Philipsborns, Fall/Winter 1919

Fashion from the mail order catalog of the Philipsborn's company from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., for fall and winter 1919-20.

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Cover or front page of the fall and winter mail order catalog of the Philipsborn's company from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., from 1919-20. The title page shows the US-American ballroom dancer Irene Castle (1893-1969). Photo: Ira Lawrence Hill, New York City (1877-1947).

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Rich Coney. 2R5925—One of the Handsomest Fur Wraps Ever Offered. Fashioned of high grade coney fur in richest combination of natural coney with black. Shawl collar, flare cuffs, and 6 inch border. Elastic wind shield in cuffs. Fancy Brocaded lining. Colors: Natural with Black. Sizes: Bust 34 to 44. Price delivered… $54.98. 2R5926—Misses' Sizes, Bust 32 to 38. Length, 32 in. Price delivered… $54.98. Genuine Red Fox Set. 2R5927, 2R5928—Genuine Red Fox Set. The double animal scarf has two animal heads. Silk lined with Ruching all around. Measures 50 in. from Bead to Tail, Two Skins. New style muff to match. 2R5927—Scarf. Price delivered… $37.50. 2R5928—Muff, Price delivered… $24.98. Complete Set, Price delivered… $59.98. Genuine Rac[c]oon, $38.98. 2R5929, 2R5930—Fur Set of Genunine Raccoon. The attractive animal scarf is provided with snap head fastener and crochet shell chain. Skinner Satin lining. Round muff to match. Colors: As Illustrated. 2R5929—Scarf, Price delivered… $22.98. 2R5930—Muff, Price delivered… $17.98. Complete Set, Price delivered… $38.98. Australian Cross Fox. 2R5931, 2R5932—Rich Australian Cross Fox Set. Animal scarf effectively trimmed with paws, snap head, and brush tall. Fancy shirred silk lining with Pocket. Muff to correspond. Colors: Cross Fox or Lucille Brown Fox. 2R5931—Scarf, Price delivered… $28.98. 2R5932—Muff, Price delivered… $23.98. Complete Set, Price delivered… $52.50. NOTE—All prices include Luxury Tax. PHILIPSBORN'S. A complete showing of Philipsborn's Furs. Season's smartest and most exclusive styles—See pages 95 to 108. [Page] 2

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UNCLE SAM IS OUR MESSENGER. Regardless of where you live the catalogue price is the only price you pay. There are no extras. He started work 58 seasons ago, we have kept him busy ever since. Whatever you buy he will deliver your purchases to your very door with all charges paid by us. ANYTHING and everything in this catalog, from the smallest article to the most complete outfit, will be delivered to any part of the world, ALL CHARGES FULLY PREPAID. The Profit-Sharing Price on every article is absolutely all you pay. No "extras" of any kind whatsoever. FREE DELIVERY RIGHT TO YOUR VERY DOOR—no matter where you live. Philipsborn's Prepay Plan costs $400,000.00 a year—and every cent of that amount is an actual saving to Philipsborn's customers! Shopping at Philipsborn's offers the double saving of lower prices and delivery charges prepaid versus elsewhere higher prices and extra for delivery. Millions of women have found that it pays to buy at Philipsborn's. Philipsborn's Profit-Sharing Prices Mean Tremendous Savings. We have just inaugurated a new and sensationally liberal plan of Profit-Sharing with Our Customers. Every price in this catalog is a bona-fide Profit-Sharing Price. It means a big extra saving on every purchase, large or small, in addition to the saving of the prepaid delivery. The new Profit-Sharing Plan goes into effect in spite of the continued high manufacturing costs and high prices of material. This Profit-Sharing Plan will create a panic in the ranks of the profiteers but it will be most welcome news to the millions of Philipsborn's customers. Chicago, Ill. Philipsborn's prices guaranteed lowest in America.—See our great money back guarantee on page 6. [Page] 3

