Modenschau, Issue #240, December 1932

Fashion illustrations and editorial content from the German fashion magazine Modenschau (English: Fashion Show, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) no. 240 for December 1932. Published by Gustav Lyon, Berlin, Germany.

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Front page or cover of the German fashion magazine Modenschau (subtitle: Illustrierte Monats-Zeitschrift für Heim und Gesellschaft) no. 240 of December 1932. "160 Winter Models for Sports, Home & Society". 6289: Ski suit made of deer-colored, impregnated cloth. The short jacket shows a knitted base and zipper at the slit and pockets. 6290: The ski suit in brown ski jersey is complemented by an undershirt of checked wool fabric. The scarf is made of the same material. 6291/91a: The sporty suit is composed of bell skirt and bolero as well as knitted sweater and scarf. The green color of the wool fabric is repeated in the stripes on the latter. Drawing/Illustration: unknown/unsigned.

Article: Saltern, Irene, In what step do we dance through the winter? The resurrection of the Viennese waltz; o. V., The Tip; Publisher Gustav Lyon, Department of Graphology, Character and Handwriting. Advertising: Self-promotion of the publishing house "YOUR BENEFIT is to refer to this magazine when making inquiries and orders"; "Why pay more when you can buy so cheap", illustrated price list free of charge, (Hermann) Wündisch G. m. b. H. (Textilwaren-Großversand), Augsburg G 199.

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Front page of the fashion show (subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) No 240 of December 1932. Article: Wedekind, Anna P., All Years Again. The title photo shows a lady playing piano notes, next to her is a Christmas tree decorated with burning candles and tinsel. The picture has the caption "[Every year again]... the Christmas carol sounds...". Photo: Kester photo archive.

P. 2

Article: Wedekind, Anna P., All Years Again. The article is illustrated with two photographs that have the picture explanations "The Christmas table for the gentleman 1932: the practical prevails!" and "Right: The Christmas table for the lady 1932: useful and beautiful combined! (Presents: Roeckl, Degginger, Rosenhain)". Photos: Studio Becker & Maass, Berlin.

P. 3

Article: Lagerlöf, Selma, The Mousetrap (Novel by Selma Lagerlöf, 1858-1940). The amendment is supplemented by a drawing. It shows two elegantly dressed men and a woman in an evening dress standing reverently in front of a glowing Christmas tree. The fireplace is burning behind the lady. Drawing/illustration: Heinz Raebiger (1903-ca.1955).

P. 4

6434: Afternoon dress in chestnut brown fresco, combined in an original way with dull yellow silk The asymmetrical partitions and the belt with a distinctive buckle are accentuated by quilting. 6435: Striped jersey blouse; the sleeves are made of a double-directional material, which gives the dress a distinctive effect. The neckline is finished off with sloped parts. 6436: Costume made of dark brown cotton velvet with a patterned pattern. The skirt is extended by an inserted pleat. The jacket is very chic with a scarf and is held together loosely by a belt. Photos: Yva (Else Ernestine Neuländer-Simon, 1900-1942).

P. 5

6437: Sporty coat made of beige crewl in a straight, in broadly transgressing form. Brown Persian is suitable for the large collar and cuffs. The low-set sleeves have a distinctive look. 6438: Elegant jacket in black broad-tail fabric. Half-length form, characterized by a raised collar. The wide belt made of patent leather has a novel metal garnish. 6439: For the morning: Blouse in beige and cornflower blue wool jersey. A quilted leather belt is placed around the waist. A bow arrangement at the neckline. Photos: M.G.M.; Ifag; Yva (Else Ernestine Neuländer-Simon, 1900-1942).

P. 6

Article: Jacoby, Dr. Elfride, youth books for the Christmas table. The article is illustrated with three book titles and three drawings. The book titles are Erich Kästner, Der 35. Mai, Georg Fröschel, Himmel, meine Schuhe and Hertha v. d. Knesebeck, Weihnachten. Drawings/Illustrations: unknown/unsigned.

P. 7

Article: O. V., Renate Müller. In keeping with the article, four photographs from various films by the German sound film actress and singer Renate Müller (1906-1937) are shown. The photos are provided with the captions "Renate Müller with Emil Jannings [1884-1950] in the film 'Liebling der Götter' [1930]", "Bild links: The actress with Hermann Thimig [1890-1982] in 'Mädchen zum Heiraten' [1932]" as well as "Recording from the sound film 'Das Flötenkonzert von Sanssouci' [1930]". Photos: Ufa; Fellner & Somló, Hermann Fellner (1878-1936) and Josef Somló (1884-1973).

P. 8

Article (rhyme): O. V., The Christmas Goose. Drawings/Illustrations: Hans Kossatz (1901-1985).

P. 9

Article: O. V., Modern Women's Professions. The advertising assistant. Advertising: "Women for whom proper skin care is a professional or social duty prefer this wonderful soap", with photographs of Ursula Princess Hohenlohe-Oehringen (dates of birth unknown) and the Austrian film actress and singer Liane Haid (1895-2000), Kaloderma Seife, F. Wolff & Sohn, Karlsruhe. Photos: unknown/unsigned.

