La Coquette, Issue #162, July 1926

Fashion illustrations from the French fashion magazine La Coquette No. 162, July 1926. Published by the general office Léon Claude, Paris, France. Printed by Gustav Lyon, Berlin, Germany.

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Cover of the French fashion magazine La Coquette no. 162 for July 1926. LA COQUETTE. July 1926, no. 162. Monthly magazine. This number contains a free pattern and a colored panorama. Circulation 200.000 copies — General agency LÉON CLAUDE, Paris. Price per issue… France 4.- frs. " " " … Abroad… 4.50 frs. Subscriptions France (12 No.) 40.- frs. " Abroad " 45.- frs. 100 New models. J 2075. English dress for little tots 2 to 4 years old in white canvas with blue border shell and blue and red embroidery. Transfer pattern ¼ sheet. J 2076. Summer dress of pale pink tub silk. A wide pleated apron rises in front at the bodice yoke and is trimmed from the bottom with a yellow ribbon and a black ribbon. The bodice shows small sleeves. Soft belt tied on the left side. Pattern size 44. J 2077. Summer dress of foulard or printed crepe marocain over a plain fitted underdress. The lapels of the bodice continue to the edge of the skirt folded several times on themselves. A black ribbon belt is mounted around the waist hiding the mounting of the skirt. Small kimono sleeves. Pattern size 44. Due to the increase in the number of pages to 20 and a free colored panorama and pattern, the price of LA COQUETTE is now fixed at Frs. 4.- per issue. The subscription price remains unchanged. All the patterns of this issue are sent against Frs. 4,50 money order. Publisher and Owner LÉON CLAUDE, 4, rue Rochambeau (Square Montholon), PARIS 9ème. PARIS, LONDON, NEW YORK, VIENNA, AMSTERDAM, ZURICH, WARSAW, BUDAPEST, STOCKHOLM. EDITED AND DESIGNED IN PARIS. PRINTED IN GERMANY. [Page 1]

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Article: Claudine, Chronique (unknown authoress). The two photographic images present a lady's coat from the front and back. The coat presents a back cape. Model J 2078 with no further description. Photos: Studio Joel Feder, New York City, USA (biographical data unknown). [Page 3]

P. 4

LA COQUETTE. J 2080. Summer dress in printed voile mounted to a yoke of white voile cut in one piece with the sleeves. The skirt is slightly gathered from the top and relates to the edge of the bodice. A ribbon belt is placed higher. Printed voile knot behind. Pattern for size 44. J 2081. Summer dress of chamomile yellow voile. The attached skirt is shirred at the back side and is interspersed with an embroidery of the same shade. Two panels are placed in front on the apron and these panels are rounded. An embroidery in the same shade as the dress trims the front. The sleeves are one with the blouse. Pattern for size 44. J 2082. Lovely dress of printed and plain silk that can also be made of voile or wash fabric. The gathered skirt relates to the rounded bodice at the bottom. The back of the dress presents a white panel. White blouse sleeves gathered from the bottom. Ribbon belt tied behind. Pattern for size 44. J 2083. Very pretty simple dress in pink poplin or wash silk. The skirt is partially pleated. Flat bodice trimmed with a ribbon placed in yoke and ending with a bow in front. Attached sleeves. Pattern for size 44. [Page 4]

P. 5

LA COQUETTE. J 2084. Small dress of grey crepe marocain. The pleated skirt relates to the flat bodice bordered by a wide belt forming a point in front. Collar and cuffs with sharp edging. Pattern for size 44. J 2085. Lovely dress of wool or silk cashmere that can also be made of wash silk, canvas or all other summer fabrics. The skirt has a pleated panel on the left. The blouse is belted at the waist and is trimmed with a small sharply contrasting braid. Kimono sleeves. Pointed neckline. J 2086. Summer dress of printed voile or silk. The long bodice is placed on the skirt forming a pronounced point. The back of the dress is different from the front. A belt is placed at the waist. The guimpe is of silk chiffon with two embossed flounces. The sleeves have under-sleeves of the same fabric as the guimpe. Pattern for size 44. J 2087. Nice summer dress of Lenglen green wash silk. The pleated skirt relates to the bodice under a belt with rounded front. Small kimono sleeves. Pattern for size 44. [Page 5]

P. 6

LA COQUETTE. J 2088. Afternoon dress of satin crepe. The dull back of the fabric forms the bodice and the skirt as well as the sleeves. The points attached to the edge of the skirt and the yoke of the bodice are taken on the shiny side. Black moiré ribbon belt mounted on the bias forms a bow on the left hip. Pattern for size 44. J 2089. Straight dress in natural-color tussor silk trimmed with red foulard with white dots. Four deep cuts in the skirt contain tucked-in pleats. The collar is convertible. The sleeves attached to the normal armholes have fine seams at the bottom and small cuffs of foulard. Ribbon tie. Pattern for sizes 44/48. J 2090. Town dress of wool, tussor silk or other modern fabric. The back has a tucked fold open at mid-height. The front has two panels, each forming three inverted pleats topped with plain pockets. The tucks from these pockets links the small rounded chest pockets at the bottom. Turn down collar in blue silk. Lapels of the same fabric as the dress. Blue Georgette crepe vest with lapels and beige collar. Pattern for size 44. [Page 6]

