National Cloak & Suit Co., Spring/Summer 1923

Fashion from the mail order catalog of the National Cloak & Suit Company from New York City, N.Y., U.S.A., for spring and summer 1923.

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Front page or cover of the mail order catalog of the National Cloak & Suit Company from New York City, N. Y., U.S.A., for spring and summer 1923. The "NATIONAL" Money-Saving Style Book. Spring and Summer 1923. 16W537—Voile. $5.98. For Description of this Dress See Page 2. National Cloak & Suit Company, New York City. [Page 1]

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Last Minute Bargains We Want You to Enjoy. Y 15 W 100—Its smart new style and excellent quality make this Women's and Misses' charming Hat a remarkable value at only $2.98. It combines a fashionable all-silk taffeta draped crown with wide, drooping flexible brim of Patent Milan Straw. At the right side the taffeta terminates in sash end finished with braid fringe. Brim measures about 4½ inches at sides, and is narrower front and back. Bleached White Patent Milan with your choice of white, cherry red or green taffeta; also navy blue with navy taffeta… $2.98. Post. 15¢ extra. Satin Foulard and Silk Georgette. 10 W 1—Be sure to add this rarely beautiful Dress to your spring and summer wardrobe. There will be many occasions—both afternoon and evening—when it will be exactly the right frock to wear. And superior quality considered, it is a very, very unusual value at only $13.98. In this becoming model the skilful designer has artistically combined camisole-style waist foundation and the skirt of fashionable Figured All-Silk Satin Foulard with the overblouse style waist and skirt panels of tone-color all-silk Georgette crepe. The picture shows you the beautiful result. Note the daintiness of the new style short sleeves open at the shoulder and trimmed with frills of self-color silk ribbon. The georgette loose panels on the skirt are elaborately trimmed with similar frills and ribbon finishes the waist-line. Invisible side closing. COLORS: tan, navy blue or Copenhagen blue, each with figured design in harmonizing colors. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt length, 33 to 39 inches; wide basted hem. Give bust, waist and hip measures; height and weight; state skirt length and color desired… OUR PRICE, $13.98. Postage 15¢ extra. 30 W 1846—Women's very latest style Colonial Pump of full chrome Black Patent Leather with new rosette tongue of black satin ribbon finished with metal Colonial buckles. New round plain toe; leather quarter lining; covered Cuban heel with leather top lift; light weight close edge sole. Buttoned instep strap. SIZES: 2½ to 8; widths C, D, E… $3.98. Post. 8¢ extra. All Wool Worsted Slip-On Sweater in Zig Zag Stripe Pattern. 20 W 156—This smart Sport Slip-on Sweater displays the fashionable zig zag stripes. The picture shows you how attractive the popular sport colorings are. The medium weight Slip-on is knitted from good quality all-wool worsted yarn and has detachable sash belt. COLORS: buff tan, white or Jockey red, each with stripes in combination of four contrasting colors. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust… $2.98. Post. 8¢ extra. All Wool Velour. 9 W 301—All that you could possibly ask for in your new spring and summer coat you will find in this truly splendid model. Fashioned in the most up-to-date style from an excellent grade of All-Wool Velour and carefully tailored. You know the handsome soft napped material so we need not tell you of the splendid service it gives. The handsomely embroidered deep gauntlet cuffs; the embroidered side panels to match and the tasseled braided girdle are the features of the most exclusive Fifth Avenue styles charmingly embodied in this smart model. The tailored long rever and large button used as a fastening are also decidedly new notes this season. Coat is unlined. COLORS: tan, dark Copenhagen blue or caramel as illustrated. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust; about 46 inches long. In ordering be sure to give size and color desired… OUR PRICE, $14.98. Postage 20¢ extra. Dress Pictured on Front Cover Is Described Here. 16 W 537—Because it is the ideal Summer Dress and the biggest dress value of all, our style experts selected this charming model for the front cover of our Style Book. It is Fashion's last word in style and is made of good quality hard twist Cotton Voile. The workmanship is excellent throughout. Every style detail—embroidered net collar, picoted plaited side panels and wide flowing sleeves—are evidences of the most up-to-date New York style. Voile rosettes in pastel shades give a new and distinctive finish to the waist-line at each side. Dress is a slip-on model with self-material camisole waist lining. COLORS: rose, lavender of maize. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt length 33 to 39 inches; wide basted hem. Give bust, waist and hip measures, height and weight; also skirt length and color desired… OUR PRICE, $5.98. Postage 12¢ extra. Copyright 1923 by National Cloak and Suit Company. The "NATIONAL" Money-Saving Style Book, Vol. 27, No. 2. January, 1923. Page 2

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Please Lend Your STYLE BOOK. THIS beautiful Book brings to you the pleasure of the best New York Styles at the famous "NATIONAL" money-saving prices. It brings to you an assurance of "NATIONAL" Quality in everything you buy. We want you to use this book. We want you first to enjoy all its advantage and its saving. And then—Won't you please lend this Style book to your neighbors? We could not print enough books for everyone. So we ask this as a favor to the "NATIONAL"—and as a favor to your neighbors—to let them also have the pleasure and the saving this "NATIONAL" Style Book offers. You can order from this Book with Perfect Confidence that everything is exactly as pictured and described. This Style Book is the property of and should be returned directly to— Name___ Address___ Your Money Back If You Want It. THE "NATIONAL" is a "Money Back" House. What does that mean? It means that we guarantee everything in this book to be exactly as pictured and described. We guarantee every price to be a money-saving price. And you are to be the only judge. If anything you buy from the "NATIONAL" does not please you, send it back; we will refund your money, and we will pay transportation charges both ways. National Cloak and Suit Company, Seventh Ave., 24th and 25th Streets, New York City. Page 3

