Stern Brothers & Co., Spring/Summer 1917

Exclusive fashion from the mail order catalog of the Stern Brothers & Company department store from New York City, New York, U.S.A., for spring and summer 1917.

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Cover, front page or title page of the mail order catalog of the Stern Brothers & Company department store from New York City, N. Y., U.S.A., for spring and summer 1917. [Hand-drawn illustration: building of the] STERN BROTHERS, 42nd ST. ENTRANCE. THE FIELD OF FASHION. SPRING & SUMMER 1917. STERN BROTHERS, WEST 42nd & 43rd STREETS, NEW YORK

WOMEN'S CHARMING SPORTS APPAREL. AA10. Sport Suit of white Kayser silk, trimmed with wool jersey in Copenhagen, rose and gold; unusual pocket on coat; finished with pearl buttons. The skirt is plain and gathered at top… $37.50. AA11. Unusually Smart Sport Suit of wool jersey in Copenhagen, purple or green, with collar, cuffs and revers of grey jersey, trimmed with wool fringe to match; the back of coat is side-plaited; full skirt with two pockets… $37.50. AA12. Attractive Sport Suit, with coat of silk jersey, and collar, cuffs, revers and full-plaited skirt of wool jersey. The color combinations are sand with stone blue or green… $45.00. AA13. Sport Suit of wool jersey; convertible collar, pocket and one side of coat are trimmed with buttons of self material; full skirt with deep bodice girdle; may be had in gold, rose and Copenhagen… $32.50. COPYRIGHT, 1917, BY STERN BROTHERS

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STERN BROTHERS. MAIL ORDER INFORMATION. OUR FREE SHIPPING SERVICE. All purchases from this catalogue prepaid to any part of the United States, also to Possessions and foreign countries, as follows: All charged or paid purchases (excepting heavy or bulky shipments, or where shipping charges are disproportionate to the value of the order) to any part of the United States. All charged or paid purchases, mailable in one package, will be prepaid to all Territories and Possessions where parcel post rates apply. SPECIAL NOTE. Wherever our Free Delivery Service is applicable, the method of shipment is optional with us and no discounts are allowed. Express charges for goods sent C. O. D., or heavy and bulky shipments, will be collected on delivery. SUGGESTIONS FOR ORDERING. When articles represented in this catalogue are temporarily out of stock, they will be procured in a few days, with the exception of garments, which require about ten days to two weeks' time. When ordering from samples, either garments or materials, it is advisable to designate a second choice, in the event of the first having been sold. Money should not be sent by ordinary mail, but remittances made either by draft on New York City bank, certified check, post-office or express money order, made payable to Stern Brothers. CHARGE ACCOUNTS AND C.O.D.'S. Upon request, charge accounts will be opened for our out-of-town patrons when accompanied with the usual business and bank references. Merchandise will be forwarded C. O. D., provided a remittance of one-quarter the total amount accompanies the order, in which case transportation charges will be collected on delivery. RETURNED GOODS. In order to avoid delays when goods are returned for exchange or credit, it is advisable to communicate by letter at the time of shipping the package. Parcels should have the name and the address of the sender on the outside, as well as the name of the person to whom they are to be sent, and should be so tied that they can be easily opened for inspection by the postal authorities. When returning goods by parcel post do not place written instructions inside or outside of package, because letter rates are charged when this postal law is violated. SIZES OF SUITS AND DRESSES CARRIED IN STOCK. The Women's Garments illustrated on pages 2 to 7 can be furnished from regular stock in sizes 34 to 44 inches bust measure. Skirts have basted hems, which may be easily adjusted to the length desired. Should any particular size or color be temporarily out of stock, it will require from ten days to two weeks to procure it. SEPARATE SKIRTS, as illustrated on pages 12 and 13, are carried in front lengths 37 to 41 inches, waist bands 26 to 32 inches, but they can also be furnished in extra sizes at a small additional charge. VERY IMPORTANT. Unstable conditions in the various manufacturing industries incident to the European war may necessitate price advances on some of the merchandise shown in this catalogue after our present supply becomes depleted. In some instances an item may not even be procurable, in which event we will substitute an article of equal value and as nearly like the original as obtainable. When merchandise is sent out, under either of the above conditions, it is of course subject to return if unsatisfactory. Page one

