Die Schöne Wienerin, Issue #232, April 1932

Fashion illustrations and editorial content from the Austrian fashion magazine Die Schöne Wienerin (English title: The Beautiful Viennese, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) no. 232 for April 1932. Published by Leopold Misner, Vienna, Austria. Printing and editing: Gustav Lyon, Berlin, Germany.

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Front page or cover of the Austrian fashion magazine Die Schöne Wienerin (subtitle: Illustrierte Monats-Zeitschrift für Heim und Gesellschaft) No. 232 of April 1932. 5168/69: Very smart ensemble made of green fancy wool fabric, which is effectively shown to advantage by the different processing of the pattern. Delivery point: Leo Misner, Vienna I, Stubenring 16. Responsible for editing: Leo Misner, Vienna I. Title illustration/title drawing: Ernst Ludwig Kretschmann (1897-1941).

Article: O. V., Of doubles and twins; Publisher Gustav Lyon, Department of Graphology, Character and Handwriting.

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Front page of the illustrated Die Schöne Wienerin (subtitle: Illustrierte Monats-Zeitschrift für Heim und Gesellschaft) No. 232 of April 1932. The large-format cover photo shows a laughing toddler with a hooded cape. The picture has the caption "From me it can rain in April - as much as it wants! Photo: Hildegard Frensdorf, Berlin-Westend (Biographical data unknown).

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Article: Erich, H., A Faithful Poodle (by H. Erich) Illustration/Drawing: Hans Kossatz (1901-1985).

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Article: Wedekind, Anna P., With Goethe through Weimar (by Anna P. Wedekind). The pictures showing Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) are captioned "The young Goethe in Italy. Gemälde von Tischbein" (1786) and "The old Goethe. Painting by Stieler, from the 'Corpus Imaginum' of the Photographic Society, Berlin". Paintings: Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein (1751-1829); Joseph Karl Stieler (1781-1858).

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5299/5300: Ensemble in blue and white patterned and blue crepe de chine. Jacket with double sleeves and pleated frills. Collar harmonizing with the dress. Leather belt. 5301: Street dress in patterned jersey with distinctive border design. The skirt has a wide pleat in the front. 5302: Elegant evening pajamas in light silk with a large-flower print and a very bell-shaped leg dress. Photos: Joel Feder, New York City (biographical data unknown).

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5303: Smart pajamas made of washable velvet in red and white. The jacket is trimmed with the red material of the leg dress. 5304: Summer dress in patterned crepe de chine, tightly woven and complemented by a tulle yoke with the same curl. 5305: Practical vest made of Scottish wool fabric, to be worn over tennis dresses or light skirts. Buttoned belt. Photos: Joel Feder, New York City (biographical data unknown).

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Article: Bader, Wilhelma, Light' Luggage and a Cheerful Mind (by Wilhelma Bader). The article is supplemented by three photographs with the captions "After a good march: Happy rest at Spitzingsee in the Bavarian highlands", "At the top of the saddle there's a breather at the alpine hut" and "Happy and carefree as you head downhill towards the finish". Photos: Kester.

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Article: O. V., Mother's Brownies. Matching the article, three photographic images of girls doing household chores (cleaning windows and doors, cutting beans, feeding birds) are shown. The captions read: "Watch out, mummy, how the handle is shining", "We love to help mummy cut the beans" and "Hanschen is always happy when I come". Photos: Jenny Schneider; Delia.

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Article (rhyme): O. V., The golden box. Drawings/Illustrations: Hans Kossatz (1901-1985).