P. 7

LA COQUETTE. J 2079. Ensemble cape in peach-colored cloth with blue ribbon tie. A skirt forming inverted pleats in front is attached to the plain bodice. The collar belongs to the blouse. Pattern for size 44. J 2091. Gray kasheen cape ensemble with blouse of crepe marocain or tartan plaid jersey. The skirt shows pleat groups. Blouse is straight with collar trimmed with frills; same effect on sleeves. Cape with soft collar. Pattern for size 44. J 2092. Ensemble cape in wood-tone crepe de chine with white smock blouse of crepe marocain decorated with variegated embroidery at the lower edge. The skirt is pleated all around. The pleated cape is mounted to a plain yoke embracing the shoulders. Collar decorated with embroidery. Pattern for size 44. J 2093. Ensemble cape in almond green kasheen. The skirt forms inverted pleats. The plain blouse is cut over a white Georgette crepe vest with folded collar. Mid-length cape with subtle seams from the top forming a yoke. Pattern for size 44. [Page 7]

P. 8

LA COQUETTE. J 2094. English dress for little girls 2 to 4 years old made of wash silk with contrasting edge and light embroidery. Dress fits to a plain yoke that forms one piece with sleeves. Transfer pattern ½ sheet. J 2095. Light blue wash silk dress trimmed with dark blue bias binding for girls ages 4 to 6 and 6 to 8. The front of the dress is pleated going up to the yoke that holds the sleeves. J 2096. Pale blue percale apron cut on the sides and closed in the front and back to be put on over the head for girls 6 to 8 years. The collar is bordered with a navy blue bias tape. Matching belt. J 2097. Red percale apron with black piping for girls 8 to 10 years old. The model is open on the sides and is put on over the head. It is mounted to a yoke. J 2098 (Tosca). Small summer dress of striped percale for girls 4 to 6 and 6 to 8 years. The gathered skirt is attached to the bodice. Small kimono sleeves. J 2099. English dress for girls of 2 of 4 years old of wash silk in natural shades with white and blue bias tape. The skirt goes up to the waist yoke in one piece with small sleeves. J 2100. English dress for girls 4 to 6 years old in lavender blue wash silk with white silk collar and small worked on pockets. The dress is assembled and gathered at the yoke which is cut in one piece with the sleeves. [Page 8]

P. 9

LA COQUETTE. J 2101. Afternoon dress of very fine woolen reps, eggplant red, trimmed with black silk bias tape. The skirt shows box plaids and on the back side of model. The skirt is mounted on the bodice under a black silk bias. The bodice is plain. White convertible collar with blue edge. Long and tight sleeves trimmed with pleats at the bottom fixed under black silk bias. Pattern for sizes 44/48. J 2102. Little dress in pale green crepe de Chine. The skirt is pleated all around. The straight bodice, cut in one piece with small sleeves is hold at the waist by a narrow belt which gathers the fabric slightly. The neckline is trimmed with a braid in two colors. Pattern for size 44. J 2103. Practical dress of beige wool jersey decorated with a black grosgrain ribbon. Skirt cut in a shape relating to the bodice and cut in one piece with small sleeves. The ribbon borders the collar and continues in front to the bow on the skirt edge. The black ribbon also borders the sleeves. Pattern for size 44. J 2104. Little dress in pale blue shantung silk. The skirt forms pleats on the sides. The bodice shows a cut effect from the side seams. A tie of foulard crosses two cuts and comes out in front of the cutting effect. Small folded and rolled collar. Attached sleeves. Pattern for size 44. [Page 9]

P. 10

LA COQUETTE. J 2105. Two-piece cape ensemble of small checked wool trimmed with plain kasheen. A plain skirt is cut in front on four plain stripes and is related to a flat bodice with long and tight sleeves. The cape goes up under the folded collar of the bodice. It is surrounded by a plain bias tape that also borders the collar and runs down the front over the closure to meet the waistband. Pattern for sizes 44/48. J 2106 (Violetta). Two-piece cape ensemble of plain wool jersey and plaid wool jersey. The skirt is attached to the plain, very long bodice, notched in front. The mid-length cape has a tartan or scotch checked collar going down to the edge. Pattern for sizes 44/48. J 2107. Two-piece cape ensemble of brown kasha. A skirt with pleats in the front is jointed to the rounded bodice at the bottom and buttoned in front under a straight placket. The cape with a flat collar rests on the collar of the dress. Pattern for sizes 44/48. [Page 10]