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HOW TO FIND THE THINGS YOU WANT. A. Abdominal Belts… 237. Aprons, Babies'… 240. Aprons, Children's… 128, 240. Aprons, Girls'… 156, 157. Aprons, Rubberized… 237. Aprons, Sanitary… 237. Aprons, Stamped… 257. Aprons, Women's and Misses'… 128, 168, 169. Arch Supports… 204. Arm Bands, Men's… 346. Art Goods… 257. B. Babies' Dept. … 238 to 256. Bag Frames… 96. Bags, Cloth, Leather and Silk… 126, 127. Bags, Diaper… 240. Bags, Hot Water… 237, 241. Bags, Misses' and Children's… 127. Bags, Traveling and Shopping… 126. Bandeaux, Corset, 225 to 227. Bands, Babies'… 243, 244. Bargain Page… 128. Barrows, Babies'… 243. Basket, Babies' Toilet… 241. Bath Robe, Children's… 248. Bath Towels… 240, 289. Bead Necklaces… 96. Beads… 96. Beauty Boxes… 126 to 128. Bed Linens… 284, 285. Bed Sets… 283, 284. Bed Spread, Stamped, 257. Bed Spreads… 282, 283. Belts, Abdominal, Men's and Women's… 237. Belts, Boys'… 346. Belts, Men's… 346. Belts, Sanitary… 237. Belts, Women's… 126. Bibs, Babies'… 240. Blankets, Bed… 282, 283. Blankets, Crib, 242, 282, 283. Bloomer Dresses, Girls' and Children's, 156, 157, 161. Bloomers, Girls' and Children's, 128, 155 to 157, 218, 219, 248, 249. Bloomers, Sanitary… 237. Bloomers, Women's and Misses', 128, 214, 222 to 224, 295. Blouses, Boys'… 348, 349. Blouses, Knit (see Knit Blouses). Blouses, Middy, 84, 154 to 157. Blouses, Women's and Misses' (see Waists). Bonnets, Babies' and Children's… 246, 250, 251. Book, Baby Diary… 241. Bootees, Babies'… 241. Boots, Men's… 201. Boots, Rubber… 203. Boudoir Caps… 206 to 208. Boys' Clothing… 312 to 324. Braces, Shoulder… 237. Brassieres… 216, 217, 231. Breeches… 43, 323, 336, 337. Buckle Clasps… 96. Buckles, Shoe… 204. Bust Ruffles… 219. Bust Supporters and Reducers… 216, 217, 237. C. Calico… 261. Camisoles, Women's and Misses'… 215. Capes, Cloth, Girls', 114, 115, 255. Capes, Cloth, Juniors'… 117, 118. Capes, Cloth, Women's and Misses, 100, 102, 104, 110, 148, 152. Capes, Hood, Babies', 250, 251. Capes, Knit, Children's and Girls', 71, 72, 114, 255. Capes, Knit, Women's and Misses… 68, 121. Caps, Babies' and Children's… 239, 250, 251. Caps, Boudoir… 206 to 208. Caps and Hats, Boys', 340, 342. Caps and Hats, Men's and Young Men's, 340, 341. Carriage Covers, Babies'… 242. Center Pieces, Stamped… 257. Chemises, Women's and Misses'… 209. Coats, Babies'… 250, 251. Coats, Children's… 255. Coats, Girls'… 114, 115, 255. Coats, Junior Misses', 116 to 122. Coats, Stout Women's, 90, 91. Coats, Women's, 2, 97 to 105, 107 to 113, 149, 151, 153. Collar and Cuff Sets, Women's… 129. Collars, Boys'… 346. Collars, Men's… 347. Comb, Hair Tonic… 237. Combinations, Girls' and Children's, 218, 219, 248, 249. (C cont'd Page) Combs, Hair… 96, 129. Comforters, Babies'… 242. Corset Bandeaux, 225 to 227. Corset Covers and Camisoles, Women's and Misses'… 215. Corset Girdles… 232, 233. Corset Waists… 232. Corsets… 225 to 233. Corsets, Maternity and Nursing… 231. Corsets, Reducing, 225, 228 to 230. Costume Blouse, Women's and Misses'… 77. Cotton, Absorbent… 242. Cotton, Embroidery and Crochet… 257. Cotton Goods… 258 to 270. Counterpanes… 282, 283. Creepers, Babies'… 252, 253. Cretonnes… 279. Crib Pads… 242. Curtain Materials, 279 to 281. Curtains… 280, 281. Cushion, Cretonne… 257. D. Damask, Table… 286, 287. Diaper Bags… 240. Diaper Cloth… 267. Diaper Covers, Babies'… 242. Diaper Drawers… 248. Diaper Pads, Babies'… 242. Diaper Pants… 240. Diapers… 238, 242. Diary, Baby… 241. Dolls… 96. Domestics… 266, 267. Douches, Vaginal… 237. Drawers, Knit, Children's and Girls'… 296. Drawers, Knit, Women's and Misses'… 294, 296. Drawers, Men's… 300. Drawers, Muslin, Misses', Girls', Children's… 218, 248, 249. Drawers, Muslin, Women's… 214. Dress Goods, Cotton, 258 to 265, 270. Dress Goods, Silk, 130, 272 to 278. Dress Goods, Wool… 271, 278. Dresses, Babies', 243, 245 to 247. Dresses, Children's, 161, 252, 253, 254. Dresses, Cloth and Silk, Misses'… 22 to 25. Dresses, Cloth and Silk, Women's… 2, 11 to 21. Dresses, Girls', 155 to 161, 254. Dresses, House… 162 to 167. Dresses, Juniors', 40 to 43, 49. Dresses, Lingerie, Misses'… 31, 35, 43 to 49. Dresses, Lingerie, Women's… 2, 27 to 39. Dresses, Maternity… 26. Dresses, Stout Women's… 85 to 87. Dry Goods… 258 to 289. E. Earrings… 96. Envelope Chemises, Women's… 209. F. Face Cream… 125. Face Powder… 125. Feathers and Fancies, 139 to 141. Fiber Half Soles… 204. Fiber Sole Blocks… 204. Flannel Piece Goods… 268. Floss, Embroidery… 257. Flowers, Artificial, 139 to 141. Fountain Syringes… 237. Frames, Bag… 96. Freckle Cream… 125. Furnishings, Boys', 343, 346, 348, 349. Furnishings, Men's, 343 to 347, 350 to 353. Fur Scarfs… 67. G. Garters, Men's… 346. Ginghams… 258 to 261. Girdles, Corset… 232, 233. Girdles, Women's… 96. Gloves, Boys'… 236. Gloves, Children's… 235, 236. Gloves, Men's… 236. Gloves, Rubber… 237. Gloves, Women's and Misses'… 234 to 238. H. Hair Color Restorer… 125. Hair Goods… 170. Hair Nets… 170. Hair Ornaments… 