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Irene Castle Dazzles Paris with Her Style—[Returns with a Host of New Ideas for Philipsborn's.] It was my privilege to stand behind the scenes in the greatest drama of history. While the great war rocked the world and the battle lines swayed to and fro, as millions met in conflict—when our own glorious army arrived just in time to stop the onrush of the Hun and snatched victory from defeat—my thoughts turned ever to the mothers, wives, sisters and sweethearts far across the sea — heroines, everyone! The spirit of American Womanhood, through those months of tense anxiety, fills me with pride beyond the power of words to express. My part seems small indeed in comparison with yours. In hospitals, rest camps and billets behind the lines—wherever the need was greatest—it gave me joy to assist in entertaining "Our Boys"—the cleanest, finest fighting men in all the world. The thought that I bore them a message from you and you and you—of love and trust and cheer—upheld me and gave me courage for the strenuous tasks that awaited me. I gave them the best I had and I gave it in your name. Could you have looked into their eager faces, you would feel it was well worth while. The memories of my war-time experiences will ever be an inspiration and now that my work is ended I am most happy to be home again. My stay in Paris afforded me an opportunity to visit the ateliers of all the famous designers. What did I see? Look through the pages of the Philipsborn Style Book and you will find the answer. [Page shows a drawn picture of Paris and photographic images of Irene Castle (1893-1969) wearing hats or a fur coat.] Photos: Ira Lawrence Hill, New York City (1877-1947). PHILIPSBORN'S. Irene Castle—America's famous movie star and fashion authority stands sponsor for Philipsborn's styles. [Page] 4

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[Irene Castle Dazzles Paris with Her Style—]Returns with a Host of New Ideas for Philipsborn's. PARIS today, as always, is the fountain head of Fashion. The war has not shaken her style supremacy, but has made it still more secure. Each succeeding Paris season unfolds to the world's admiration new forms of beauty in dress, more alluring than ever before. The Paris Styles for the Fall of Nineteen are altogether lovely. Since you could not share with me the delight of visiting the famous ateliers where Paris styles are created, it was a great pleasure for me to gather the very latest and best and bring them home for YOU. The beautiful new modes presented in the Philipsborn Style Book are my gifts from France to you. Never did this wonderful book bring you richer treasurers of beauty in dress. Best of all, you will find that these many, many lovely things bring luxury and economy very close together. Philipsborn's prices have always been low, despite the superb Quality of every garment, but this season with their profit-sharing plan, they are surely the lowest in all America for merchandise of equal value. You will look your best when you are fitted out in "Philipsborn's Very Latest from Paris." With all good wishes, [hand-written signature of] Irene Castle. [Page shows a drawn picture of the Statue of Liberty in New York and photographic images of Irene Castle (1893-1969) wearing hats or a finely draped afternoon dress.] Photos: Ira Lawrence Hill, New York City (1877-1947). Chicago, Ill. Philipsborn's styles approved by Irene Castle—America's best dressed woman. [Page] 5