P. 10

Article: O. V., Practical innovations for the household. The article is supplemented by three photographs with the captions "Image 1: How to prevent cheese from drying out" and "Images 2 and 3: Snow beater, coffee strainer and egg distributor in one machine". Photos: Delia. Advertising: "Present beauty!", Scherk facial toner; "What 'she' wishes", the beautiful Thomas porcelain, Bavaria.

P. 11

Article: Sell, Anita, the woman who doesn't age... Matching the article, the photograph of a beautiful blonde lady with a penetrating gaze is printed, looking directly into the camera. The caption reads "'Only blonde' is currently the fashion demand". Photo: Harlip. Advertising: "Blond is trumps!", Elida Shampoo Kamilloflor for every blonde hair. Photo: unknown/unsigned.

P. 12

Article: Sell, Anita, the woman who doesn't age... The article is illustrated by a drawing of a cell division. The caption reads: "Highly magnified image of cell division (mitosis) stimulated by a 'W-5' cure, which restores the skin's youthful freshness, ensures its renewal and nourishment and produces a blooming appearance". Advertising: Self-promotion of the publishing house Gustav Lyon, Berlin SO 16 for the two new handicraft booklets "Lyon Wolle-Magazin" and "Selbst knitted, selbst crocheted" for 50 Rpf each, photo: Marion; "Older but still more beautiful", Marylan-Creme, Marylan-Vertrieb, Berlin 171, Friedrichstraße 24.

P. 13

Article: O. V., fruit on porcelain. A photograph was published to accompany the article with the caption "Fruit served on tasteful porcelain increases the pleasure of enjoyment". Photo: Porcelain factory F. Thomas, Marktredwitz. Advertising: "What is Kaba? Kaba is a family drink, created according to an old tropical plant recipe and perfected according to modern nutritional principles. Kaba tastes like chocolate, is 1. easily digestible, 2. nutritious and uplifting, 3. appetizing, 4. does not clog, 5. always ready to use, 6. can be prepared in a minute, 7. very inexpensive (Kaba saves sugar). But above all: Kaba contains the important and necessary nutrient salts for body building, such as breast milk", Kaba Kakao, Plantagen-Gesellschaft m. b. H., Bremen.

P. 14

Article: O. V., fruit on porcelain; Jacoby, Dr. Elfride, youth books for the Christmas table. At the bottom, a drawn short story entitled "Sensation in front of the Reichstag", which is intended as an advertisement for dresses made according to Lyon patterns; drawing: Hans Kossatz (1901-1985) Advertising: "When I grow up - I want a sewing machine like this", Singer Nähmaschinen Aktiengesellschaft.

P. 15

Article: O. V., Renate Müller; Wedekind, Anna P., Every year again. Advertising: "What else must she wear?", photograph of a young woman in shorts, Juvena - elasticated underwear. Photo: unknown/unsigned.

P. 16

Article: Lagerlöf, Selma, The Mousetrap (Novel by Selma Lagerlöf, 1858-1940). Advertising: "Large evening gown of rayon. Artificial silk is modern - elegant - durable - hygienic - practical - inexpensive", advertising for the use of artificial silk. Photo: unknown/unsigned.

P. 17

Article: Rosin, K., Fashion Report. 6292: The dark brown wool bouclé dress has a brown-orange-white striped waistcoat-like front part. The sleeve panels are also made of striped material. 6292a: Elegant afternoon dress in crepe hammer tone. Very distinctive round-cut shoulder collar. Lace fabric is used for the light-colored collar and lapel set. Photo: Yva (Else Ernestine Neuländer-Simon, 1900-1942).

P. 18

6310: Costume of red nubby Shetland with belted jacket, which is widened at the shoulders by protruding panels A bodice is cut into the skirt. Dressed karakul collar. 6311: Winter coat of elephant grey Shetland in diagonal pattern. Lapel collar, pockets, sleeves and belt are decorated with decorative stitching. 6312: Elegant coat made of olive green cloth, can also be worn without shoulder cape. The waisted model features raglan sleeves. The fur-trimmed cape is fastened by the ends pulled through a clasp. 6313: Elegant winter coat in grey-green wool fabric with Persian trimming on collar and sleeves. The parts of the coat are divided off by tucks. Belt with distinctive buckle. The buttons were provided by: Spitzenhaus Schöneberg, Berlin.

P. 19

6293: Blue and red checked wool fabric is the material for the morning dress, whose shoulder area is widened by flat flounces. Inset, collar and cuffs are made of white pique. 6294: Morning dress in green diagonal wool fabric. The trim at the waist and buttoned up at the belt feign wearers. White pique insert. 6295: The brown hammer-blow dress is finished with a cape lined with striped silk. The striped material is also used for the high cuffs and the collar buttoned on the left side. 6296: Dark blue, relief-like and striped woolen fabric has been put together for this jaunty dress. A godet is attached to the narrow, panel-like front panel. Trimming of white ribouldingue with knotted ends.