129. Hair Pins… 129. Hair Remover… 125. Hair Tonic Comb… 237. Hair Wavers… 125. Half Soles… 204. (H cont'd Page) Handkerchiefs… 95. Hat Trimmings… 139 to 141. Hats, Caps and Bonnets, Babies', 246, 250, 251. Hats and Caps, Boys', 340, 342. Hats and Caps, Men's and Young Men's, 340, 341. Hats, Children's… 256. Hats, Girls'… 146, 147, 256. Hats, Trimmed, Women's, Misses' and Girls', 2, 21, 96, 129, 131 to 138. Hats, Untrimmed… 139 to 141. Heel Cushions… 204. Hood Shawls, Babies'… 243. Hosiery, Babies', 303 to 305, 311. Hosiery, Boys', Girls' and Children's, 302 to 305, 311. Hosiery, Men's… 304 to 306. Hosiery, Women's, 128, 305, 307 to 311. Hosiery, Women's, Extra Size… 308, 309. Hot Water Bags… 237, 241. House Dresses, Misses'… 167. House Dresses, Stout Women's… 92. House Dresses, Women's… 162 to 166. Huck Towels… 289. I. Infants' Dept. … 238 to 256. Ironing Board Cover and Pad… 285. J. Jacket, Sleeveless, Women's… 150. Jersey Coats, Men's, Youths' and Boys'… 72. Jewelry… 96. K. Kimonos, Babies'… 243. Kimonos, Women's… 169. Knickerbocker Suits, Women's, Misses' and Girls'… 43, 63, 149, 153. Knickerbockers, Boys' and Youths'… 322, 323. Knickerbockers, Girls', 155, 157. Knickerbockers, Men's, 332, 334, 337. Knickerbockers, Misses' and Juniors'… 43. Knickerbockers, Women's… 149, 151, 153. Knit Bloomers… 128. Knit Blouses, Women's, Misses' and Girls'… 70. Knit Capes, Girls' and Children's, 71, 72, 114, 255. Knit Capes, Women's and Misses'… 68, 121. Knit Drawers, Children's… 296. Knit Drawers, Women's and Misses', 294, 296. Knit Scarfs… 69, 129. Knit Underwear, Babies'… 244. Knit Underwear, Boys' and Youths', 297, 298. Knit Underwear, Extra Stout Women's… 293, 294. Knit Underwear, Men's… 299 to 301. Knit Underwear, Misses', Girls' and Children's… 296, 298. Knit Underwear, Stout Men's… 299 to 301. Knit Underwear, Women's… 290 to 295. L. Laces, Shoe… 204. Layettes… 239 to 241. Leather Sole Blocks… 204. Leggings, Men's… 204. Linens, Bed… 284, 285. Linens, Dress and Art… 270. Linens, Table… 286, 287. Lining Materials, 268, 274 to 276. Luncheon Sets, Stamped… 257. M. Manicure Sets… 96, 125. Marabou Cape… 129. Marquisette… 279 to 281. Maternity Apparel… 26, 231. Mattress Covers… 285. Men's Clothing, 325 to 329, 354. Middy Blouses, Women's, Misses' and Girls'… 84, 154 to 157. Millinery and Trimmings, 2, 21, 96, 129, 131 to 147. Moccasins, Babies'… 241. Moccasins, Indian… 192. Mosquito Netting… 267. Muslin… 266, 267. Muslin Underwear, Children's, Girls' and Misses'… 218, 219. (M cont'd Page) Muslin Underwear, Stout Women's, 207, 208, 210, 212 to 214, 216, 217. Muslin Underwear, Women's… 206 to 217. N. Napkins, Sanitary… 237. Napkins, Table… 286, 287. Necklaces, Bead… 96. Necktie, Women's and Children's… 129. Neckties, Boys'… 346. Neckties, Men's… 347, 353. Neckwear, Women's… 129. Needles, Beading… 96. Nets, Hair… 170. Night Drawers, Children's… 218, 248. Night Gowns, Babies', 241, 243. Night Gowns, Children's and Girls', 218, 219, 249. Night Gowns, Women's and Misses'… 206 to 209. Nightingales, Babies'… 243. Night Shirts, Boys'… 343. Night Shirts, Men's… 343. Nipples, Rubber… 241. Nursing Corsets… 231. O. Ostrich Bands… 140, 141. Outfits, Infants'… 239 to 241. Outing Suits, Men's, 331, 332. Overalls, Boys'… 324. Overalls, Children's, 252, 253. Overalls, Men's… 338, 339. Overall Suits, Boys'… 324. Overcoats, Men's and Young Men's… 333. P. Padding, Table… 287. Pads, Powder… 125. Pads, Quilted… 242. Pajama Gowns and Pajamas, Women's… 207. Pajamas, Boys'… 343. Pajamas, Children's, Girls' and Misses', 218, 241, 248. Pajamas, Men's… 343. Pants, Boys' and Youths'… 322, 323. Pants, Men's and Young Men's, 326, 328, 329, 331, 332, 334 to 337. Percale… 258, 260. Perfumes… 125. Petticoats, Babies', 245 to 247. Petticoats, Colored, Women's and Misses'… 220 to 224. Petticoats, Muslin, Women's… 212, 213. Petticoats, Silk, Women's and Misses', 213, 221, 222, 224. Petticoats, Stout Women's… 224. Piece Goods, 258 to 281, 284, 285. Pillow Cases… 242. Pillow Cases and Covers, Stamped… 257. Pillow Case Tubing… 267. Pinning Bands… 243. Pins, Hair… 129. Pins, Safety… 240. Play Suits… 252, 253, 324. Pocketbooks… 126, 127. Powder, Face… 96, 125. Powder, Talcum… 125, 240. Princess Slips, Misses', Girls' and Children's, 218, 219, 249. Princess Slips, Women's, 210, 211, 222 to 224. Purses 126, 127. Puttees… 204. Q. Quilts, Babies'… 242. R. Rain Cape, Girls'… 124. Raincoat and Hat, Boys'… 323. Raincoats, Juniors', 123, 124. Raincoats, Women's and Misses'… 123, 124. Raincoats and Utility Coats, Men's… 333. Rain Hats, Women's, Misses and Girls', 123, 124. Rainy Day Sets, Girls'… 124. Rattles, Babies… 242. Reducing Corsets, 225, 228 to 230. Reefers, Boys'… 317. Remnant Bundles, 261, 264, 269. Rompers and Creepers, 252, 253. Rompers, Stamped… 257. Rouge… 96, 125. Rubber Boots… 203. Rubber Gloves… 237. Rubber Goods… 237. (R cont'd Page) Rubbers, Men's and Boys'… 203. Rubbers, Women's, Misses' and Children's… 203. Rubber Sheeting… 242, 267. Rubber Tubing and