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STRAIGHT TO THE MARK. 3 fold Guarantee. (BANK LETTER) Designated Depositary of the United States. THE NATIONAL BANK OF THE REPUBLIC. Capital… $2.000.000. Surplus… $1.000.000. CHICAGO, January 1st, 1919. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: We take pleasure in saying, on behalf of Philipsborn's that the management is in the hands of well known business men of integrity and recognized financial responsibility, and we are of the opinion that any promises made by this house will be faithfully carried out. Yours very truly, [unknown hand-written Signature] Vice-President. (TAG) PHILIPSBORN'S GUARANTEE. If you are not pleased with this article, return it at once, and we will refund your money or exchange it for you, whichever you prefer, and pay all transportation charges. PHILIPSBORN'S. Chicago, Ill. (CERTIFICATE) Certificate. WE, Philipsborn's, during our 29 years of existence, have always maintained a reputation as the "LOWEST PRICED SPECIALTY HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY." We have never allowed any other house to undersell us. Our constantly increasing volume of business has enabled us to steadily RAISE the standard of merchandise with a corresponding LOWERING of prices. We therefore can and do GUARANTEE TO YOU a material saving on any article you buy, regardless of price. For your protection and benefit, we make this Unqualified Guarantee: "If you should find at any time that goods purchased from this house can be bought at a lower price eleswhere [sic!], return such merchandise and we guarantee to refund your money, including all transportation charges." PHILIPSBORN'S, Chicago. THE question of supreme importance to the woman who orders her wearing apparel by mail is this: Will the garment itself be all that I expect? She wants to know in advance that the style, the quality, the material, the workmanship, the color and all of the little details that mean so much—the real value—will be completely satisfactory. Philipsborn's have won their proud position of unquestioned leadership in styles and values by giving their customers the strongest possible guarantees and living up to them. Our famous Guarantee gives three-fold protection to customers. First Guarantee—The "Money Back" Tag. The customer finds on every article received from Philipsborn's a little tag with a great big guarantee—a guarantee that if you are not pleased, your money will be refunded. It absolutely takes out all the risk and insures your satisfaction. It is Philipsborn's "Golden Rule of Merchandising." Second Guarantee—Lowest Price. Philipsborn's even goes so far as to guarantee that the price on any article, quality for quality, is the very lowest obtainable. This guaranteed saving is made possible by Philipsborn's Profit-Sharing Plan, and gives the customer the gratifying knowledge that she is not only getting merchandise of guaranteed quality but at the absolute lowest price offered anywhere in America. All the delivery charges are paid by us besides—which is an added saving. Third Guarantee—The Bank. Philipsborn's Guarantees have behind them not only the full resources of The House of Philipsborn, but the further reinforcements of a great banking house—The National Bank of the Republic—one of the largest Chicago banks, with over three million dollars ($3,000,000.00) of resources. On top of these combined guarantees is Philipsborn's reputation for honest dealing, built up by twenty-nine years of earnest endeavor to please and satisfy every customer and give them quality and value even better than they expected. PHILIPSBORN'S. Philipsborn's proud record of 29 years of honest dealings with its millions of shoppers is your guarantee of satisfaction. [Page] 6