P. 20

6297: Snappy morning dress in navy blue jersey. The skirt, which tightly wraps around the hips, has two counter pleats which end with embroidered flies. Shawl-like collar in vividly striped jersey. 6298: The blue velour paysan (ribbed velvet) dress buttoned at the front has three pleats in the skirt. The distinctive collar and cuffs are made of lace and georgette. Collar and cuffs: Model Lace House Schöneberg, Berlin. 6299: Smart dress made of black crewl. White wool fabric is used for the distinctive, unbuttoned lapels and sleeve trims. Counter pleats give the skirt, which is divided at the front, sufficient width. 6300: Morning dress in green jersey with an intrinsic pattern. The front waist split reaches over the sleeves and gives the model the modern, widened shoulder area. Belt and lapels in black patent leather.

P. 21

"For older and stronger ladies". 6301: Striped wool costume. Slightly waisted jacket with wide lapels. 6302: The lap blouse in beige marocaine crepe shows narrow frills on the wide lapels and on the lapels. 6303: Afternoon dress in purple marocaine. Striped material is used for the lapels and the high cuffs. 6304: Afternoon dress in black and white patterned flamenga. 6305: Coarse English wool fabric was used to make the dressing gown, which is cut continuously in front and back.

P. 22

6306: Simple afternoon dress in bouclé jacquard with small pimples. The waist parts and sleeves are sewn in tucks in an effective way. Persian necktie. 6307: Youth dress in navy blue wool fabric. Waist and sleeves are complemented by striped material. The leather belt holds the width together slightly. Collar and bow in white crêpe de chine. 6308: Morning dress in fashionable wool fabric. Front part and skirt have advantageous cut divisions. The shoulder collar is divided by a piping. Trimming of multicoloured material. 6309: Snappy woollen fabric dress with diagonal pattern. The serrated effect is emphasized by mother-of-pearl buttons. The one-sided lapel buttons over the checkered woollen scarf.

P. 23

6314: Dress in mid-brown wool fabric with yoke effect. The belt parts attached in the pleats at the sides are held together in the back by a buckle. Hollow seams on the white crêpe de chine set. 6315: Brisk morning dress in green, relief-like wool fabric. The full-length cut at the front is garnished with a white silk piqué. 6316: The simple morning dress in diagonal wool fabric is divided at the front to fit. Nice sleeves. White piqué trim. 6317: Dress sleeves for afternoon dresses in silk or light wool fabric. 6318: The plain sleeve shows a set piece at the top. 6319: Sleeve with cut flap that holds the gathers at the wing sleeve. 6320: Apartment puff sleeve with high cuff. 6321: Youthful sleeve, suitable for silk dresses. 6322: Slender sleeve, suitable for simple woollen dresses. 6323: The silk puff is tightly lined at the top and held together under the elbow by elastic. 6324: Puff sleeves with cut fitting part. 6325: Apartment puffed sleeve with a rowed part in between, which continues as an armpit yoke. 6326: The modern club sleeve for wool dresses.

P. 24

6327: Sporty coat made of light brown diagonal wool fabric with separately finished sleeves. A tie made of black Astrakhan is worn with the coat, which is divided at the back. High-backed, double-breasted button closure. 6328: Snappy coat in navy blue crewl. The raglan sleeves widen the shoulders of this collarless, slightly waisted model. 6329: Large pockets are added to the coat made of lead-coloured cloth. The looped cuffs of the collar are buttoned on the front in various ways. The back is divided lengthwise. 6330: Imitation fur with an ocelot pattern is the material of this jacket, which shows high lapels and is held together by a leather belt. Tie-like collar. 6331: Snazzy coat in black diagonal wool fabric, which is finished in the opposite thread run for the distinctive yoke. The model has a longitudinal division in the back below the pointed yoke. Slim shawl collar.

P. 24a

6332: Afternoon dress in blue and cardinal red, blue dotted velvet The latter results in the waist, which is accessed by the bodice like part. Bow garnish. 6333: Elegant afternoon dress in black crêpe hammer finish. The full-length model is fitted with a bolero. Collar, bow and sleeve trim in white fur imitation. 6334: Tea dress in brown patterned wool georgette for young girls. Aparte raglan waist with novel sleeves and wrap belt. Bell skirt with asymmetrical division. 6335: Afternoon complete in black marocaine crepe and champagne-coloured lace fabric. Skirt and blouse are worked in conjunction. The jacket is fitted with a lace scarf.

P. 24b

6337: Bright youthful dress in light green, white patterned jersey. Puffed sleeves and neckline are garnished with bound facings. Wide suede belt. 6338: Elegant tea dress in steel grey silk with encrusted lace at the waist in the same colour. The cut lines of the model are arranged in parallel. 6339: Brown silk marocaine is used to make the elegant afternoon dress. Ecru-coloured lace is used for collars and lapels as well as for the bows. Collar and lapels: Model Lace House Schöneberg, Berlin. 6340: Afternoon dress made of patterned silk with asymmetrical division and fan pleats. Red silk is chosen for the scarf and sleeve lining.

P. 25

6341: The dance dress made of light blue ribouldingue is garnished with Valenciennes lace. The bib-like collar in the front is cut into belt parts which are tied at the back. Cut for girls from 14 to 16 years. 6342: This pretty dance dress in pink crêpe de chine is completed by a short jacket of the same material. Narrow flounces and Valenciennes lace serve as garnish. Cut for girls from 14 to 16 years. 6343: Elegant afternoon dress in light blue marocaine with a skirt split apart at the front. White crêpe de chine is used for the very narrow shawl collar and lapels. Cut for girls from 14 to 16 years. 6344: Navy blue and checkered wool fabric is used for the snappy fried fish dress. The smooth skirt has partially quilted pleats to give it sufficient width. Cut for girls from 14 to 16 years. 6345: Light green bouclé is the appropriate material for the bolero dress, which is finished with beige marocaine. Collar and lapels are garnished with pleats. Cut for girls from 14 to 16 years.

