Modenschau, Issue #240, December 1932

Fashion illustrations and editorial content from the German fashion magazine Modenschau (English: Fashion Show, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) no. 240 for December 1932. Published by Gustav Lyon, Berlin, Germany.

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Front page or cover of the German fashion magazine Modenschau (subtitle: Illustrierte Monats-Zeitschrift für Heim und Gesellschaft) no. 240 of December 1932. "160 Winter Models for Sports, Home & Society". 6289: Ski suit made of deer-colored, impregnated cloth. The short jacket shows a knitted base and zipper at the slit and pockets. 6290: The ski suit in brown ski jersey is complemented by an undershirt of checked wool fabric. The scarf is made of the same material. 6291/91a: The sporty suit is composed of bell skirt and bolero as well as knitted sweater and scarf. The green color of the wool fabric is repeated in the stripes on the latter. Drawing/Illustration: unknown/unsigned.

Article: Saltern, Irene, In what step do we dance through the winter? The resurrection of the Viennese waltz; o. V., The Tip; Publisher Gustav Lyon, Department of Graphology, Character and Handwriting. Advertising: Self-promotion of the publishing house "YOUR BENEFIT is to refer to this magazine when making inquiries and orders"; "Why pay more when you can buy so cheap", illustrated price list free of charge, (Hermann) Wündisch G. m. b. H. (Textilwaren-Großversand), Augsburg G 199.

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Front page of the fashion show (subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) No 240 of December 1932. Article: Wedekind, Anna P., All Years Again. The title photo shows a lady playing piano notes, next to her is a Christmas tree decorated with burning candles and tinsel. The picture has the caption "[Every year again]... the Christmas carol sounds...". Photo: Kester photo archive.

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Article: Wedekind, Anna P., All Years Again. The article is illustrated with two photographs that have the picture explanations "The Christmas table for the gentleman 1932: the practical prevails!" and "Right: The Christmas table for the lady 1932: useful and beautiful combined! (Presents: Roeckl, Degginger, Rosenhain)". Photos: Studio Becker & Maass, Berlin.

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Article: Lagerlöf, Selma, The Mousetrap (Novel by Selma Lagerlöf, 1858-1940). The amendment is supplemented by a drawing. It shows two elegantly dressed men and a woman in an evening dress standing reverently in front of a glowing Christmas tree. The fireplace is burning behind the lady. Drawing/illustration: Heinz Raebiger (1903-ca.1955).

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6434: Afternoon dress in chestnut brown fresco, combined in an original way with dull yellow silk The asymmetrical partitions and the belt with a distinctive buckle are accentuated by quilting. 6435: Striped jersey blouse; the sleeves are made of a double-directional material, which gives the dress a distinctive effect. The neckline is finished off with sloped parts. 6436: Costume made of dark brown cotton velvet with a patterned pattern. The skirt is extended by an inserted pleat. The jacket is very chic with a scarf and is held together loosely by a belt. Photos: Yva (Else Ernestine Neuländer-Simon, 1900-1942).

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6437: Sporty coat made of beige crewl in a straight, in broadly transgressing form. Brown Persian is suitable for the large collar and cuffs. The low-set sleeves have a distinctive look. 6438: Elegant jacket in black broad-tail fabric. Half-length form, characterized by a raised collar. The wide belt made of patent leather has a novel metal garnish. 6439: For the morning: Blouse in beige and cornflower blue wool jersey. A quilted leather belt is placed around the waist. A bow arrangement at the neckline. Photos: M.G.M.; Ifag; Yva (Else Ernestine Neuländer-Simon, 1900-1942).

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Article: Jacoby, Dr. Elfride, youth books for the Christmas table. The article is illustrated with three book titles and three drawings. The book titles are Erich Kästner, Der 35. Mai, Georg Fröschel, Himmel, meine Schuhe and Hertha v. d. Knesebeck, Weihnachten. Drawings/Illustrations: unknown/unsigned.

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Article: O. V., Renate Müller. In keeping with the article, four photographs from various films by the German sound film actress and singer Renate Müller (1906-1937) are shown. The photos are provided with the captions "Renate Müller with Emil Jannings [1884-1950] in the film 'Liebling der Götter' [1930]", "Bild links: The actress with Hermann Thimig [1890-1982] in 'Mädchen zum Heiraten' [1932]" as well as "Recording from the sound film 'Das Flötenkonzert von Sanssouci' [1930]". Photos: Ufa; Fellner & Somló, Hermann Fellner (1878-1936) and Josef Somló (1884-1973).

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Article (rhyme): O. V., The Christmas Goose. Drawings/Illustrations: Hans Kossatz (1901-1985).