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How to Order. Read Every Word of These Instructions. How to Send Money: The best and safest way to remit money is by Postal or Express Money order. We will accept personal checks or drafts, however, if this is more convenient to you. If you send stamps or currency, your letter must be registered. We will also accept Liberty Bonds at par value if these are offered in full payment of merchandise bought from this Catalogue. Do not send stamps in amounts exceeding 50¢. Make all your remittances payable to "Philipsborn's," Chicago. We call particular attention to the fact that we have no Branch Houses or Agents or Retail Stores. All Mail and correspondence must be directed to "Philipsborn's," Chicago. All goods are sent prepaid, providing cash in full accompanies your order. For this reason we do not advise you to have goods shipped C. O. D. Your money is cheerfully refunded if for any reason goods are not entirely satisfactory. You therefore do not run any risk by sending remittance in full with your order. We will accept C. O. D. Orders, but on account of the added expense of handling such orders, we do not prepay delivery charges. Also please bear in mind that the Express Company requires the payment of a collection fee for the return of the money to us. We will accept credit vouchers of all responsible Mail Order Houses if properly endorsed. We cannot accept orders for less than 50¢. 3R10211—$5.98. The "Melvna"—Your Every Frock Will Be Beautified with the Addition of This Dressy Velvet Hat Trimmed with Ostrich. It is a large roll brim sailor with newest ostrich band ending at back with two ostrich tip effects. A novelty ornament at the side front completes this beautiful model. Colors: All Black. Pretty combination of Navy Blue and Taupe or All Taupe. Price delivered to your home… $5.98. 3R10210—$3.98. The "Lenetta"—Here is the Latest Short-Back Poke Effect Hat Designed by Mlle. Ruth. It is fashioned of silk panne velvet, with softly crushed, medium high crown. A flower and fruit wreath provides an effective trimming at the front and side. Drooping brim. Very becoming style. Colors: Black, Sand or Alice Blue. Price delivered your home… $3.98. Buy Our "Feature Values." Special feature values are shown on almost every page of this catalogue. You can tell them easily as on all these numbers we state the actual value and show you plainly the saving you are making. These are extra good values and merit your special consideration. State Second and Third Choice. You can help us to serve you promptly and to serve others promptly—to give you the kind of service you are accustomed to, if you will state second and third choice and give us as many selections of colors as possible. Only One Book to Each Household. We want every family to have a copy of this Wonderful Money Saving Catalogue. However, to avoid duplication and insure prompt attention, always sign your correspondence and orders in the same way, being sure to use the name of the Head of Household. We Do Not Sell to Merchants. Our catalogue is for the consumer only. Orders from retailers or jobbers will be returned. We allow no discounts to anyone. We have no agents or branch stores. How to Return Goods. If it Should be necessary for you to return merchandise please observe the following instructions: 1. Always leave tag attached to the articles you are returning, as it is our only method of identification. 2. Pay your postmaster or rural carrier 1¢ extra and he will give you a receipt. It is of the greatest importance that you get a receipt for any package that you may reurn [sic!] to us. This receipt must be enclosed in your letter of instructions if you return merchandise. We will not be responsible for merchandise lost unless you send us a receipt. We positively will refuse all and any merchandise not returned within 10 days after receipt. 3. Be sure to write your full name and address on the outside of the package. 