P. 26

6346: Snappy costume made of bottle-green diagonal wool fabric for girls aged 14 to 16. The slightly waisted jacket with wide lapels is held together by a belt. The material is used in opposite stripes for pockets, sleeve panels and belt. 6347: Sporty coat in diagonally patterned wool fabric. The model is cut throughout and effectively divided at the back. Pockets worked into the sides, garnished with buttons. The sleeves are fitted with diagonal trims. Cut for girls from 14 to 16 years. 6348: Sports coat in light nubby fabric in raglan cut. The front parts with a distinctive closure reach broadly over each other. Nutria is used for the high cuffs and the briskly tied tie. Cut for girls from 14 to 16 years. 6349: Coat of fried fish in woven bouclé. The collar is replaced by a poison-green scarf, the ends of which are pulled through at the front. Small flounces achieve the widened shoulder area. Tight-fitting form. Cut for girls from 14 to 16 years. 6350: Coat in beige camel hair fabric. Brown material is used for the wide, quilted collar. Narrow leather belt in the same colour. The small flounces starting at the front of the armhole converge to a point at the back. Cut for girls from 14 to 16 years.

P. 26a

6351: Visiting gown in dark brown patterned velvet. A distinctive collar falls over the light-coloured lace insert. Lace garnish also on the sleeves. 6352: The afternoon dress in red wool georgette is worn with a removable cape bordered by a narrow fur roller. The elbow puffed sleeve is very distinctive. 6353: Elegant afternoon dress in silk. The garnishing of the dress results in the rich interesting divisions. The narrow cuffs are fitted with a three-quarter-long extended sleeve. 6354: Very elegant is this visit dress made of green marocaine, the sleeves of which are completely garnished with hole embroidery. A short scarf on the right side.

P. 26b

6355: Elegant evening dress in white crêpe satin. The upper waist part with bell-shaped cape sleeves is made of beautiful lace fabric. The harmonious lines of the curved partitions look very good. 6356: Separate ball gown in light yellow angel skin. The very bell-shaped skirt is divided symmetrically at the front and back; the cut bodice is based on the waist garnished with dark red roses. 6357: Evening gown of lace fabric, finished with a wrapped scarf of blue georgette. The skirt is enriched by a bell-shaped tunic. The waist is attached to the georgette scarf. 6358: Formal dress in black silk, chosen for the fichu-like arranged waist in light green. The front parts are led around to the back where they merge into knotted ends.

P. 26c

6359: Evening jacket in light red velvet with interesting, matching puffed sleeves, to which the densely lined puff sleeves are attached. Silver buttons. 6360: Evening jacket in reseda green velvet chiffon with characteristic pointed front parts and richly bulged sleeves. 6361: This bolero jacket in small patterned fleurette forms an ensemble with dress 6362. Low-set sleeves in three-quarter length. 6362: Evening dress in matt yellow, small printed fleurette. The seams on the skirt have been divided to advantage. Bolero effect at the front and flowers made of the same material as the dress. The jacket 6361 belongs to this. 6363: Evening dress in white angel skin. The waist is fitted with a cape on one side. Tight hips, divided at the front. Red blossom tendrils create a garnish that is suitable for dressing.

P. 26d

6364: For the afternoon dress black hammer tone is combined with dark blue similar material. The latter gives the vest and the lower sleeve parts. A small bow of tulle lace is at the front. Bow: Model Spitzenhaus Schöneberg, Berlin. 6365: Elegant coat made of grey crewl with seal collar. The front edges, the belt and the sleeve flaps are richly quilted. 6366: Coat made of blue diagonally striped crewl, in a close-fitting cut. The sleeve is finished with round cut, raised flounces. Krimmer collar. 6367: Dress made of blue côtelé, which is effectively accentuated by the different processing. Collar and cuffs are made of white pressed silk.

P. 27

6368: Blouse of yellow washed silk, for girls from 6 to 10 years. 6369: School dress in green crewl and striped jersey, for girls from 6 to 10 years. 6370: Hanger dress in bouclé with a piqué trim. Cut for girls from 2 to 6 years. 6371: Festive suit: blouse in white crepe de chine, strap leg dress in black velvet. Cut for boys from 2 to 6 years. 6372: Festive dress in pink artificial silk georgette, f. Girls from 2 to 6 years. 6373: Dress in marocaine crepe, for girls from 10 to 14 years. 6374: Dress in red wool crepe, for girls from 6 to 10 years old. 6375: Practical dress in diagonal wool fabric, f. For girls from 8 to 12 years. 6376: Sailor suit in medium blue gabardine, for boys aged 2 to 6 years.

