Die Wienerin, Issue #116, February 1930

Fashion illustrations from the Austrian fashion magazine Die Wienerin (English title: The Viennese) No. 116 from February 1930. Published by Bachwitz A.-G., Vienna (III. District, Löwengasse 47), Austria.

Pages in total: 32 (completely online)

Scan format: 24.3 x 31.8 cm / 9.57 x 12.52 in

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32 Pages

Front page or cover of the Austrian illustrated fashion magazine Die Wienerin no. 116 from February 1930. Published by Bachwitz A.G., Vienna, III, Löwengasse 47. "Great Fashion Review." "The entire 32-page magazine contains only simple, easy-to-follow models". 1/g: Coat made of amazon cloth, borders of lacquer trimmings, attached triangular pockets. 2/g: Spring complete with tweed bolero buttoned at the front. Pique collar. Leather belt. Trimmed flaps, skirt with creases. Drawing/Illustration: unknown/unsigned.

3/g: Bolero dress made of wool crepe. Fabric belt with rhinestone buckle. Skirt with a bell-shaped contour set on a hip yoke. 4/g: Dress in printed satin. Lace yoke and echarpe. Fabric belt. Attached bell flounce. 5/g: Dress in façonne Surah. Georgette collar and cuffs. Fabric belt. Curved bell flounce. 6/g: Dress in printed rep. Crêpe de Chine collar, tie and cuffs. Pleated skirt attached to a hip yoke.

P. 1

Article: P., Interesting beginnings of spring fashion. In the centre of the text is a large-format fashion photograph. 9745: Afternoon dress in black crêpe de chine garnished with pink and blue crêpe georgette Model: Francis et Fernand. Photo: Henri Manuel, Paris (1874-1947). "A Viennese master cut available for each model, unrivalled in accuracy and line".

P. 2

9746: Godet skirt in black velvet. Blouse in white crepe satin with black incrustations. 9747: Afternoon dress in beige wool georgette. 9748: Sports ensemble. Sweater in beige and red patterned jersey. Skirt in beige wool fabric. Models: Mariette Pognot; Grandjean. Photo: Henri Manuel, Paris (1874-1947).

P. 3

9749: Running dress made of wool fabric garnished with giant hems. 9750: Black velvet dress. White georgette gilet and cuffs. Small rhinestone buttons. 9751: Dinner dress in floral silk muslin. Models: Dupouy-Magnin; Joseph Paquin; Grandjean. Photos: Henri Manuel, Paris (1874-1947); Isabey, Paris.

P. 4

"Variations of the Crease". 9752: Running dress in crepella. Collar, tie and cuffs in printed slip. Velvet leather belt. Folded panels. 9753: Georgelaine dress. High pleated skirt. Deep V-shaped plastron with panels in three shades. 9754: Street dress in kasha cloth. Crossed closure, shawl collar. Bright plastron. Leather belt. Attached pleated skirt.

P. 5

"Interesting new details." 9755: afternoon dress in crêpe mongol. Upper and lower part of dress made of lace. Parts cut out in round zigzag. 9756: Jersey tweed dress. Crossed and jaboted cross-dressing in the front. Skirt buttoned to blouse with pleats and pleats. 9757: Dress in poult de soie. Ray hemline, fabric belt. Set-in, tight lower sleeves. Skirt slightly elongated at the back. 9758: Dress in dark crepe satin. Plastron collar with long neck bow and cuffs in striped satin. Fitted skirt.

P. 6

"Four distinctive models". 9759: Promenade toilet from Georgette. Bolero, tie and arched godetvolant of dyed lace. Satin belt. 9760: Dress in shiny crepe satin with matt trims. Irregular collar and lower sleeves in imprinted georgette. 9761: Promenade dress with attached back bolero in georgette, fabric jabot. Same belt. Attached skirt in two tiers. 9762: Dress in Chinese crepe. Georgette insert, embroidery motif. Fabric belt tied at the sides. Attached godet parts.

P. 7

"Bolero dresses for young girls". 9763: Young girl's dress in crepella. Bolero and cloth tie. Dark passe-polished skirt yoke and godet skirt. 9764: Bolero dress for young girls in Charmelaine. Undershirt in printed crepe de chine. Fabric charpe and belt. Skirt flounce set in a zigzag. 9765: Bolero dress in wool georgette. Lingerie blouse with satin tie. Fabric belt. Hip yoke cut out in a jagged pattern, creases springing up. 9766: Youthful bolero dress in papillon rips. Jabot in printed crepe. Hollow pleats springing up at the bottom.

P. 8

"Lovely fashion lines for older women." 9767: Princess dress for older ladies from Mongolia. Dotted satin plastron, cloth tie. Volume set in serrated flounce. 9768: Dress in satin for older women. Encrusted trim and sleeves in net tulle, lace-entre-deux. Rounded godet parts. 9769: Dress in amazon cloth. Crêpe de chinese collar, tie and cuffs with embroidered edges. Diagonal panel with attached front part. 9770: Elegant afternoon dress in sequin and silk lace. Front crossed fabric panel, open sleeves, side zipper.