4. State your reasons for returning goods, giving also the date of the order and amount remitted and what disposition you desire us to make with the amount due you. In addition, you must be sure to state: a. Your name (in full). b. Your address. c. Invoice No. of order. d. Catalogue numbers of goods returned. e. Price you paid for merchandise returned. f. Catalog Nos. of merchandise wanted in Exchange. g. Color and sizes of merchandise wanted in Exchange. h. Price of merchandise wanted in Exchange. It is against the Postal Laws to enclose letters or any written matter whatsoever in packages, but you may and you should put a 2¢ stamp on envelopes of letter, and paste letter securely to package. This insures our receiving your instructions the same time we get the goods. Canadian and other foreign customers must ask for the necessary affidavit to secure a refund of the duty before returning goods. The Personal Touch in Service for Your Benefit is Maintained at PHILIPSBORN'S. [Drawn illustration of a clock at left] 3 Hour Service. PHILIPSBORN'S, among other exclusive service features, has established a Fashion Bureau for the sole benefit of its customers and friends. Whenever you are confronted with any perplexing style or shopping problems and wish to consult with someone whose expert knowledge and sympathetic advice will be of help and benefit, write to Miss Harriet McClure in charge of our shopping bureau with the assurance that your questions will be treated strictly confidential and answered in the most expert, courteous and efficient manner. Miss McClure, by reason of her broad knowledge as buyer, critic and fashion expert and her wide and varied experience on all matters pertaining to fashions, colors, style and etiquette, is eminently well qualified to render service to Philipsborn's customers and her advice has benefited thousands of women. [Drawn picture at right of fashion counselor] HARRIET MCCLURE. Chicago, Ill. The many enthusiastic letters from delighted customers attest to the superior quality and service of Philipsborn's. [Page] 7

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Almost 250 Pages of Bargains [Chosen with Irene Castle's Approval.] INSPIRED BY PARIS. Charmingly Designed New Blouse. 2R5525—Georgette—$7.50. Fashion Decrees an Infinite Variety of Blouses for Fall and Winter Wear, and as Usual, Philipsborn's Have Anticipated the Demand and Are Ready With the Daintiest, Filmiest Blouses of the Season of Which This Style Is a Typical Example. The beautiful model illustrated above comes directly from a French shop, and we ourselves paid $50 for the original. But in order that you as our customer may enjoy the possession of an imported blouse at a price that means a real saving we have copied this model for you in our own factory in every exquisite detail of material and trimming. It is one of the new slip-over models, exquisitely fashioned of soft, rich silk Georgette, with fashionable collarless neck. Shadow hand embroidery of new and distinctive pattern shows to great advantage through the soft, filmy material, and touches of raised hand embroidery interspersed about the blouse front imparts a charming touch of individuality. The sleeves are fulled into deep cuffs which are embroidered to correspond with the neck outline. A very interesting purchase from the standpoint of style and economy. Colors: Flesh with Copenhagen Blue embroidery, White with Copenhagen Blue embroidery, or Navy Blue with Bisque embroidery. Sizes: Bust 32 to 44 inches. (If you want a full and blousy waist order 1 or 2 sizes larger than regular bust measure.) Price delivered to your home… $7.50. INDEX [letters A to L.] A. Aprons… 196. Aprons, Sanitary… 202. B. Babies' Caps… 92. Babies' Hose… 160. Babies' Shoes… 182. Bags, Leather and Cloth… 113-118. Belts, Sanitary… 115-202. Bloomers, Children's… 210. Bloomers, Girls'… 209-213. Bloomers, Ladies'… 209-213. Blouses, Ladies'… 55 to 68-112-114-115-117. Blouses, Boys'… 236-237. Bonnets, Children's… 92. Boys' Blouses… 117-236-237. Boys' Caps… 233-238-243-244. Boys' Gloves… 111. Boys' Hosiery… 160. Boys' Knickerbockers… 236. Boys' Lounging Robe… 231. Boys' Mackinaws… 243. Boys' Overcoats… 243. Boys' Pants… 236. Boys' Raincoats… 