P. 28

6377: Coat in nubby fabric with fur collar, completed by dress 6378 to complete the look. Cut for girls from 8 to 12 years. 6378: Dress in almond green wool-orgette with white belt. With coat 6377. cut for girls from 8 to 12 years. 6379: Suit in English wool fabric, double-buttoned. Short leg dress. Cut for boys from 10 to 14 years. 6380: Coat in patterned woollen fabric. The lapels and pockets are buttoned up. Cut for girls from 10 to 14 years. 6381: Raglan coat in fashionable coloured gabardine. Cut for girls from 10 to 14 years. 6382: Coat in coloured velvet, garnished with fur rolls. The short over sleeves are cut to the yoke. Cut for girls from 2 to 6 years. 6383: Navy blue wool coat, buttoned in double rows. Cut for boys from 2 to 6 years. 6384: Raincoat made of impregnated fancy wool fabric, used in different thread layers. Cut for girls from 10 to 14 years.

P. 28a

6385: Ice skating costume in wine-red velvet. The skirt consists of six panels with a strong bell-shaped cut at the bottom. High-necked jacket with fur trimming. 6386: Ski dress in light brown gabardine. Short jacket with wide lapels, double row button closure and pockets. 6387: Jacket in brown ski jersey, can be worn with any trousers. The lapel, which is covered with cloth, can also be buttoned over to the left. 6388: The ski suit in navy blue ski jersey features a zipper at the bloused waist and large pockets. The pockets are inserted in the leg dress. 6389: The ski suit is composed of fashionable black gabardine. The latter is used for the leg dress. Jacket lined with Billroth batiste waterproof.

P. 28b

6390: Youthful evening dress in light blue marocaine. The underarm straps are widened by bell flounces. On the wrinkled belt of the same colored blossom tuff. Boa of black and white ostrich feathers: Lace house Schöneberg, Berlin. 6391: Black velvet jacket with wide sleeves and binding, to complement model 6390. 6392: Champagne-coloured crêpe satin is used for the elegant evening dress. The bolero jacket lies loosely on the panel held by the lining. Wrapped set of different coloured panels. 6393: Evening gown in black silk combined with ecru-coloured lace fabric. The bodice part with cut front and back panels takes up the lace waist, which is garnished with a bow at the neckline. The lace fabric was provided by: Spitzenhaus Schöneberg, Berlin. 6394: Evening gown in matt green crêpe rome with a wrap waist and hanging scarf, held by a clasp at the left armpit. On the bell skirt beautiful dividing line.

P. 29

"For stronger ladies". 6395: Elegant blouse in pink crepe de chine. The dressable lapel collar and the high, buttoned cuffs are richly garnished with hemstitching. This model is very advantageous for stronger women. 6396: Snappy blouse in soft coloured silk. The pointed collar at the back is tied at the front to form a bow. The slightly bulging sleeves are fitted with high cuffs. Especially suitable for stronger women. 6397: Blouse skirt of dark wool fabric for stronger women. The diagonal dividing seam is accentuated by quilting, which is also continued a little at the deep pleat. 6398: Costume made of English wool fabric, suitable for stronger women. The belted jacket has dividing seams at the front and back. The skirt has deep pleats stitched at the top to give it sufficient width. Small fur collar. 6399: Afternoon dress in blue flamenga, very suitable for stronger women. The belted waist is stitched onto the moderately wide skirt. The lapel on one side is jabot-like. Coloured trims enliven the model.

P. 30

"For stronger ladies". 6400: The afternoon dress in light and dark brown hammer tone is especially advantageous for stronger ladies. The yoke and three-quarter length sleeves are slightly lined up. Dazzle-like divisions at the front and back. 6401: Lead-coloured patterned flamenga gives the material of the afternoon dress, which is very suitable for stronger women. The slender sleeves and the front split waist are decorated with glass buttons. Lace collar. 6402: Afternoon dress in brown marocaine. White material of the same type is used for the sleeve front and the insert garnished with hemstitch. The model is cut all the way through the front and buttoned at the left side and is very suitable for stronger ladies.

P. 31

6414: House dress in small plaid poplin, garnished with plain panels For the pointed shoulder yoke the material is processed in a diagonal thread layer. 6415: Button-up apron in plain apron fabric, garnished with the material of the dress. Pointed pockets at the sides. 6416: Pretty house dress in a combination of patterned and white washing fabric. The jagged hip yoke harmonizes with the jagged effect of the waist. 6417: Elegant dressing gown in coloured raglan fleece. The belt reaches around to the left and closes with a button at the side. A matching trimming fabric has been chosen for the lapel collar and lapels. 6418: Dressing gown in plain and Scottish plaid wool fabric. The shawl collar crosses over each other at the front and is tied at the back. Wide sleeves.

P. 32

6419: Crewl can be chosen for the production of the mourning dress, whose divisions are arranged in pretty lines. Short, jutting tucks form the garnish. 6420: Mourning dress made of diagonal wool fabric in slightly waisted, beltless form. The model garnished with pin-tucks and small sips has an insert of black, white dotted silk. 6421: The mourning coat is split lengthwise at the back. The ends of the cups, which are visible underneath the black gaillac collar, are buttoned together. Short flounces lie on the sleeves. 6422: Simple mourning dress in black wool marocain. The skirt has encrusted panels that widen slightly towards the bottom. A mourning crepe is to be used for the short scarf which is pulled through incisions. Black patent leather belt.