Attachments… 237. S. Sacques, Babies', 239, 241, 243. Safety Pins… 240. Sanitary Goods… 237. Sateens… 268. Scarfs, Fur… 67. Scarfs, Knit… 69, 129. Scarfs and Sets, Stamped… 257. Scrims… 279 to 281. Serges… 271, 278. Shapes, Hat… 139 to 141. Shawls, Babies'… 243. Sheeting, Rubber… 242, 267. Sheetings, Bed… 266. Sheets, Bed… 284, 285. Shirting Materials, 269, 273, 275. Shirts and Blouses, Boys'… 348, 349. Shirts, Babies'… 244. Shirts, Men's, 128, 344, 345, 350 to 353. Shoe Buckles… 204. Shoe Chart… 205. Shoe Findings… 204. Shoe Laces… 204. Shoe Polishing Outfit… 204. Shoe Trees… 204. Shoes… 171 to 204. Shoes and Slippers, Babies', Children's, Girls' and Misses', 186 to 193, 241. Shoes and Slippers, Boys'… 192, 196, 197. Shoes and Slippers, Men's, 192, 194, 195, 198 to 202. Shoes and Slippers, Women's, 2, 128, 171 to 185, 192. Shoes, Stout Women's, 180, 185. Shoulder Braces… 237. Silk Dress Goods, 130, 272 to 278. Silk Petticoats, Women's and Misses', 213, 221, 222, 224. Silk Underwear, 209, 211, 213 to 215, 295. Skirts, Girls'… 156, 157. Skirts, Misses'… 154. Skirts, Stout Women's, 93, 94, 154. Skirts, Women's… 148 to 154. Sleeping Garments, Babies'… 243. Sleeping Garments, Children's… 248, 297. Slickers, Boys'… 323. Slippers, Boudoir… 181, 184. Slippers, House, Men's, 192. Slippers, House, Women's… 180, 181, 192. Slips, Princess, Misses', Girls' and Children's, 218, 219, 249. Slips, Princess, Women's, 210, 211, 222 to 224. Soaps, Toilet… 125, 242. Socks, Children's and Infants'… 302, 303, 311. Socks, Men's… 304 to 306. Soles, Fiber… 204. Soles, Half… 204. Sports Attire, Misses' and Juniors'… 43. Spreads, Bed… 282, 283. Stamped Goods… 257. Stearate of Zinc… 240. Stocking Feet… 308. Stockings, Babies', 303 to 305. Stockings, Boys', Girls' and Children's, 302 to 305. Stockings, Women's, 128, 305, 307 to 311. Stockings, Women's, Extra Sizes… 308, 309. Stout Women's Apparel… 85 to 94, 154. Suit Cases… 127. Suit Dresses, Women's and Misses', 12, 22, 48, 51, 62. Suits, Boys', 252, 253, 312 to 321, 324. Suits, High School, 315, 318, 319. Suits, Men's and Young Men's, 325 to 332, 354. Suits, Misses', 50 to 53, 59, 60. Suits, Sport, Misses' and Juniors'… 43. Suits, Sport, Women's, 63. Suits, Stout Women's, 88, 89. Suits, Women's, 54 to 58, 61 to 66. Suspenders, Boys'… 346. Suspenders, Men's… 346. Sweaters, Babies'… 239. Sweaters, Boys'… 72. Sweaters, Children's… 72. Sweaters, Girls'… 71. Sweaters, High School Girls'… 71. Sweaters, Men's… 72. Sweaters, Women's and Misses', 2, 68 to 70, 71, 128. Switches, Hair… 170. Syringes, Fountain… 237. T. Table Cloths… 286, 287. Table Linens… 286, 287. Table Napkins… 286, 287. Table Padding… 287. Talcum Powder… 125, 240. Teething Rings… 241, 242. Ticking… 266. Tie, Women's and Girls'… 129. Ties, Boys'… 346. Ties, Men's… 347, 353. Toilet Articles… 125. Toilet Sets… 96, 125, 126. Toilet Sets, Babies'… 242. Toilet Water… 125. Tooth Paste… 125. Tea Towel, Stamped… 257. Towels and Toweling, 288, 289. Transformation, Hair… 170. Trimmings, Hat… 139 to 141. Trousers, Boys' and Youths'… 322, 323. Trousers, Men's and Young Men's, 326, 328, 329, 331, 332, 334 to 337. Turkish Towels… 289. U. Undershirts, Men's… 300. Underwaists, Boys', Girls' and Children's, 218, 219, 248, 297. Underwear, Knit, Babies'… 244. Underwear, Knit, Boys' and Youths', 297, 298. Underwear, Knit, Extra Stout Women's… 293, 294. Underwear, Knit, Men's… 299 to 301. Underwear, Knit, Misses', Girls' and Children's… 296, 298. Underwear, Knit, Stout Men's… 299 to 301. Underwear, Knit, Women's… 290 to 295. Underwear, Muslin, Girls', Children's and Misses'… 218, 219. Underwear, Muslin, Stout Women's, 207, 208, 210, 212 to 214, 216, 217. Underwear, Muslin, Women's… 206 to 217. Underwear, Silk, Women's and Misses'… 209, 211, 213 to 215, 295. Union Suite, Athletic, Boys'… 297, 298. Union Suits, Athletic, Girls' and Children's… 298. Union Suits, Athletic, Men's… 299 to 301. Union Suits, Athletic, Women's… 293. Union Suits, Knit, Boys'… 297, 298. Union Suits, Knit, Children's, Girls' and Misses'… 296. Union Suits, Knit, Extra Stout Women's… 293. Union Suits, Knit, Men's… 300, 301. Union Suits, Knit, Stout Men's… 300, 301. Union Suits, Knit, Women's and Misses'… 290 to 293. V. Valises… 126, 127. Vanity Boxes… 126 to 128. Vanity Cases, 96, 125, 126, 128. Veils, Face, Babies'… 241. Veils, Face, Women's… 129. Vests, Extra Stout Women's… 294. Vests, Girls' and Children's… 296. Vests, Women's and Misses'… 294, 295. W. Waist Suits, Children's… 298. Waists, Girls'… 84, 155, 156. Waists, Skeleton, Children's… 218, 237. Waists, Stout Women's… 93, 94. Waists, Women's and Misses'… 73 to 84. Wash Cloths… 240, 289. Wash Goods… 258 to 270. Wash Skirts… 154. White Goods… 262, 263, 270. Wool Dress Goods… 271, 278. Work Jackets… 324, 338, 339. Work Shirts, Men's, 344, 345. Work Suits, Men's, 331, 332, 338. Work Trousers, Men's, 336, 337. Wrappers, Knit, Babies'… 244. NATIONAL CLOAK AND SUIT COMPANY, SEVENTH AVE., 24TH AND 25TH STS., NEW YORK CITY. Page 4