234. Boys' Raincaps… 234. Boys' Shirts… 117-236-237. Boys' Shoes… 180-181. Boys' Suits… 112-233 to 235-238-244. Boys' Underwear… 210-211. Braces… 202. Brassieres… 115-117-201-214. Bust Supporters… 201. Bust Pads… 201. C. Camisoles… 214. Capes… 135-138-148-149. Caps, Stocking… 54. Caps… 231-233-238-243-244. Caps, Rain… 234. Caps and Scarfs, Ladies'… 51-52-53. Chemises… 117-212. Children's Bonnets…92. Children's Coats… 116-216-228. Children's Dresses… 215-216. Children's Furs… 106. Children's Gloves… 111. Children's Hats, Trimmed… 92. Children's Hosiery… 160. Children's Kimonos… 195. Children's Robes… 195. Children's Rompers… 117. Children's Shoes… 178-181-182. Children's Skating Sets… 53-54. Children's Sweaters… 53-54. Children's Underwear… 160. Clothing, Boys'… 231-233 to 244. Clothing, Men's… 229 to 232. Coats, Children's… 116-215-216-228. Coats, Fur… 2-105-108. Coats, Girls'… 115-222 to 227. Coats, Juniors… 155-156. Coats, Ladies' or Small Women… 10-114-119 to 144. Coats, Misses'… 147 to 154. Coats, Rain… 145-146. Coats, Stouts… 143-144. Collar and Cuff Sets… 113-118. Comfort Shoes, Ladies'… 171-175. Comfort Shoes, Men's… 177-181. Corset Covers… 112-214. Corsets… 116-198 to 201. D. Douches, Vaginal… 202. Drawers, Ladies'… 209-213. Drawers, Children's… 210. Dresses, Girls'… 114-217 to 221. Dresses, House… 192-193. Dresses, Juniors… 49-50. Dresses, Ladies'… 25 to 41-113-116. Dresses, Misses'… 42 to 48. Dresses, Stouts… 41. E. Embroidered Collars… 113-118. F. Feathers, Ostrich and Fancy… 92. Flannels… 115-203-209. Flannels, Shirts, Men's… 231-232. Felt Shoes and Slippers… 167-168-170-183. Fountain Syringes… 202. Furs… 2-95 to 108. G. Gaiters Ladies'… 169. Girls' Coats… 115-222 to 227. Girls' Raincoats… 225. Girls' Corsets… 201. Girls' Dresses… 114-217-221. Girls' Furs… 106. Girls' Gloves… 111. Girls' Hats, Trimmed… 89. Girls' Hosiery… 160. Girls' Kimonos… 195. Girls' Robes… 195. Girls' Shoes… 178-179-182. Girls' Sweaters… 53. Girls' Bloomers… 209-213. Girls' Underwear… 210. Gloves, Leather… 109-110. Gloves, Woolen and Fabric… 111-112-115. Gowns, Night… 203-212. H. Hair Goods… 113-197. Hair Nets… 197. Handkerchiefs… 112-116-197. Hats, Trimmed… 7-82 to 89-92 to 94. Hats, Untrimmed… 90-91-113. Hip Confiners… 116-201. Hosiery… 113-114-157-160-167-170. Hosiery, Boys'… 160. Hosiery, Girls'… 160. Hosiery, Ladies'… 113-114-157 to 159-167-170. Hosiery, Misses'… 160. Hosiery, Men's… 160. House Dresses… 192-193. House Slippers… 174-175-183. I. Infants' Hosiery… 160. Infants' Shoes… 182. J. Jackets, Cardigan, Spencer… 54. Junior Coats… 155-156. Junior Dresses… 49-50. K. Kid Gloves… 109-110. Kimonos… 115-192-193-194-195. Knickerbockers… 236. Knit Underwear… 113-114-116-205-208-210-212. Knit Slips and Petticoats… 51. Knitted Gloves… [111]. L. Ladies' Aprons… 196. Ladies' Bags… 113-118. Ladies' Bath Robes… 195. Ladies' Brassieres… 115-117-201-214. Ladies' Boudoir Slippers… 174-183. Ladies' Coats… 10-114-119 to 144. Ladies' Coats, Stouts… 143-144. Ladies' Caps… 51-52-54. Ladies' Chemises… 117-212. Ladies' Corsets… 116-198-201. Ladies' Corset Covers… 112-214. Ladies' Dresses 25 to 41-113-116. NOTICE: All materials and fabrics used in the manufacture of our goods are of the best quality that money can buy and are accurately and faithfully described. We do not send samples as this involves a big expense, the saving of which goes to our customers. The Thrifty Shopper's Guide to Bargains [Select from Thousands of Thrift Values.] PHILIPSBORN'S. Write Miss McClure in regard to your shopping problems—her suggestions and advice are free to all. [Page] 8

