "Since 1891, old woollen things have been processed into ladies' and men's fabrics, travel, sleeping, horse and cattle blankets, carpets and runners' fabrics", Karl Schütz, Wollweberei, Lardenbach 89, Oberh.; "Nose flush!" Beauty manufacturer Pohli No. 2, Georg Pohl, Berlin S 59/509, Gräfestr. 69/70; "Educational, school and occupational difficulties? Männliche Jugend von 8 bis 25 Jahren", curative education department Wichern-Stiftung, Hamburg 26.

P. 47

Article: Hecht, Dr. Robert, beauty in old age (by Dr. Robert Hecht, biographical data unknown); o. V., your first love. Advertising: "A practical woman! She knows what she delights her loved ones with and does not shy away from the small effort of baking a tasty cake herself almost every Sunday and of course on other suitable occasions", Dr. Oetker's baking powder "Backin", Dr. August Oetker, Bielefeld; "Your menu for tomorrow at noon [...] But take two... three... drops of Lea & Perrins Sauce for cooking", sole bottler for all of Germany of the original English Lea & Perrins Sauce, H. W. Appel Feinkost A. G., Hanover; "Bullrich Salt Excellent for Heartburn", Bullrich Salt.

P. 48

Article: O. V., New records. Advertising: "Easier and more effective than using the many time-consuming and expensive beauty products is natural skin care with Arrow Ring Lanolin Soap", Arrow Ring Lanolin Soap; "I have missed her very much, the Singer", extensive payment facilities, moderate monthly instalments, Singer Nähmaschinen Aktiengesellschaft, Singer shops everywhere; "Why the experienced nurse recommends Creme Mouson for skin care", Creme Mouson the matting skin care product, Photo: unknown/unsigned.

P. 49

Article: Becker, H., Living Silhouettes (by H. Becker, unknown). Advertising: Vasenol Body Powder, Photo: unknown/unsigned; "filler finish? Many housewives do not know what filling finish is. Filling finish is used to weigh down loose, loose tissue. It is supposed to give the housewife the impression of good, handy underwear. In reality, it's completely worthless to the housewife. After the first wash, the fill-finished fabric shows all its threadiness. That is why the experienced housewife only buys 'Treffer', the laundry cloth without filling finish", Treffer Hausfrauentuch, Drawing/Illustration: EMU.

P. 50

Article: O. V., infection and fever measurement. Advertising: "It's always funny when Lenchen doesn't know whether to laugh or cry when she does her morning laundry", Kaloderma Toilette Soap, F. Wolff & Sohn, Karlsruhe; "18 pounds did you gain weight? What joy! Finally I no longer need to hide my unattractive slimness. Now I move freely without the pitying looks of fully developed women", Eta-Tragol-Bonbons, "Eta" Chem.-techn. Fabrik, Berl.-Pankow 148, Borkumstr. 2; Self-promotion of the publishing house Gustav Lyon, "New Lyon outlets! Augsburg, Jakoberstr. H 22, Bochum, Kortumstraße 35, telephone 66 814, Hamburg, Kreuzweg 24, telephone B 4, Steintor 7233 after 7 a.m. B 6 2323, Berlin-Spandau (formerly Bahnhofstraße 1) New address: Breite Straße 64, telephone C 7, Spandau 3173".

P. 51

Puzzle page for puzzle fans. The puzzles are: Crosswords, hide-and-seek, consonance, opposites, The Mystery Clock, Mommy Says. Advertising: "The invisible sewing machine", Kayser Cabinet Machine (RM 235.-) and Kayser Electric Cabinet (RM 345.-), Kayser Sewing Machines, Kayser-Fabrik A.-G., Kaiserslautern 13; "Despite housework, hands groomed by Nivea cream", Nivea cream; "For help - This man shall be your mentor and friend! Free reading of her life", Astral Dept. 8825, Brussels (Belgium), Rue De Joncker 41; "1000 acknowledgements testify to the benefits of the Wave-Ondulating Comb. Ges. gesch. Brand 'Fralu'. Naturally splendid perms only by simple combing. No need for scissors", wave comb, Fralu brand, J. Lumpe, Grimma 70 i. S.; "Bad breath is disgusting. Ugly colored teeth disfigure the most beautiful face. Both blemishes are often eliminated by brushing once with the wonderfully refreshing toothpaste Chlorodont", Chlorodont toothpaste (toothpaste) and Chlorodont toothbrush.

P. 52

Article: O. V., infection and fever measurement; Becker, H., Living Silhouettes (by H. Becker, unknown). Advertising: "Every lady receives the following free of charge: Beautiful permanent hair waves through cold self-adulation", automatic hair curling machine 'Elma' (D. R. P. a.), Elma-Werk, Berlin W 30/1, Viktoria-Luise-Platz 4; "Hair wash fragrant and beautiful with lavare. Package with fragrant sachet 30 Pfg. available in all specialty stores", Lavaren Shampoo; Self-promotion of the publishing house Gustav Lyon, "What to wear in autumn and winter? The richest selection for adults and children can be found in Lyon's seasonal editions, Lyon Favorit-Album, Elite, Children's fashions, Coats and Costumes-Album - Lyon's editions for the ball season will be published shortly: Masks-Album, Ball-Album, New items for the ball season - advance orders at all Lyon sales outlets and at Verlag Gustav Lyon, Berlin SO 16"; "Biox-Ultra the lady's toothpaste makes the teeth dazzlingly white and removes bad breath and plaque", Biox-Ultra toothpaste. Imprint of the illustrated fashion show.

P. 53

Article: O. V., The Poet For Sale; o. V., The elephants' graveyard; o. V., The House of Beer Bottles; o. V., Worth knowing (These reports are published without responsibility of the editors). At the very bottom is a list of all Lyon branches (sales outlets) in Greater Berlin and the German Reich.

P. 54

St 1407: Cushion in Bulgarian cross-stitch embroidery decorated with blue border, size 42 x 60 with reverse; drawn on white peasant linen and decorated with border Mk. 2,50, on white half-linen Mk. 2,25, embroidery material in "C-B" shiny pearl thread 90 Pf., hand-embroidered without filling Mk. 9,50. Flake-off pattern 80 Pf. St 1408: Cushion with stylized flower motifs in easy to make wool embroidery, size 42 x 62 with back; drawn on fraise or terra-coloured half-linen Mk. 1,80, matching embroidery material 75 Pf., hand-embroidered without filling Mk. 9,50. Flake-off pattern 80 Pf. St 1409: Round blanket in wool and silk embroidery with silk fringes at the end. Fabric size 100 x 100, marked on fashionable coloured or grey fine thread rib (indanthrene) Mk. 5,-, embroidery material Mk. 2,75, hand embroidered and decorated with fringes Mk. 24,50. Peel-off pattern Mk. 1,60. St 1410: Tablecloth consisting of 9 squares in cross-stitch embroidery (5 yellow and 4 white squares) decorated with orange border and crochet edging. Finished size 120 x 120. Size of the single square 40 x 40, drawn on half-linen Mk. 6,50, drawn and garnished with coloured border Mk. 9,50, embroidery material and crochet thread in "C-B" shiny bead yarn No. 3 Mk. 5,50, hand-embroidered and garnished according to illustration Mk. 35,-. Peel-off pattern Mk. 2,40.