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Answers to Questions You May Wish to Ask. 1. Question—Do you send samples of materials sold by the yard or used in garments? Answer—Because our merchandise is so carefully illustrated and described, we do not send samples. You run no risk in ordering, however, because you are fully protected by the "NATIONAL" Guarantee—Your money back if you want it. Everything is exactly as represented in our Style Book. 2. Question—Suppose I am not fully satisfied with goods I purchase? Answer—Everything you buy from the "NATIONAL" must be perfectly satisfactory to YOU—otherwise send it back; and we will return every cent of your money at once. 3. Question—If I find it necessary to return merchandise what must I do to receive a PROMPT adjustment? Answer—All you have to do is to tell us the style number, color, size and price of the merchandise you are returning, and let us know what kind of an adjustment you desire; that is, whether you wish other goods in exchange, or your money back. Return the merchandise by INSURED Parcel Post, following the instructions printed on the Returned Goods Blank which will be enclosed with your shipment. 4. Question—If I find it necessary to write about an order what information must I give? Answer—If you have cause to complain we are ANXIOUS to adjust matters to your entire satisfaction. Tell us the date you sent your order and GIVE COMPLETE INFORMATION about the merchandise in question. Always write your name and address the same as you wrote it on your order. 5. Question—Can the "NATIONAL" fill orders from a previous season's style book? Answer—No, because we want our merchandise to be fresh each season. We do not carry over goods from one season to another. By referring to our latest Style Book you will find a new style that will please you better than an old one. 6. Question—Do you carry articles other than those illustrated and described in your books? Answer—No, we can furnish only the goods illustrated and as described. 7. Question—Do you make garments to order? Answer—No, because our assortment of styles, materials and sizes in ready-made garments is so complete. 8. Question—Are "NATIONAL" yard goods returnable? Answer—Yes, yard goods as well as any other merchandise purchased at the "NATIONAL" may be returned if not perfectly satisfactory. 9. Question—Does the "NATIONAL" accept Liberty Bonds or War Saving Stamps in payment for an order? At face value? Answer—We will be glad to accept your Liberty Bond in payment for merchandise. We will give you the full market value as quoted on the New York Stock Exchange the day the bond reaches us. We do not accept War Saving Stamps or Thrift Stamps. 10. Question—Does the "NATIONAL" send goods on approval? Answer—The "NATIONAL" does not send goods on approval in the usual sense of the word. Our Guarantee makes this unnecessary. This Guarantee gives you the privilege of returning anything that does not please you and we will either refund your money or exchange the goods for others, whichever you prefer. Our Guarantee. This is a "Money-Back" House. What does that mean? It means that we guarantee everything in this book to be exactly as pictured and described. We guarantee every price to be a Money-Saving price. And you are to be the only judge. If anything you buy from the "NATIONAL" does not please you, send it back; we will refund your money, and we will pay transportation charges both ways. National Cloak and Suit Co. Beware of Stores with a Name Like the "NATIONAL'S." WE want to notify our friends that in a number of towns some of our customers have been tricked into believing that they were trading with the "NATIONAL" when they went into a store which used a name similar to ours. We have no connection with these stores, so whenever you see a retail store named "The National Cloak & Suit House, "National" Sample Suit & Cloak Co.," "The National," or any name similar to ours, you may know it is not a branch store of ours. A WARNING. We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any person, firm or corporation using a name which, because of its similarity to ours, results in misleading our patrons. We want to warn such people that our use of the word "NATIONAL" as applied to wearing apparel is protected by the United States trade-mark laws and has been upheld in the Federal Courts. We pay no reward for notification of any such stores, but our customers will be doing us a favor if they will write us at any time they see a store which they think is making use of our name. $100 Reward. We Have No Agents. SEVERAL of our customers have been swindled by men claiming to represent the National Cloak and Suit Company. These men usually have a "NATIONAL" Style Book and get our customers to give them an order and pay cash. All such people are swindlers and we want to warn you against them. We have no agents. $100 REWARD. We will pay $100 reward for information enabling us to arrest and convict any person who claims to be our agent and accepts money in our name or who solicits orders and accepts money in our name. If you hear of any such person, notify the police or other authorities and write to us at once, giving full particulars. Facts of Importance. Read Before Ordering So That Mistakes May Be Avoided. 1. Our Terms. We do a strictly cash business and full remittance should accompany each order. Nothing is sold on the instalment plan. In cases where customers do not send enough money, but the amount is at least one-third the amount of the order, it is necessary for us to send the order C.O.D. But in such cases the customer must pay all shipping charges and also the cost of sending the balance of the money to us. We cannot fill orders that are not accompanied by a remittance. 2. How to Send Money. Remit either by Post Office Money Order, Express Money Order, Bank Draft, Personal Check—made payable to National Cloak & Suit Co., Cash by Registered Mail Only. Do not send cash unless you have your letter registered. We will not be responsible for cash unless registered. Please do not send postage stamps. We will accept as cash, Liberty or Victory Bond coupons due up to July 31, 1923. 3. Be Sure that you have given us STYLE NUMBER also COLOR and SIZE wherever necessary. When ordering material to match your own goods, be sure to enclose a sample. Order only colors and sizes at prices given in this book. We do not carry merchandise in sizes, colors and prices other than those stated in our Style Book. 4. Always Sign Your Name the Same Way. It is confusing to receive letters from the same person signed sometimes "Mrs. Wm. T. Smith," again "Ella M. Smith," and again "Mrs. E. M. Smith." Be careful to use the prefix "Miss" or "Mrs." in every instance, and always sign your full name. If you change your address, while corresponding with us, please inform us promptly, mentioning both your old and new addresses. 5. Acknowledgment of Orders. All our orders are filled promptly, therefore we do not find it necessary to send any letter of acknowledgment. 6. The Prices Quoted in this Style Book apply only to orders to be shipped to any part of the United States, but we ship on request to any part of the world. On orders, however, to be shipped to Porto Rico, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Guam, Philippine Islands and Alaska, also to Cuba and to all foreign countries, there will be an additional charge to cover the extra cost of packing, transportation charges, consular invoices, etc. NATIONAL CLOAK AND SUIT COMPANY, SEVENTH AVE., 24TH AND 25TH STS., NEW YORK CITY. Page 9