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[Almost 250 Pages of Bargains] Chosen with Irene Castle's Approval. FASHION'S LATEST VOGUE. New Style Tuxedo Sweater. 6R11214—All Wool Worsted—$5.98. 6R11214—There Are so Many Occasions When a Sweater Coat Is Indispensable That No Woman Should Be Without a Useful Garment of This Kind. Through an unusually advantageous opportunity to buy a large quantity of yarns, we saved $2.00 each on this sweater. Ordinarily we would have to ask $8.00 for it. It offers you the latest style, the finest materials at a very low price. The illustration shows you the smart and original style of this new sweater coat. It is knit from all wool worsted yarns in effective shaker stitch. It is full fashioned throughout, and is shaped in the knitting to insure permanent shapeliness. Individual style is shown in the full length Tuxedo collar, which is knit in attractive Shetland stitch and interwoven with contrasting design as pictured. The sweater has two pockets and turnback cuffs, both trimmed to correspond with the collar. The all around knitted belt is drawn through knitted loops and is button fastened. Colors: Turquoise with American Beauty, Salmon with Black, or American Beauty with Turquoise. Sizes: Bust 34 to 44. (If you want a full, comfortably fitting sweater order 2 inches larger than regular bust measure.) Price delivered to your home… $5.98. INDEX [letters L to W.] Ladies' Fur Sets… 2-95 to 105. Ladies' Gaiters… 169. Ladies' Gloves… 109 to 112-115. Ladies' Hair Goods… 113-197. Ladies' Hats, Trimmed… 7-82 to 88-93-94. Ladies Hats, Untrimmed… 90-91-113. Ladies' Handkerchiefs… 112-116-197. Ladies' Hosiery… 113-114-157 to 159-167-170. Ladies' House Dresses… 192-193. Ladies' Kimonos… 115-192-193-194-195. Ladies' Knit Underwear… 113-116-203-205 to 208-210-212. Ladies' Muffs… 107. Ladies' Muslin Underwear… 212-213-214. Ladies' Neckwear… 113. Ladies' Nightgowns… 203-212. Ladies' Silk Petticoats… 188-189-190. Ladies' Petticoats… 116-117-188 to 191-204-209. Ladies' Rain Coats… 145-146. Ladies' Shoes… 113-114-162-177. Ladies' Skirts… 69 to 80-115. Ladies' Skirts, Stouts… 80. Ladies' Suits… 11 to 21. Ladies' Suits, Stouts… 21. Ladies' Sweaters… 9-51-52-54-117. Ladies' Stockings… 113-114-157 to 159-167-170. Ladies' Union Suits… 113-205 to 208-210-212-213-214. Ladies' Underwear… 113-114-116-205 to 208-210-212-213-214. Ladies' Waists… 8-55 to 68-75-76-112-114-115-117. Lounging Robes, Men's… 231. Lounging Robes, Boys'… 231. M. Mackinaws… 243. Maternity Coats. (See extra size, Stouts.) Maternity Corsets… 199. Medicinal Goods… 202. Men's Clothing… 229 to 232. Men's Handkerchiefs… 197. Men's Hosiery… 160. Men's Overcoats… 230. Men's Robes… 231. Men's Shirts… 231-232. Men's Shoes… 184-185-186-187. Men's Suits… 229-231. Men's Sweaters… 231. Men's Trousers… 230. Men's Underwear… 211. Middies… 67-68-116. Millinery… 82 to 94. Misses' Coats… 147 to 154. Misses' Dresses… 42 to 48. Misses' Furs… 106. Misses' Shoes… 178-179-181. Misses' Skirts… 81. Misses' Suits… 22 to 24. Misses' Sweaters… 52. Misses' Waists (See Ladies). Muffs… 107. Men's Trousers… 230. Men's Lounging Robes… 231. Men's Sweaters… 231. Men's Flannel Shirts… 231-232. N. Napkins, Antiseptic… 114-202. Neckwear, Ladies'… 118. Night Gowns, Ladies'… 203-213. O. Overcoats, Boys'… 243. P. Pajamas… 203. Pants, Boys'… 236. Petticoats, Cotton… 117-191-209. Petticoats, Flannel… 115. Petticoats, Knit… 115-204. Petticoats, Muslin… 116-213-209. Petticoats, Silk… 188-189-190. Plumes… 92. Purses, Leather… 113-118. Pumps… 174. R. Raincoats, Boys'… 234. Raincoats, Ladies'… 145-146. Raincoats, Girls'… 225. Rompers… 117. Rubber Goods… 202. S. Sanitary Aprons… 202. Sanitary Belts… 115-202. Sanitary Napkins… 114-202. Shapes, Untrimmed Hats… 89 to 91-113. Shirts, Boys'… 117. Shirts, Men's… 231-232. Shoes, Babies'… 182. Shoes, Boys'… 180-181. Shoes, Children's… 178-179-181-182. Shoes, Girls'… 178-179-181-182. Shoes, Ladies'… 113-114-162-177. Shoes, Men's… 184 to 187. Silk Dresses, Ladies'… 25 to 41-42 to 48. Silk Dresses, Misses'… 42 to 48. Silk Gloves… 112. Silk Petticoats… 188-189-190. Silk Waists… 55 to 59. Skating Sets, Ladies'… 51-52. Skirts, Ladies' and Misses'… 