Modenschau, Issue #239, November 1932

Fashion illustrations and editorial content from the German fashion magazine Modenschau (English title: Fashion Show, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) no. 239 for November 1932. Published by Gustav Lyon, Berlin, Germany.

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Front page or cover of the German fashion magazine Modenschau (English title: Fashion Show, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) No. 239 of November 1932. "Winter fashions 1933!" 6139: Evening gown in light blue crepe de chine with effective cut divisions. The wide straps are gathered by clasps. 6140: Elegant evening gown in white crepe satin. The belt is lined with the red material of the scarf. 6141: Short evening jacket made of delicate colored velvet. The neckline is gracefully draped. Bell-shaped sleeves. Title drawing / title illustration: Ernst Ludwig Kretschmann (1897-1941). Publishing company Gustav Lyon, Berlin SO 16 - Delivery for the book trade in Germany Wilhelm Opetz, Leipzig.

Article: O. V., New records; Publisher Gustav Lyon, Graphological Department, Character and Handwriting. Advertising: „? Why pay more when you can buy so cheap. Order immediately, you will save a lot of money with the rising raw material prices", excerpt from the price list, Wündisch G. m. b. H., Augsburg F 199.

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Front page / cover of the Modenschau magazine (subtitle: magazine for home and society) No. 239 from November 1932. The large-format title photo shows Heinz Rühmann (1902-1994) with raised forefinger in front of Tony van Eyck (1910-1988) in the German feature film Strich durch die Rechnung. The caption reads "Heinz Rühmann and Tony van Eyck in the film 'Strich durch die Rechnung' [1932]". Photo: Ufa.

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Article: Erich, Karl, A dear guest. Sketch by Karl Erich. The drawing shows an older, sitting gentleman talking to an elegantly dressed woman with a cup in his hand. Drawing/Illustration: Ernst Ludwig Kretschmann (1897-1941).

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Article: Mielenz, Peter, A life for the stage. The actor Rudolf Forster by Peter Mielenz. Three photographs of the Austrian theater and film actor are printed with the article. The captions read "Left: civil picture", "Below: Rudolf Forster [1884-1968] and Brigitte Helm [1908-1996] in 'Die Gräfin von Monte Christo' [1932]" and "Rudolf Forster and Elisabeth Bergner [1897-1986] in 'Der träumende Mund' [1932]". Photos: Ufa; Bavaria.

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6283: Elegant evening dress in crepe Georgette worn with a bolero jacket with wide puff sleeves. Wide colored silk ribbon belt. 6284: Youthful evening dress in crepe marocain. The large shoulder collar and skirt are made of shaped flounces. 6285: Nice short evening jacket in colored taffeta to go with floral evening gowns. The neckline is draped in a dressy way. Photos: Joel Feder, New York City; Studio Marion or Anny Fuchs, Berlin (biographical data unknown).

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6286: Snappy coat dress made of dark-colored cloth, garnished with a white pique collar and leather belt. At the shoulder collar in front a bow. 6287: Elegant black cloth coat. Close-fitting form with cape trimmed with a Persian shawl to match the collar scarf. 6288: Coat in fashionable burled fabric. The double-row button closure is raised. Large collar made of raccoon. Photos: Studio Marion resp. Anny Fuchs, Berlin (biographical data unknown).

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Article: Jacoby, Dr Elfride, Female Participation in the film by Dr Elfride Jacoby. Matching the article, three photographs are printed centrally. The captions read "A sound strip is hung on the 'gallows' to accompany the corresponding picture strip", "Käthe von Nagy [1904-1973] is looked after by her dresser" and "Cutters and gluers at work". Photos: Ufa.

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Article: Wedekind, Anna P., I don't eat my soup (by Anna P. Wedekind). Four photographs are attached to the article with the picture explanations "If the child is not sat down properly - how can he/she spoon his/her soup in a mannerly way? The little girl could take part in any coffee party, that's how impeccable her posture is. You see, good table manners can be learned early on", "With the necessary calmness and attention, you will soon learn the great art of handling knife and fork just as perfectly as the 'big ones' - even without resting your wrists on the table" and "'Mummy said that if there's nothing to cut, you put the knife aside and take the fork alone to eat! Is that how you do it, too?'". Photos: Alice Matzdorff, Berlin (1877-1932).

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Article (rhyme): Malkowsky, Emil Ferdinand, Let's imagine... (by Emil Ferdinand Malkowsky, 1880-1965). Drawings/Illustrations: Hans Ewald Kossatz (1901-1985).