P. 33

6423: Pink crepe de chine nightgown. 6424: The bed jacket belongs to nightgown 6423. 6425: Milanaise petticoat. 6426: Milanaise leg gown garnished with lace. 6427: Pyjamas in plain coloured and patterned artificial silk. 6428: Pink batiste shorts with embroidered panels. 6429: Pyjamas in Gminder half-linen, for girls aged 4 to 8. 6430: Nightgown in pink batiste. 6431: Apron in cotton fabric. 6432: Apron in green linen, for girls aged 8 to 12. 6433: Dress apron in printed cedeline.

P. 34

St 1673: Tea tablecloth 85/85 embroidered on half-linen with tobacco brown Bela twist, pre-drawn on fashionable half-linen or white farm linen RM. 2,50. embroidery material in Bela-gloss twist RM. 1.50. Flattened pattern, price RM, 1.60. St 1674: Little wreath in coloured cross-stitch, diameter 20 cm. Flattening pattern, 2 motives, price 40 Rpf. St 1675: Little wreath in cross stitch, diameter 12 cm. Flattening pattern, 4 motives, price 40 Rpf. St 1676: Wreath in cross stitch, diameter 9 cm. Flattening pattern, 6 motives, price 40 Rpf. St 1677/78: Handkerchiefs in Richelieu embroidery, drawn on batiste, 3 pcs. 90 Rpf. Flattening pattern, 4 corners, price 20 Rpf. St 1679: handkerchief with scalloped border. Flattening pattern, 3 pcs. 80 Rpf. St 1680: perforated embroidery blanket, finished size 60/60 with hemstitching. Flattening pattern, price 80 Rpf. St 1681: Little wreath in cross stitch, 6 cm diameter. Flattening pattern, 6 motives, price 20 Rpf.

P. 35

"For stronger ladies". 6403: The coat, made of ribbed wool fabric, is provided with divisions which are arranged in the manner of a diaphragm. The straight, slightly waisted shape makes this model very suitable for stronger women. 6404: Marocain is the material for the lap blouse, whose sleeves and one-sided lapel are garnished with projecting piping. The puffed sleeves have high, tight cuffs. 6405: Coat in diagonally patterned fantasy wool fabric for stronger women. The pitches are arranged in distinctive lines. Astrakhan is used for shawl collar and sleeve trimming. 6406: Sporty costume made of diagonal wool fabric with quilted pitches and pockets on the side of the jacket. Slim lapels. This model is highly recommended for stronger women.

P. 36

6407: Youthful blouse in crêpe satin with raglan sleeves puffed in the upper part and garnished with tucks. 6408: Skirt and unbuttonable cape in Gminder rep are worn with a striped silk blouse. 6409: Blouse of light crêpe de chine with a wide belt that rises at the front in a bodice style. Valencian lace. 6410: Snappy blouse in plain coloured and vividly striped jersey. The lapel on one side merges into a narrow collar. 6411: Hammer-blow is the appropriate material for this striking blouse, whose divisions are accentuated by quilting. 6412: The georgette blouse garnished with tucks has a wide collar which is jabot-like at the front. 6413: A smart crew skirt with a wide bodice belt that simulates a hip yoke at the front. Track set in front.

P. 37

Article: Lagerlöf, Selma, The Mousetrap (Novel by Selma Lagerlöf, 1858-1940). Advertising: "Baking and cooking heat in the oven and on the stove - the Jena glass withstands everything. And how delicious the food looks on the table. Let us show you the many new plates and bowls in household shops. Recipe book Durax 50 with picture price list free of charge from Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Gen. Jena", Jenaer glass fireproof, Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Gen; "Every lady is enthusiastic about the new fine-wool Bleyle slip trousers. Convince yourself of the pleasant characteristics of this high-quality product", Bleyle Pants / Princess Skirts, Fabrik Wilh. Bleyle GmbH, Stuttgart W 146.

P. 38

Article: Lagerlöf, Selma, The Mousetrap (Novel by Selma Lagerlöf, 1858-1940). Advertising: "You always give sincere pleasure with Platura patent cutlery [...] It's all about Platura! Available only in gold and silverware shops", Sole manufacturer Bremer Silberwaren Fabrik A-G, Sebaldsbrück near Bremen, photo: unsigned/unknown; "If you have enjoyed even a simple education, you can quickly learn a trade that will give you the opportunity to earn a living and become self-employed. - Learn to cut men's clothes at the 'Modern Cutting School' 5, Rue Mayran, Paris 9 0", Les Editions Léon Claude, 5, Rue Mayran - Paris 9; Self-promotion of the publishing house Gustav Lyon "Lyon branch in Brunswick, Rathenaustr. 6 newly opened! Telephone: 1444"; "Filet work is always popular and looks noble", Amann and Sons, Bönnigheim (Württ.).

P. 39

Article: Lagerlöf, Selma, The Mousetrap (Novel by Selma Lagerlöf, 1858-1940). Advertising: "Beautiful bust in 4 to 6 weeks", Fa. Joh. Gayko, Hamburg 19/16; "Corpulent! Without diet I lost 18 pounds in a short time", Mrs. M. C. Kostors, Berlin-Friedenau, Menzelstr. 22; "Small causes...", Hansaplast elastic, quick bandage; Gütermann's sewing silk; Self-promotion of the publishing house Gustav Lyon "The never tiring desire of women to buy - is the advertising power of the 'fashion show'"; "Without diet I have become 20 pounds lighter in a short time", Mrs. Karla Mast, Bremen B.Z.44; "The right way to achieve beautiful white teeth", Chlorodont toothpaste (or toothpaste) and toothbrush.