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STERN BROTHERS. WOMEN'S FASHIONABLE SUITS; COPIES OF FOREIGN MODELS. AA14. Walking Suit of superior quality silk faille, unlined; yoke and sleeves in one piece; wide belt; sash ends trimmed with silk fringe; full skirt plaits at side. May be had in navy blue, Copenhagen and black… $39.50. AA15. Plain Tailored Suit of superior quality men's wear serge in navy blue or black, with white bengaline over-collar and vest; silk braid bound and bone button trimmed; skirt made with slot pockets; braid bound belt… $39.50. AA16. Attractive Suit of fine quality gabardine, prettily embroidered with silk braid; full skirt with side pockets. May be had in sand, navy blue and black… $45.00. AA17. Walking Suit of fine quality gabardine; coat prettily trimmed with braid and bone buttons; plain skirt with new yoke effect, trimmed to match coat; collar and cuffs of moire silk. May be had in Rookie, navy blue or black… $37.50. AA18. Extremely Smart Suit of colored novelty striped taffeta silk; two unusual pockets at side of coat; over-collar of white silk moire; suit trimmed with crochet buttons; full box-plaited skirt. May also be had in plain navy blue or black taffeta… $49.50. These suits may be had in materials for mourning wear at the same prices. Page two

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STERN BROTHERS. WOMEN'S NEW MODEL TAILORED SUITS. AA19. Plain Tailored Suit of Poiret twill; mannish collar and revers are silk braid bound and trimmed with bone buttons; plain straight skirt; belt braid bound; may be had in navy blue, white or black… $37.50. AA20. Walking Suit of white gabardine in a new and unusual cut, two-inch box-plait in center of back with stitched strap at sides; over-collar of white silk faille; pocket laps and belt are pearl button trimmed; new straight line skirt; may also be had in navy blue or black… $29.50. AA21. Demi-Tailored Suit of black and white checked worsted; inlaid black satin revers bound with silk braid and bone button trimmed; coat silk lined; skirt with deep bodice at side and mannish pockets; may also be had in navy blue, white or black… $34.50. AA22. Tailored Suit of men's wear serge; large patch pockets; collar, cuffs and revers are trimmed with silk glove stitching; silk lined; plain skirt with tailored belt; may be had in navy blue, white or black… $27.50. AA23. Distinctive Tailored Suit of tricot cloth, with collar and vest of striped pongee; side-plaited peplum; trimmed with bone buttons and simulated button-holes; silk lined; skirt trimmed at top to match coat; may be had in navy blue and black… $37.50. These suits may be had in materials for mourning wear at the same prices. Page three

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STERN BROTHERS. NEW TAILORED SUITS FOR WOMEN. AA24. Walking Suit of wool poplin with white broadcloth collar and cuffs; plaits and pockets at side of coat; silk lined; plaits on both sides of skirt; may be had in navy blue, rubber grey or black… $22.50. AA25. Sport Suit of wool jersey; unlined; new coat plaited from yoke; patch pockets; plain straight skirt with pockets; gold, green or rose… $27.50. AA26. Smart Suit for sports or general wear of mixed burella cloth; patch pockets and bone button trimmed; silk lined; plain skirt with pockets; may be had in blue, tan or grey… $19.75. AA27. Walking Suit of black and white checked light weight velour; semi-Norfolk effect, with pointed yoke and pouch pockets; silk lined; straight line skirt with pockets; may be had also in navy blue or black serge… $29.50. AA28. Walking Suit of serge, bound with silk braid; over-collar of white silk faille; silk lined; black or navy blue… $25.00. These suits may be had in materials for mourning wear at the same prices. Page four

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STERN BROTHERS. WOMEN'S AFTERNOON DRESSES. AA29. Attractive Afternoon Dress of taffeta silk and Georgette crepe combined; China silk lined; belt and cuffs are trimmed with embroidery and beads; vest of Georgette crepe and lace. May be had in plum, taupe, navy blue and black… $37.50. AA30. Afternoon Dress of fine quality taffeta silk; collar and vest of bisque Georgette crepe, embroidered in oriental colors; prettily draped skirt and three-quarter sleeve of self color Georgette crepe. May be had in Copenhagen, steel grey, navy blue and black… $35.00. AA31. Extremely Smart Afternoon Dress of soiree silk; the sleeves, trimming on waist and belt are of Georgette crepe, prettily beaded; draped tunic skirt. May be had in Copenhagen or navy blue… $42.50. AA32. Smart Afternoon Dress of superior quality taffeta silk, showing the new bloomer skirt; dress lined throughout with China silk; Georgette collar and cuffs are finished with embroidery; wool embroidered motifs at waist line and on sash ends. May be had in navy, electric blue and taupe… $39.50. AA33. Dainty Afternoon Dress of Georgette crepe, lined throughout with China silk; the collar and long tunic are embroidered with metal thread. May be had in steel grey, navy blue or reseda green… $37.50. Page five