P. 10

The "NATIONAL". The House of Style. LET us tell you what "NATIONAL" Style is. "NATIONAL" Style is New York Style—Paris Style modified and refined. "NATIONAL" Styles are created by style experts who for 34 years have been studying, gathering, selecting styles. Every desirable new style feature is immediately adapted by our Fashion Experts in creating styles for you—just as the same style features are adapted by the designers in expensive Fifth Avenue Specialty Shops. The "NATIONAL" Styles shown in this Style Book are New Up-to-the-Minute New York Styles—the same styles women of good taste are wearing right here in the city, during the present season. The name "NATIONAL" on your dress, or hat or suit or coat is the mark of authoritative fashion. It guarantees the best New York Styles, selected in New York by an organization of Style Specialists. We are Specialists in Style. And the "NATIONAL" is, as well, a Specialist in Quality, in Service, and Low Prices. Remember what we have often said: "Price does not tell Quality and neither does a picture." Anyone may make a picture, anyone may quote a low price, but it takes every bit of our thirty-four years' experience and skill to produce garments of "NATIONAL" Quality at "NATIONAL" Low Prices. Compare our low prices with the prices others charge and see for yourself how much you save by buying at the "NATIONAL." Quality, real service-giving quality considered, always there is a price saving for you on every article you buy from us. And with it all, the "NATIONAL" is a House of Service. Your orders will be filled promptly and correctly. We will do everything that can be done to give you completely satisfactory service. We always have done, and always will do, everything we can to live up to our thirty-four year old policy—always to please the customer. If anything you buy from the "NATIONAL" does not please you, send it back, we will give you back your money, and we will pay transportation charges both ways. You are the sole judge, you are the one to be satisfied. We, on our part, stand ready to refund you your money if ever you are not satisfied. [At right two drawings of] FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY [and] ARC DE TRIOMPHE, PARIS [are depicted.] NATIONAL CLOAK AND SUIT COMPANY, SEVENTH AVE., 24TH AND 25TH STS., NEW YORK CITY. Page 10