P. 40

"Viennese knitting models." Above: "The Viennese actress Maria Schnorpfeil wears a delightful jumper model with the modern diagonal stripes and ham sleeves." Left: "Diagonal stripes and ham sleeves characterize the Viennese wool blouse model in relief knitting". Right: "A pretty fashion does not say goodbye so quickly. You can see the tasteful, youthful-looking stripes on the Viennese jersey dress". Below: "The return of the jumper, which is very supportive of Vienna, brings the most elegant, non-sporty visiting models in fantasy stripes". Photos: unknown/unsigned.

P. 41

Article: Paula, Anna, dear friend! I advise you to... Advertising: "Delicious is the feeling after powdering with Vasenol Body Powder", Vasenol Body Powder; "Gives housewife scarf 'hit' and creates true festive joy", Hit Scarves, Drawing/Illustration: E.M.U.; "Nigger yarn and coverings are excellent and colourfast." "Do you want to become slim?", Herbaria degreasing herbal preparations, Herbaria-Herbs Paradise Philippsburg G. m. b. H., Philippsburg 608 (Baden).

P. 42

"An hour of mental exercise." Puzzle page with the following puzzles: First, the enigmatic poinsettia, 2. headache about an encyclopaedia, Third cup problem, Four. A telling Christmas tree, Five. The farmer's will, 6th match assignment, 7. Rosa knows how to help herself, 8. Please do not trip.

P. 43

Article: Sell, Anita, The Woman Who Doesn't Age... Advertising: "Herbin-Stodin unsurpassed for severe headaches, rheumatic, muscle and nerve pain", H. O. Albert Weber, Magdeburg; "Against leanness one always uses only our 'Oriental. Strength Pills'", D. Franz Steiner & Co. G. m. b. H., Berlin W 30/469, Eisenacherstr. 16; "Beautiful and seductive hands... Unsurpassed against chapped hands. Kaloderma jelly for the care of the hands", Kaloderma Gelee, F. Wolff & Sohn, Karlsruhe; "Dialon powder saves your darling from soreness," Dialon powder.

P. 44

Article: O. V., The story of a dress. At the top right are the solutions of the puzzles from the fashion show issue no. 239. Advertising: Knorr soup cubes, "1 cube = 2 plates = 10 pfennigs", T. H. Knorr U. G. Heilbronn a. N. 6; "15000 officially certified certificates prove the outstanding goodness, digestibility and effectiveness of Kaiser's Brust-Caramels with the 3 firs, which have been tried and tested for over 4 decades", Kaiser's Brust-Caramels; "Fat people achieve weight loss. v. 15-20 Pfd. in a short time through Ebus tea", Ebus tea in pharmacies and drugstores.

P. 45

Article: Paula, Anna, dear friend! I advise you to... Advertising: "A small but important post," Nivea cream; "Natural wavy loose hair is the result of constant shampooing with Kaiser Borax shampoo. Convince yourself", Kaiser-Borax-Shampoo, Heinrich Mack Nachf., Ulm a. D.; "With 5 marks capital a surprising Christmas present! Schaja offers the possibility to put a high-quality photo apparatus [by Kodak, M. K.] on the table by means of a convenient installment proposal", Photo-Schaja, Adolf Jacobs, München 2 No. Ly.

P. 46

Article: O. V., The kitchen of the month (vegetable dumplings as meat broth, fire punch, venison chops, English plum pudding, larded pike-perch). In the centre there is a photograph of a festive plaque with the caption 'Festively garnished plate of thick veal steaks with fried mushrooms, small steamed onions, beans, cauliflower, fried pineapple and a wreath of sprayed puree cratered potatoes'. Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Advertising: "In every kitchen belong: Maggi's products - seasoning, soups, meat broth - they help to economise", Maggi products.

P. 47

Article: O. V., Books for the Christmas Table (Das Neue Universum, 53rd volume; Der gute Kamerad, 46th volume; Das Kränzchen, 44th volume from the Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, Stuttgart; Joseph Conrad, Die Rettung; Letters of Hermann Sudermann to his wife, Verlag I. G. Cotta'sche Buchhandlung, Stuttgart; Frida Baumgarten, 1200 answers to 1200 questions, Verlag Wilhelm Köhler, Minden i. W.). Advertising: "Libby's helps the housewife cook. Libby's is pure, aseptic whole milk from which most of the water content has been removed", Libby's milk "improves food and drink", free Libby's cookbook from the German Libby Society m. b. H., Hamburg, Mönckebergstraße 31.