69 to 81-115. Skirts, Stouts… 80. Sleeping Garments… 203-210. Slippers, Ladies'… 174-175-183. Slippers, Men's… 181. Slippers, Ladies' Boudoir, Felt and Comfort… 159. Spray… 202. Stockings, Boys'… 160. Stockings, Infants' and Children's… 160. Stockings, Ladies' and Misses'… 113-114-157 to 159. Suits, Boys'… 112-233 to 235-244. Suits, Ladies'… 11 to 21. Suits, Men's… 229-230. Suits, Misses'… 22 to 24. Suits, Stouts… 21. Sweaters, Ladies' or Misses… 9-51 to 54-117. Sweaters, Men's… 231. Switches… 113-197. Syringes… 202. T. Transformation Hair… 197. U. Underwear, Girls' and Children's… 160-210. Underwear, Knit (Ladies') … 113-114-116-205 to 208. Underwear, Muslin… 212-213-214-112-116-115-117. Union Suits, Men's and Boys'… 210-211. V. Vaginal Douches… 202. Veils and Scarfs… 90-91. Veils… 90-91. Vests… 114-205-206-207. Vests, Knit… 114-205-206-207. Vests, Silk… 208-209. W. Waists, Fabric… 63 to 68-114-115. Waists, Ladies' Silk… 8-55 to 62-75-76-112-117. Water Bags… 202. NOTICE: All materials and fabrics used in the manufacture of our goods are of the best quality that money can buy and are accurately and faithfully described. We do not send samples as this involves a big expense, the saving of which goes to our customers. [The Thrifty Shopper's Guide to Bargains] Select from Thousands of Thrift Values. Chicago, Ill. Every purchase means an actual saving in money—better quality and greater satisfaction. [Page] 9

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USE THIS CATALOGUE save it for future use, it is America's Greatest Style and Price Guide. Note the big Values on these PAGES. Save This Catalog! It Means Money to You. AFTER you have supplied your immediate needs from this Style Book, keep it for future use. This is by far the most valuable catalog that Philipsborn's have issued in all their twenty-nine years' history. It has cost considerable more to produce it and place it in your hands than any previous catalog—and it will save you even more money than ever before. Be generous with your Philipsborn Style Book. Let your friends and neighbors share with you in the big extra savings resulting from Philipsborn's wonderful new Profit-Sharing Prices. You cannot do them a greater favor than to lend it to them and let them enjoy its benefits. But be sure it is returned—it's too valuable to leave out of your hands any length of time. Remember that the Profit-Sharing Prices hold good until next season's catalog is issued. We guarantee to hold the prices down throughout the entire season. Again we say—Save Your Philipsborn Style Book—order from time to time, anything you may need. No matter how small your order, we will give it the most prompt and careful attention. We will guarantee you a real, worth-while saving—we will prepay all charges—and if you do not find our prices the lowest, our styles the latest, our values the greatest, we will gladly refund every penny and pay the return postage too, of course. THE NEW MARJIE DRICE" COAT. ALL WOOL VELOUR. PREPAID $19.98. A Superb Coat Style. 1R3715—Mahogany. 1R3716—Brown. 1R3717—French Blue. Here Is a Golden Opportunity to Secure a Handsome Winter Coat of the Very Fashionable All Wool Silvertone Velour at Moderate Cost. This is a soft-napped fabric, very rich and dressy in appearance and lends itself beautifully to the full sweeping lines of the new coat styles. The coat has an originally designed front and back yoke, from which the back falls in cape style in full rippling lines. The front is loosely belted, and finished with two slash pockets. The kimono style sleeves are completed with extra deep cuffs of self-material. Large self-material collar. Flowered sateen lining to the waist. Sizes: Bust 32 to 44. Length 48 inches. Price delivered to your home… $19.98. PHILIPSBORN'S. Look through this catalogue from cover to cover—it is just filled with money-saving bargains. [Page] 10