P. 11

Introducing The NEW in New York for Spring and Summer 1923. All-Silk Canton Crepe. 10 W 2—This Women's and Misses' charming New York Dress of fashionable All-Silk Canton Crepe shows the smart simplicity that is one of the chief features of the latest styles. It is thoroughly in keeping with the new silhouette, for it has straight line waist and full skirt with gathered sides. The material is, as you know, one of the most popular of all silk dress fabrics. It has the attractive crepe weave, lustrous finish and superior wearing qualities. If you have ever worn a dress made of it you know what splendid satisfaction it gives. Dress is made in slip-over style and shows a fashionable neck-finish in the dainty lace-trimmed net collar. One of the newest of all style touches is the novelty embroidered belt of contrasting color, adjusted at a stylish low waist-line. Short sleeves with turned-back cuffs. COLORS: black, navy blue or cocoa brown. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt lengths 33 to 39 inches. Give bust, waist and hip measures; height and weight; also state skirt length and color desired. OUR PRICE, $14.98. Postage 15¢ extra. Satin Foulard and Silk Georgette. 10 W 3—Many of Fashion's newest and most favored style features are displayed in this dressy Frock for women and misses. The combination of Figured All-Silk Satin Foulard and All-Silk Georgette Crepe is very up-to-date; while the oval neck-line, short sleeves, "apron" tunic and frilled ribbon trimming are style touches showing the latest fashion. The entire dress is made of the lustrous and beautiful Figured All-Silk Satin Foulard. Solid self-color all-silk georgette crepe is used for flare cuffs on the short sleeves and also for the new "apron" tunic which overhangs the front of the skirt. Self-color ribbon frills with ribbon buds in contrasting color trim the tunic in distinctive style. Ribbon sash belt. White waist lining has front closing; dress closes on shoulder and under arm. COLORS: black, brown or navy blue. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt lengths 33 to 39 inches; wide basted hem. Give bust, waist and hip measures; height and weight; also skirt length and color desired. OUR PRICE, $14.98. Postage 15¢ extra. Silk Taffeta and Silk Georgette. 10 W 4—In this new Fifth Avenue Dress of All-Silk Taffeta dignity and youthfulness are both displayed—making it a model equally suitable for women and misses. It is a very fashionable New York style and is made up in good quality All-Silk Taffeta. The waist displays the season's tendencies toward basque effects and has a very becoming neck line. Deep plaitings of self-color All-Silk Georgette Crepe finish the sleeves and form graceful swinging panels at each side of the skirt. Like many of the newest dresses, the waist-line is finished with a very ornamental girdle which is made of self-material trimmed across the front with rosettes of novelty ribbon in bright harmonizing colors and finished with sash ends that tie in the back. Slip-over model with shoulder closing. COLORS: black, navy blue or brown. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt lengths 33 to 39 inches; wide basted hem. Give bust, waist and hip measures; height and weight; also give skirt length and color desired… Postage 15¢ extra. $15.98. DO NOT DELAY YOUR ORDER BY FORGETTING TO GIVE SIZE AND COLOR DESIRED. Page 11

P. 12

All-Silk Charmeuse. 10 W 5—A Women's and Misses' Hand-embroidered Dress of fashionable All-Silk Satin Charmeuse for only $11.98! This is like the old familiar prices of years ago for a dress of superior quality. All-Silk Satin Charmeuse is the season's most favored satin-surface material with New York's best dressed women. It is very rich and dressy and it will surprise you with the excellent wear it gives. That the newest mode is presented in the smart and becoming one-piece slip-over model is clearly shown in the side-front trimming, the long-waisted effect and the slashed sleeves—all features that have received Fashion's marked approval. Effective hand-embroidery worked in self-and-contrasting color and metallic thread outlines the becoming neck-line, borders the side-front in the popular Russian effect and trims the slashed sleeves. Two loose straps of self-material give a very up-to-date finish to the side-front of the skirt. A narrow belt of self-material defines the low waist-line. Shoulder closing. COLORS: navy blue, brown or black. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt length 33 to 39 inches; wide bested hem. Give bust, waist and hip measures; height and weight; also skirt length and color desired… Postage 13¢ extra. $11.98. Three of Fashion's Dresses Pictured in Color on Opposite Page Are Described Here. All-Silk Taffeta. 10 W 6—Here is a very charming version of the always fashionable All-Silk Taffeta Dress. This beautiful model shows the newest of style touches in its long draped basque waist, full circular skirt and novel trimming of handsome embroidered net. The material is of good wearing quality. Fine net embroidery in a striking all-over pattern forms the two-piece Bertha collar and is used for inserts to trim the skirt. Short sleeves in scallop outline are smart. The handsome girdle of fancy ribbon is finished with two bright colored corsage ornaments. Notice how gracefully the circular skirt gives the full rippling lines now so much in vogue. White lawn waist lining. Invisible side closing. COLORS: brown, black or navy blue. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt length 33 to 39 inches; wide hem. Give bust, waist and hip measures; height and weight; also state skirt length and color… Postage 15¢ extra. $17.98. All-Silk Canton Crepe. 10 W 7—Beaded Georgette Crepe and handsome All-Silk Canton Crepe are combined in this charming New York Dress which features the new wide sleeves and loose tunic panels. The beautiful material is similar to a crepe de chine in weave but of heavier weight. Sleeves and tunics are edged with wide bands of harmonizing color all-silk Georgette Crepe trimmed with close-set rows of steel color beads. The graceful long waisted blouse is gathered in at either side and the tunics, set on at the hip-line, are headed by soft padded tubings of the Canton Crepe—a brand new fashion touch. Becoming bateau neck is bound with self-material. Dress slips on over the head. COLORS: black with Copenhagen blue Georgette or brown with tan Georgette. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt length 33 to 39 inches; wide basted hem. Give bust, waist and hip measures; height and weight; and state skirt length and color desired. OUR PRICE, Postage 15¢ extra. $19.98. Three Piece Suit. All-Wool French Serge and Crepe de Chine. 10 W 8—An unusually smart version of the popular Suit Dress is shown in this new three-piece model developed in All-Wool French Serge combined with a long-waisted blouse of All-Silk Crepe de Chine. Both materials are of good quality. The separate coat is a fashionable and becoming loosely belted model richly embroidered in a striking all-over design that combines black chain stitch and round motifs of bright harmonizing colors. It has the new flare sleeves and long roll collar and revers. It is unlined. Crepe de Chine in a harmonizing color is used for the round-necked, short-sleeved blouse which is prettily embroidered as shown in the small view. It is attached to the straight line serge skirt at a low waist-line. It makes a stylish and pretty slip-over dress which can be worn without the coat when you wish. Comes in Navy Blue Only, with tan blouse. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt length 33 to 39 inches; wide basted hem. Give bust, waist and hip measures; height and weight and state skirt length desired. Postage 16¢ extra. $13.98. See Opposite Page for Descriptions and Other Colors of these Stylish Dresses. NATIONAL CLOAK AND SUIT COMPANY—WE GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY BACK IF YOU WANT IT. Page 12