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STERN BROTHERS. WOMEN'S MODISH YET VERY INEXPENSIVE FROCKS. AA34. Navy Blue Serge Dress in the new straight line effect; the collar is of white broadcloth; dress embroidered in Persian colors; bone button trimmed; skirt finely side-plaited; belt and sash ends of self material… $19.75. AA35. Simple Afternoon Dress of crepe de Chine; belt and pockets are embroidered in self color; over-collar of Georgette crepe; drop button trimmed. May be had in navy blue, reseda, pearl grey or white… $15.00. AA36. Coat Dress of fine quality crepe de Chine; unusual pockets and finished with pearl buttons. May be had in white, navy blue, reseda green or black… $22.50. AA37. One Piece Dress of navy blue serge; collar of Georgette crepe in chartreuse with stitching to match; skirt with plaits at sides and the new drape in back… $22.50. AA38. Afternoon Dress of superior quality navy blue Georgette crepe combined with colored novelty striped taffeta, lined throughout with messaline silk; fancy braid belt and self button trimmed… $27.50. Page six

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STERN BROTHERS. WOMEN'S SUMMER DRESSES FOR STREET AND SPORTS. AA39. Smart Tailored Dress of fine quality linen, fastened in front with large pearl buttons; large patch pockets, cuffs and collar are of white linen, finished with plaiting of white cotton voile. May be had in Copenhagen, rose lavender or white… $10.75. AA40. Simple Dress of white net, daintily embroidered; net lined throughout; satin girdle in white or contrasting shades… $15.00. AA41. Summer Dress of cotton voile in black and white with stripe of yellow, Copenhagen, lavender or rose; deep pointed collar of white organdie; large patch pockets; girdle trimmed with velvet ribbon… $5.00. AA42. Coat Dress in block pattern voile, trimmed with bands of plain voile to match. May be had in rose and black, Copenhagen and black, green and black or yellow and black… $6.75. AA43. Dainty White Net Dress, mounted over net lining and trimmed with satin ribbon in pink or blue; bodice and tunic elaborately embroidered; silk belt to match trimming… $19.75. Page seven

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STERN BROTHERS. THE NEWEST STYLE ACHIEVEMENTS IN WOMEN'S BLOUSES. Sizes: 36 to 44 bust measure. DD44. Smart Tailored Blouse of novelty striped voile; large collar and cuffs of pique; blouse fastens with large pearl button and tailored buttonhole; white with Copenhagen, rose or lavender… $1.95. DD45. Neat Tailored Blouse of white linen, with convertible collar; trimmed with small and medium sized tucks and finished with pearl buttons… $1.95. DD46. Blouse of White Voile, with tucks, plaits and inserts of Venise lace; square collar and tailored cuffs finished with hemstitching; crochet button trimmed… $1.95. DD47. Blouse of Irish linen, with very effective collar of white pique; cuffs to match; finished with one large pearl button and tailored buttonhole… $2.25. DD48. Blouse of voile with panels of organdie, Madeira embroidered; side-plaited frill trimmed with filet edging; square collar; large pearl buttons and turned-back cuffs… $2.95. DD49. Dressy Blouse of fine white voile; inserts of organdie outlined with heavy lace; tucks on shoulder and down back; round collar is trimmed with Valenciennes lace; turned back cuffs to match… $2.95. DD50. Dainty Blouse of fine white voile, hand-embroidered; the collar and frill are effectively trimmed with lace and picot edge, ending in points… $2.95. DD51. Fine Voile Blouse, neatly tucked with hand-embroidered dots between rows of tucking; collar has two points in back and is also trimmed with dots, very fine lace and hemstitching… $3.95. Page eight