P. 48

Article: O. V., New records. Advertising: "Baking is fun", Dr. Oetker's baking soda "Backin", Dr. August Oetker, Bielefeld; Self-promotion of the publishing house Gustav Lyon, Berlin SO 16, for the special editions of the winter season booklets "Ball Album" for RM. 5.50, "Novelties for the Ball Season" RM. 1.50 as well as "Masks Album" RM 2.50, available in all Lyon branches, bookshops, Wertheim department stores, department stores or directly from the publisher Gustav Lyon, Berlin; "'Gminder-Halblinnen' single-coloured and printed and 'Gminder-Rips' in their bright Indanthren colours give the most beautiful handicrafts, blankets and cushions for room, veranda and garden", Ulrich-Gminder G. m. b. H., Reutlingen.

P. 49

Article: O. V., Valuable Christmas presents for our youth. The text is accompanied by two photographs explaining "Christmas Idyll" and "The Wheel of Life - an apparatus from which cinematography [sic!] was developed". Advertising: "I'm so happy", Jungrot method, Kaliklora (toothpaste factory) Hamburg 19; "He never noticed this blonde before", Special shampoo for hair care, Nurblond Laboratories, Berlin W 62; Togal - unsurpassed for rheumatism, gout, headaches, sciatica, lumbago, colds

P. 50

Article (youth show): O. V., Seppis Christmas. In the centre of the text is a photograph showing a sleeping boy in a sweater, sitting on Santa's lap and sleeping leaning against him. Santa Claus looks smiling into the camera. Photo: Paramount.

P. 51

Puzzle page for puzzle fans. The puzzles are: Syllable Puzzles, Horrible Experience, Visiting Card Puzzles, Great Transition, Transformation Puzzles, Curly, The Cavalier, Crosswords, Magic Square, Groin Puzzles. Advertising: "Yes, madam, for the whole 10 years for the tender, sensitive skin of your child only Nivea child soap", Nivea child soap; "Full figured? You can achieve a beautiful bust and body shape yourself by using a simple, harmless method which I will tell you free of charge", Mrs. M. Kümmel, Bremen B. 37; "What brings you the year 1933. A known. Astrologe calculates your future", Welt-Kultur-Verlag Abt. 199, Berlin W 8; Büsten und Rockabrunder, Else Schmidt, Berlin-Steglitz, Sedanstr. 20; "Erika on small installments: First step to big deeds", General Agency Carl E. Halbarth, Berlin W 8, Friedrichstraße 52/53; "The evil fat ghost stands before your eyes when you see something good to eat", Dr. Ernst Richter's breakfast herbal tea, "Hermes" Fabrik pharmazeut. Preparations, Munich 70, Güllstraße 7.

P. 52

Article: O. V., New records. Information from the publisher: Below you will find the rates for Lyon patterns (large pattern, small pattern, small pattern, small pattern, cuts according to personal measurements, flattening patterns as well as piercing breaks) as well as information on the normal sizes for women, girls and boys. In addition, there is a list of all Lyon branches (points of sale) in the German Reich and in Greater Berlin. Imprint of the illustrated fashion show.

P. 53

Article: O. V., Our information service on economic, tax, rental and legal issues of all kinds; o. V., Worth knowing (These communications appear without responsibility of the editorial staff). A voucher for information is enclosed with the information service, to be sent to Mr. Arno Bodenthal, Berlin W 30, Eisenacher Straße 113, near Nollendorfplatz (valid from December 1 to 31, 1932). Advertising: "Josef Witt, Weiden Opf., the world's largest special mail order company of its kind in cotton woven goods with its own enormous woven goods factories", excerpt from the price list with offers, Josef Witt, Weiden 114 Oberpfalz; Velvets, silks, fur, plush, coat fabrics, Samthaus Schmidt, Hannover 16.

P. 54

St 1682: Three-part coffee warmer with colourful embroidery. Fabric size 42 x 80 cm. Pre-drawn on jade green Gminder half-linen RM 1,50, material in negro yarn No. 3 RM 1,10. Flattened pattern, price 80 Rpf. St 1683: Pincushion with light embroidery. Diameter of the plate 16 cm. Flattening pattern, price 20 Rpf. St 1684: Aparter, two-piece tea warmer with embroidered intermediate strip. Fabric size 45 x 70 cm. Pre-drawn on turquoise coloured cloth RM 2,25. Material in wool 75 Rpf. Flattening pattern, price 80 Rpf. St 1685: Hand bag embroidered with pearls and garnished with a pearl fringe; each side is 17 cm high and 20 cm wide. Flattened pattern, price 20 Rpf. St 1686: three-part theatre bag, decorated with pearl embroidery and tassel. Each side measures 15 x 19 cm. Flattened pattern, price 40 Rpf. St 1687: Elegant evening bag with delicate gold and silver embroidery. Size (closed) 9 x 13 cm. Flattened pattern, price 20 Rpf. St 1688: Cushion with lively colourful embroidery. Size 50 x 62 cm. Pre-drawn on light, fine rep with backing RM 2,40, embroidery material in Bela-Twist RM 1,-. Flattened pattern, price 80 Rpf. St 1689: Cushion with field flower bouquet, executed in cross-stitch embroidery. Size 47 x 63 cm. Drawn on grey Gminder half-linen RM 2.50. Material in Bela-Twist RM 3.50. Flattened pattern, price 80 Rpf. St 1690: Practical book cover of grey linen with lively embroidery in black and red. Size of the cover 19 x 26 cm. Flattened pattern, price 40 Rpf.