P. 13

Revealing the Best from Fashion's Treasure Chest. All-Silk Taffeta. This Pretty Embroidered Dress of All-Silk Taffeta Is Truly a Wonderful Value at $9.98. 10 W 9—We called on our most skilful designers to produce a beautiful Silk Dress that would show the newest fashion features and yet be priced low enough to be within the reach of every woman—and we are proud indeed of the dress they have made for you. It is a new long-waisted model featuring the Bertha collar, the graceful side panel inserts and the rich embroidery trimming that you will find in the season's smartest dress styles. The material is the always popular All-Silk Taffeta. Large embroidered motifs worked in lustrous floss of harmonizing colors form wide trimming bands for the short sleeves and the side panel inserts on the skirt which are cut in scalloped outline and hang longer than the front and back of the skirt, giving the new uneven hem-line. The softly bloused waist has the becoming bateau neck-line finished with a deep four-piece Bertha collar of white all-over lace edged with Val lace. Taffeta ruffles finish the sleeves. A narrow sash belt of the taffeta defines the low waist-line. Gathered skirt has correct fulness. Dress closes invisibly at one side. COLORS: navy blue or black. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt length 33 to 39 inches. In ordering be sure to give bust, waist and hip measures; also height and weight and state color desired. Postage 13¢ extra. $9.98. DO NOT DELAY YOUR ORDER BY FORGETTING TO GIVE SIZE AND COLOR DESIRED. Page 13

P. 14

We Think These Styles are Charming. The Values are Certainly Wonderful. All-Silk Taffeta. 10 W 10—Draped basque waist, gathered skirt with long loose side panels and novel trimmings of novelty self-color ribbon all mark the charming New York style of this handsome dress. It is a style you will find exceptionally useful as well as wonderfully becoming. The All-Silk Taffeta is of good quality. New style points are seen in the two-piece bateau collar with ribbon trimming, the shirred drapery at the side-fronts of the long basque waist and the ribbon trimming on the side panels, which hang longer than the skirt. A braided girdle of the ribbon adds just the right touch. Dress fastens invisibly at one side. White lawn waist lining. COLORS: navy blue, brown or black. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt length 33 to 39 inches with wide basted hem. Give bust, waist and hip measures; height, weight and state skirt length and color desired… OUR PRICE, $14.98. Postage 15¢ extra. Georgette and Lace. 10 W 11—Every woman needs one of the beautiful new black lace frocks for dress occasions, and this lovely lace dress besides being a wonderful value is exceptionally dainty and becoming. Long plaited panels front and back of black Georgette Crepe give fulness of line, and rich black Spanish lace, woven from artificial silk and cotton, forms the top-yoke, draped sleeves and side skirt draperies, which form pointed panels, hanging in newest fashion below the skirt hem. Novel filigree metal ornaments make a most stylish trimming for the narrow Georgette belt. A georgette binding finishes the neck and the top of the slit sleeves. Dress closes invisibly on one shoulder. It is made over a camisole-top slip of black silk messaline. BLACK ONLY. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt lengths 33 to 39 inches; no hem. Give bust, waist and hip measures; height and weight; state skirt length desired… OUR PRICE, $14.98. Postage 15¢ extra. All-Silk Crepe de Chine. All-Silk Crepe de Chine with Lace Collar and Ribbon Braid Girdle. 10 W 12—We know you will like this charming new Dress with its low waist-line and pretty trimmings. The material, All-Silk Crepe de Chine, is a great favorite this season for dressy wear. The waist is softly gathered at the side seams in basque effect, and the becoming neck-line is finished with a sectional collar of soft cream color lace. Short sleeves and low waist-line are good features. The skirt is prettily gathered all around. The girdle of novelty ribbon braid is finished with a cabochon ornament and long ribbon braid ends—giving a brand new style-touch. Invisible side closing. COLORS: navy blue or black. SIZES: 34 to 44 bust; skirt lengths; 33 to 39 inches; wide basted hem. In ordering be sure to give bust; waist and hip measures; also height and weight and state color desired. OUR PRICE, $8.98. Postage 13¢ extra. NATIONAL CLOAK AND SUIT COMPANY—WE GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY BACK IF YOU WANT IT. Page 14